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æ Coming On Home Soon å Download by ¹ Jacqueline Woodson I would give this book a 5 5 because the story really shows how lonely it was with family gone to work during wars and the artwork is beautiful The version I read was published in 2005, falls into the historical fiction genre and the two main themes I noticed were family and love My favorite part was when the grandma finally accepts that the kitten is staying and says it is quiet and halfway pretty when you look at her in just the right way I might use this book in my future classroom when I teach about wartime, World War II and the different changes hardships it brought along for families.
During World War II, women took the jobs that men held before signing up or being drafted into the war Ada Ruth s mama finds just such a job in Chicago, which means she has to leave her daughter behind with Grandma The days are ordinary but hold an emptiness that only Ada Ruth s mama can fill Finally, a letter arrives saying her mama will be coming home soon.
This is a very quiet story, and very simple WWII is one of my favorite time periods, and life on the homefront is often not portrayed, especially from the point of view of an African American, matriarchal family living deep in the country You can feel the sadness, the worry, and the hope that accompanies Ada Ruth s waiting, which is representative Jacqueline Woodson Is The National Ambassador For Young People S LiteratureAda Ruth S Mama Must Go Away To Chicago To Work, Leaving Ada Ruth And Grandma Behind It S War Time, And Women Are Needed To Fill The Men S Jobs As Winter Sets In, Ada Ruth And Her Grandma Keep Up Their Daily Routine, Missing Mama All The Time They Find Strength In Each Other, And A Stray Kitten Even Arrives One Day To Keep Them Company, But Nothing Can Fill The Hole Mama Left Every Day They Wait, Watching For The Letter That Says Mama Will Be Coming On Home Soon Set During World War II, Coming On Home Soon Has A Timeless Quality That Will Appeal To All Who Wait And Hope Coming On Home Soon by Jacqueline Woodson is a Caldecott Honor Book that tells the story of a young girl named Ada whose mother leaves home to find a job in Chicago It s set during World War II when all the men are off fighting in the war and women are needed to fill jobs Imagine that, Ada Ruth A colored woman working on the railroad says Ada s grandmother This historical fiction picture book is beautifully illustrated as it shows the sadness and loneliness felt by Ada and her strong willed grandmother who tries to be stoic with her words, yet her facial expressions show that she feels just like her granddaughter, hoping desperately that her daughter is safe and a letter will arrive in the mail telling them so This book is given a grade equivalent When Ada Ruth s Mama decides to go to Chicago to earn some money to send home, Ada Ruth must stay home with her Grandma Yet as the days pass, and no letter or money comes from Chicago, Ada Ruth misses her Mama and But Grandma reassures her that Mama with be Coming On Home Soon and to just keep writing to her.
When Ada Ruth finds a kitten at the door one cold snowy morning, Grandma tells her she can t keep it, there isn t enough food for themselves with the war going on let alone a kitten But she lets Ada Ruth give her some milk anyway.
After a while, with no word from Mama, even Grandma feels like crying.
Day after day, Ada Ruth and her Grandma go about their lives, listening to the war news on the radio, hunting fo A simple plot, sparingly yet evocatively told by Jacqueline Woodson, with E.
B Lewis s beautiful, muted watercolors adding another level to the loneliness and restrained emotions of the text They re hiring colored woman in Chicago since all the men are off fighting the war Then Ada Ruth s mother, whose hands are warm and soft, who loves Ada Ruth than anything in the world, even snow, leaves to find work Ada Ruth stays home alone with Grandma, and does her best not to cry, as she adjusts to her mother s absence in the home The text is minimal a series of thoughts, reflections, and repeated bits of conversation are presented in Ada Ruth s voice Lewis s artwork compliments the text and fills in many unsaid details Mama s hands are warm and soft, are the first words of the story Lewis depicts a sparsely decorated, but cozy and comfortable looking bedroom, as her mother is packing t Author Jacqueline WoodsonPublisher and Date G.
P Putnam s Sons, 2004Summary Ada Ruth s mother left her to work in Chicago, a city that was hiring colored women With her mother working in Chicago to earn money for the family and the men off fighting a war, she is left in the arms of her Grandma Throughout the sadness and loneliness, Ada Ruth and her Grandma faced, they still found something to smile about Review Jacqueline Woodson wrote a hopeful story that in many ways is timeless The plot allows students to ask important questions about the period of time during World War II when men went off to war and women stayed home to work I thought E.
B Lewis use of watercolor deepened the reader s feeling of sadness throughout the story Because of the plot and character development of Ada Ruth, students can relate to her or identify with how sh

Jacqueline Woodson tells the story that lets the U.
S know that Rosie the Riveter was not only white but she came in every beautiful shade of brown This book is quite special to me because my grandmother and aunt both worked in the Tank arsenal in Detroit during that time Thanks Jackie for remembering these brown beautiful women that too help win the war The American home front during World War II is the setting for this gentle tale of a girl and her grandmother making do at home while loved ones serve far away Luminous and comforting illustrations and a spare just right text that suggests many things while never belaboring the points of loneliness and hardship and a far off war and it has a growing kitten to mark the passage of time.
Jacqueline Woodson is now one of my new favorite authors Coming On Home Soon offers so many opportunities for making predictions, inferences, and wonderful discussions.

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