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Trailer Ê The House of Wives PDF by ↠´ Simon Choa-Johnston What makes a woman become a servant And what makes her become the mistress Is it money Or birth The House of Wives sweeps readers back to 19th century Calcutta Simon Choa Johnston weaves together a fascinating tale of two woman and the man that they will fight to the death for Not to mention that the descriptions transport the reader back to a bygone era.
Emanuel Belilos, is a young Jewish man,who seeks to outdo his businessman father and make his fortune But before Emanuel can do all that he desires, he is wed to Semah Ezra Semah, is young, intelligent, and beautiful But both she and her new husband find themselves quite unhappy With their marriage on unstable ground, Emanuel wastes no time in fleeing to Hong Kong, with firm hopes that he will make his fortune in the opium trade.
It is in Hong Kong where Emanuel meets Pearl, the daughter of one of his eventual partner 3.
5 stars Knowing that this novel is based on the author s own ancestor, an opium merchant in Hong Kong and his two, yes two, wives peaked my interest Through the ups and downs of their relationships and the rise and fall of fortunes, this is good story with some pacing issues Still worth a read.

Rating 3.
5 5 starsWhat drew me initially to this book is the idea of two women of different cultures, in 19th century Hong Kong, finding out that they share a husband Talk about family drama What was even amazing is that author Simon Choa Johnston based his book on his own unique family history.
The reader is pulled into the personal turmoil of both women as they learn to live with each other and their families, with limited success Choa Johnston does a good job giving the wives Semah and Pearl very distinct voices and as a reader I could sympathize with the struggle of each of the women It was sad to think of all of the years wasted that the two women could have been supportive and close but at the same time sharing one s husband wasn t something that eithe I was drawn to the storyline and history of this novel I found the characters captivating Especially the two women who s personalities overshadow Emanuel s in the second half of this novel The manipulation and loathing was like watching a tragedy unfold If anything it was true to how women think and Choa Johnston created such strong women with very different ideals The history of the opium trade in Hong Kong was also interesting to learn about This was a good read, which was at parts slow moving but at the same time held my attention throughout.
A good story Maybe dragged a bit The opium trade in China is always fascinating reading Must reread the Amit Ghosh series.
Step out of the here and now into an exotic world skillfully realized.
A fascinating plot based on the author s own family lore two women, one English, and the other Chinese, share one husband and live under the same roof The author wrote the novel is such a way that the reader does not blame, but rather can sympathize with the husband and his two wives Each of them is wonderfully portrayed with their own rational thoughts, choices, and feelings which lent credence to their plight Beyond the family drama, the author did an exceptional job of relaying the historical details of the opium trade with all its intrigues, wealth, and associated crime Life in Hong Kong during that era was also vibrantly recreated Although the pacing sometimes slowed, the entire novel was beautifully written with a gentle and easy to read prose I very much enjoyed rea In The House of Wives we meet Emanuel, a Jewish man from India born into a comfortable family He has ambitions for and so marries a woman who brings a large dowry Emanuel invests his money into the opium trade and spends the next decade building his investments His marriage is unsatisfying and ultimately he decides to move to Hong Kong permanently He falls for a woman much younger and after she converts to Judaism marries her on the condition that he will give up his first wife But wife 1 doesn t take that news lightly and journeys to China to take her place by her husband Which brings us to The House of Wives two very strong and stubborn women under one roof Choa Johnston writes beautifully Each of the characters has a distinct voice and the setting is vivid There were a few plot points that I found uncomfortable and ultimately made Emanuel s character distasteful to me So, I foun Two Women Compete For The Affections Of Their Opium Merchant Husband In A Tale Of Friendship, Fortune And Rivalry In Colonial Hong Kong In , A Young Jew From Calcutta Named Emanuel Belilios Leaves His Dutiful Wife Semah And Sets Sail For Hong Kong To Make His Fortune In The Opium Trade There, He Grows Into A Prosperous And Respectable Merchant, Eventually Falling In Love With His Chinese Business Partner S Daughter Pearl, A Delicate Beauty Twenty Years His Junior As A Wedding Present, He Builds For Her The Most Magnificent Mansion In Hong Kong Then Semah Arrives Unannounced From Calcutta To Take Her Place As Mistress Of The Houseand Life Will Change Irrevocably For All Of Them Inspired By The Lives Of Choa Johnston S Ancestors, The House of Wives Is An Unforgettable Novel About The Machinations Of The Early Opium Trade, And About Two Remarkable Women Determined To Secure A Dynasty For Their Children In The Tumultuous British Crown Colony There are many things that drew me to this book the setting and the time period because they are both something that I don t know much about or read about the fact that it is a Canadian writer and this is the story of his ancestors the plot of the two wives of one man living together in the same home And all of this wrapped up together made for a lovely book I learned so much about the culture and the time that I had never heard about mainly the Jewish communities in India, the opium trade between India and China I also thought that the writing was beautiful and descriptive, I had read before that Choa Johnston is a playwright and that is evident through the writing A beautiful and interesting story.

As a playwright, Simon was writer in residence at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival 2010 working on his new play Sisters that was selected for Factory Theatre s Cross Currents Festival Simon has written plays for the Arts Club Theatre Gateway Theatre, Western Canada Theatre Kaleidoscope Theatre Youtheatre Montreal and the Lighthouse Festival Amongst his numerous awards are City of Richmond