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[Aimie K. Runyan] ☆ Promised to the Crown (Daughters of New France #1) [young-adult-romance PDF] Read Online ☆ I don t consider myself a big historical fiction reader Mostly I like books with bite and I always thought hist fic was kind ofnice.
I was wrong.
Promised is a historical fiction book WITH BITE First of all, I had no idea how Quebec was colonized I d never given it a thought The history is completely fascinating This is a book about 3 women who were ostracized in France sent to Colonial Quebec to POPULATE THE COLONY This was their only directive Think about this Marry and have babies that s your only job OR you ll be sent home and either die in route or go back to prison mental hospital nunnery It was riveting.
The journey is harrowing and Runyan doesn t shy away from the tough stuff Her descriptions are visceral, the characters are unique and their hardships are theirs alone I couldn t put this book down There s love, sex, death, unbelievable hardship, bi I ve read a few novels set in French Canada, or New France, as it was known back then, and it s a setting that really appeals to me, so I was looking forward to Promised to the Crown, especially since the focus is on the little known story of the courageous women who ventured into the unknown to settle the colony for their king.
The story follows Rose as she decides to leave behind a life of service in a charity hospital in Paris for the chance of a brighter future, and Elisabeth and Nicole, two women she meets on the ocean crossing All three settle in Quebec City and have each other to rely on as they establish their new lives They and their fellow brides have no shortage of suitors to choose from, and Elisabeth and Nicole are soon paired off with young men who appeal to their hearts as well as their practical needs But Rose is not as fort

5 Stars What a lovely story of three women who venture to New France Canada in the 1600s to find husbands and help colonize the settlements there They were strangers, but become lifelong friends as they cross the Atlantic The story follows them through heartache and love and loss and challenges over the course of several years The historical details were wonderful, and the pacing was spot on Because there were three heroines, it was not a formulaic story This is a romance where sexual activities were not explicit, and while religion featured prominently in the settlement, it was not a Christian Historical Romance It showed love grow between the couples through commitment and consideration of their partners, which is what I love to I am a descendant of one of the filles du roi, the 17th century French women sponsored by the Crown to emigrate to New France Canada , to become wives for the men already there.
These young women were not, as some people claim, prostitutes or women of loose morals, but girls of good families who were in financial difficulty, or who, for one reason or another, would have trouble making a good match in France.
Aimie K Dunham has written a sweet novel about what life might have been like for some of these women She does a good job of imagining some of the hardships and struggles, the joys and challenges they experienced I would have, perhaps, liked a bit depth, a complex storyline It read like a book aimed at dewy eyed teenagers However, it was pleasant, and it did help me to feel a closer connection to my however many times great grandmot I adore fiction that teaches me something while it sweeps me into a story Aimie K Runyan s beautifully written debut Promised to the Crown is one such novel But Promised to the Crown is so much than an intriguing look at history It follows three women as they forge a lasting friendship with each other, one that begins on their journey across the ocean and endures long after they arrive in New France The glimpses into their backstories, each varied and tragic in their own way, enhance the poignancy of their present circumstances and make their quests for happiness all the richer.
Rose, Elisabeth, and Nicole three distinct women, three distinct narratives, three intertwined stories My favorite was perhaps Elisabeth Though her sto What I really love about Promised to the Crown is that it gives us a look at a time in history that is often overlooked The women in New France had such a challenge in being the first settlers and I think the author does a beautiful job of illustrating those I think each of the women brings a certain charm to the novel, but Elisabeth was totally my favorite I love a strong women who can hang with the boys The portrayal of the women s friendship was realistic and their adventures sometimes gritty I recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction, but especially those who enjoy history from a woman s perspective.
Being Canadian I am always on the lookout for historical fiction taking place in this beautiful country It s sometimes hard to find and this being the first in series means to come This is Aimie K Runyan s debut and I feel she is off to a really good start Following the lives of 3 young women, Elizabeth, Nicole and Rose, all with different backgrounds and various reasons for going to Canada The author kept my attention throughout this book, she didn t sugar coat the crossing or the struggles these women faces in making decisions It wasn t hard to get to know them, feel their plight and sympathize with what life throws at them.
I found this book to be character driven and it would have been nice to learn about the culture, lifestyle and see interaction with the natives But then again this is the first in series s Promised to the Crown is the story of three young women who are King s Daughters women sent to New France Quebec to be wives Each women comes from or is fleeing a different circumstances Elizabeth fleeing an arranged marriage, Rose to escape froma sitution without end, and Nicole because her family is poor The women adjusted to life in early Quebec It s true that at times a few of the characters, in particular the men, feel a bit too modern And the term shotgun is used, which is particularly jarring Yet, there is something compelling about the book, and the characters are not perfect The conflict between Elizabeth and the priest is very well done The interactions with Indigeous people is also dealt with somewhat, and there are hints that such will be dealt with fully in the next book Despite the almost too modern feel, the Bound For A New Continent, And A New Beginning In Her Illuminating Debut Novel, Aimie K Runyan Masterfully Blends Fact And Fiction To Explore The Founding Of New France Through The Experiences Of Three Young Women Who, In , Answer Louis XIV S Call And Journey To The Canadian ColonyThey Are Known As The Filles Du Roi, Or King S Daughters Young Women Who Leave Prosperous France For An Uncertain Future Across The Atlantic Their Duty Is To Marry And Bring Forth A New Generation Of Loyal Citizens Each Prospective Bride Has Her Reason For Leaving Poverty, Family Rejection, A Broken Engagement Despite Their Different Backgrounds, Rose, Nicole, And Elisabeth All Believe That Marriage To A Stranger Is Their Best, Perhaps Only, Chance Of HappinessOnce In Quebec, Elisabeth Quickly Accepts Baker Gilbert Beaumont, Who Wants A Business Partner As Well As A Wife Nicole, A Farmer S Daughter From Rouen, Marries A Charming Officer Who Promises Comfort And Security Scarred By Her Traumatic Past, Rose Decides To Take Holy Vows Rather Than Marry Yet No Matter How Carefully She Chooses, Each Will Be Tested By Hardship And Heartbreaking Loss And Sustained By The Strength Found In Their Uncommon Friendship, And The Precarious Freedom Offered By Their New Home Daughters to the Crown Between 1663 and 1673 approximately 800 women emigrated to Canada to marry and have children to protect the land for King Louis XIV from any country trying to steal the land from him The New France was mostly populated by men and natives The women known as filles du roi, meaning that the women were recruited by the government and their passage was paid by the King, gave up what they knew or escaped to start a new life in an untamed land The women in Promised to the Crown were Nicole, who was set to marry but her betrothed married another and her father felt that this would be a good way for Nicole to marry well with no dowry Rose, is an orphaned woman who must decide between becoming a Daughter of France or the

Aimie K Runyan writes to celebrate history s unsung heroines She is the author of two previous historical novels Promised to the Crown and Duty to the Crown She is active as an educator and speaker in the writing community and beyond She lives in Colorado with her wonderful husband and two usually adorable children.