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75 5Dark, twisted, sick, but not romantic whatsoever.
It was obvious that this story was dark I can t argue with that But I ve read something darker already and they were far better than this one There were some disturbing scenes for me, but then again, they didn t make me cringe or shudder the way other books I ve read in the same genre did.
The major problem I had with this book was that I couldn t connect to both main characters, Sinclair and Stella, especially Stella Of course, I know she s strong and brave, and I admired her for that But aside from her bravery, I don t think there s much else I can say or think of her.
And well, what to say about Sinclair He s vicious, malicious, sick, and disgusting He s become one of the most hated characters I ve ever come across with Whatever he s done to Stella, he 3.
75 4 STARSOne year, two players, three brothers and unknown forces manipulating from the sidelinesThis story is very well written however I did find the idea a bit similar to a book series that I barely finished the first book of That being said, things took a very interesting and crazy turn at the end which has me intrigued enough to read the next book of this three book series I liked all the charactersthan enough to read on even if the idea whether it be debts or acquisitions as a tradition among prominent families still doesn t wow me The heroine, Stella s motivation was relatable to me by saving father from a life in prison in exchange of giving a year to the arrogant, District Attorney, Sinclair VinemontShe had no idea what was in store I wasn t even sure how far I d go, but I knew I had to win Losing wasn t an optionOverall, this is a fast paced, quick entertaining In The Heart Of Louisiana, The Most Powerful People In The South Live Behind Elegant Gates, Mossy Trees, And Pleasant Masks Once Every Ten Years, The Pretense Falls Away And A Tournament Is Held To Determine Who Will Rule Them The Acquisition Is A Crucible For The Southern Nobility, A Love Letter Written To A Time When Barbarism Was Enshrined As Law Now, Sinclair Vinemont Is In The Running To Claim The Prize There Is Only One Way To Win, And He Has The Key To Do It Stella Rousseau, His Acquisition To Save Her Father, Stella Has Agreed To Become Sinclair S Slave For One Year Though She Is At The Mercy Of The Cold, Treacherous Vinemont, Stella Will Not Go Willingly Into Darkness As Sinclair And Stella Battle Against Each Other And The Clock, Only One Thing Is Certain The Acquisition Always Ends In Blood Full Disclosure This Book Is A Dark Romance With Elements Of Slavery, Violence, BDSM, And Super Hot Sex It Is The First Of A Series And Ends On A Cliffhanger If You Re Good With These Caveats, Enjoy Taboo, Dark And Sexy With a storyline reminiscent of Pepper Winter s Indebted series, the Acquisition series tells the story of an ages old twisted tradition and the girl that must be subjected to several trials over the course of a year of captivity Stella agrees to become Sinclair Vinemont s acquisition for one year, in exchange for her father s freedom from prosecution Signing on to be his slave, she has no idea of what the future holds for her, but she knows that she d do anything to spare her father imprisonment.
Quickly, Stella begins to work her way into the heart of Sinclair He tries to keep his distance, because he knows that he will have to break her over the course of the Acquisition trials Yet, he cannot avoid the growing feelings that he has for Stella.
The completion of the first trial leaves Stella scarred and forever changed We are Modern Slavery in the Old SouthThis is one of these rare books that I DISLIKE HATE all the characters, main and secondary.
But it still keeps my attention and my curiosity until the very end But I still love it and I want to start reading straight away the second book of the series although I know it will be pure torture for my poor soul.
Let s see the players Sinclair Vinemont He needs a willing slave to play with and to present her as his Acquisition at the ruling society of Louisiana He is tall, dark and psychotic Well, I always believed that wolf will always be the bad guy because we have never heard his side of the story In this book we have the bad wolf s point of view, but really this just made me dislike himOkay he knows what will happen Ok he feels guilty Ok he lusts for the girl So what He is just a pawn A Instagram Twitter FacebookPinterest I read this for the Unapologetic Romance Readers New Years 2018 Reading Challenge, for the category of Dark Romance Forinfo on this challenge, click here Remember when FIFTY SHADES OF GREY came out and people were like, This is weirdly uncomfortable this feelslike the ownership of another human being than a romance Well, Celia Aaron decides to take squick a step further in COUNSELLOR, because hey, wouldn t it be fun if a girl and a millionaire signed a contract where he would actually own her Stella s father is going to jail and Sinclair represents the opposing party He meets with her on the DL and presents her with some papers and then says, Hey, baby be my slave for a year and I ll nix all the charges against your pops But if you DNF 47%They will mark you He ran his fingers across the skin at the nape of my neck, making a vivid heat tear through my body from the points of contact Here His other hand snaked under my cloak and around to the open back of my dress His fingers played at my exposed skin And here W.
F I had a bad feeling going into the book because of the the sadistic demeanor of the main male character I thought this to be some twisted Beauty the Beast, where the Beast traps Beauty using her father But, no Oh, no This is so muchthan that The man is a complete arse, but the author starts slipping every now and then what a tormented soul he is and how it s all about duty Duty my arse And branding Seriously What are women, cattle I ve had my fair share of branding with Story of O, and it was enough to last me a lifetimeCopy provided by the pub

LiveUSUKCouncellor takes the reader on a journey of depravity, suspense and drama This dark romance kept me wondering, questioning and completely engrossed in the story telling from the beginning to the very end Told in the first person and from the alternating perspective of Stella and Sinclair the story emerges through the easy flowing narrative that paints crystal clear pictures in the mind evoking feelings of angst ridden anticipation It presents a hedonistic world in the deep south of Louisiana where depraved traditions rear their ugly head every ten years, revealing people s dark proclivities and giving the rich and powerful of the community the outrageous legislation to act out their depravity and play by crazy, crazy rules The finely tuned anti hero embraces his honour bound It annoys me when a seemingly ridiculous premise for an entire series isn t even semi explained by the end of book one Plus, it seems she starts book two with Lucius Which doesn t interest me I won t be continuing.
5 StarsCounselloris the first installment in Celia Aaron s new series entitledAcquisitionWhile the premise acquisitions as a tradition is not original, I have to say I enjoyed this first book It was dark enough to label it as a dark read, it was full of depravity which I enjoyed and it had some suspense elements that made this an entertaining readI ve never been a good man My darkness is neither restrained nor buried It lives right at the surface The only thing that hides it is my maskMeet Sinclair Vinemont a district attorney from a powerful southern family He s old money, single and has a successful career From the moment he meets Stella Rousseau he knows she has to be his new Acquisition, practically a slave to him and his family Stella is an a