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Download Epub Format Ø Wicked Whispers (Dangerous Desires #2) PDF by ì Tina Donahue Wicked Whispers by Tina Donahue is a fabulous read While my favorite historical romances are regency England, my trip into 1400 s Spain was an amazing journey Wicked Whispers is a well written book Enrique and Sancha s story is full of the drama of the Inquisition There is plenty of action, humor and spice to keep readers glued to their e readers The characters in this book are lovable and make this story a joy to read I enjoyed Wicked Whispers and look forward to reading from Tina Donahue in the future Wicked Whispers is book 2 in the Dangerous Desires Series but can be read as a standalone This is a complete book, not a cliff hanger I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book.
Whicked Hot If you love hot and steamy then you need to read Tina Donahue books This ones storyline is Awesome Her Characters are fantastic Sexy Enrique De Zayes has lusted after Healer Sancha for some time Sancha saved his brothers life Oh course her sister Isabella would never have forgiven her if she had not Enrique is a very wealthy man and much perused by all the young ladies At first Sancha had been his brother Fernado s betrothed, but he mistaken her sister Isabella for her Now Isabella and Fernado are married, and Enrique wants Sancha for his wife But with Sancha being a healer she is in danger of the Inquisition she is grave danger when rumors start that she is a witch Can Enrique protect her and make her his wife You will love this stunning,suspenseful, and As The Inquisition Gains Force, Even The Faintest Rumor Can Brand One A Heretic In This World It Is Sancha S Gift Or Curse To Be Blessed With The Gift Of Healing But The Villagers Are In Need Of Her Arts Than Ever, And She Feels It Is Her Duty To Help Them At The Risk Of Losing Her Life And At The Sacrifice Of Her HeartEnrique Has Never Wanted A Woman As He Does Sancha Determined To Have Her Love, He Woos Her With Exquisite Passion, Giving Her Refuge To Pursue Her Healing In Secret But Their Very Desire And Escape From The Ruthless Forces Of The World May Be Their Undoing And Together, They Must Pit Themselves Against A Jealous Rival And Archaic Tradition To Secure Their Place In A Hopeful New Dawn An awesome and unique historical romance I REALLY enjoyed reading this story While I felt at a disadvantage in the beginning because of all of the references to the previous book, which I had not read, Tina did a wonderful job of explaining the pertinent information and filling in the gaps.
Enrique is absolutely adorable in a sexy I know exactly who I want and I want you kind of way His devotion to Sancha was so endearing, even while he struggled at times to justify the deeds she did with the social s of the time.
I admired Sancha and her dedication to her perceived duty of helping others Again, I think I would have learned much about her from the first book, which I have on my wish list and will be purchasing shortly All in all, this was a wonderful historical romance and I absolutely LOVE Tina s work I received a copy of this book in Sancha has a talent in healing people Unfortunately the Inquisition is becoming prevalent so every person she helps has to be kept secret or she would become a target Enrique has made up his mind that he plans to have Sancha, however she turns him down When he uncovers her secret, he fights to keep her secret as well as protected However, Enrique is a catch and has caught the the eye of another who wants Sancha out of the way I liked the whole concept of this story Had history mixed with romance, Sancha is just trying to help but you quickly understand how her research could quickly be misinterpreted as something unnatural in others eyes Enrique was a charmer, I enjoyed his pursuit of Sancha Great read.
First I have to comment on the cover It is absolutely gorgeous This was an absolutely great read It is the second in a series, but I didn t feel lost at all while reading it, which is good However this story is so much a continuation of the first book that it would probably be a good idea to read Loving Lies, so that you could fully get to know all the characters Again, it isn t necessary, but I think that reading the first book might have made the book a bit enjoyable for me Sancha is really an amazing character She s a super strong woman for her time period She is a healer which can cause problems in the time period this book is set in You know witch craft has to be mentioned as well as the Inquisition I wish of this book dealt with her healing and less with her re 5 An Independent woman ahead of her time I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review Granted life is busy and we all have a lot to do Personally, I m in grad school and have endless piles of thought provoking, densely written textbooks to go through So what better way to scape my overwhelming homework than reading, right LOL But that s exactly what I do I take a break from reading by reading some It s always been like this I tend to balance out heavy those that require a lot of higher order thinking skills texts with lighter ones You know, the books one chooses just for the fun of it When I picked Wicked Whispers up, I thought it would fall into the latter category I mean, it s the end of quarter and I have tons of deadlines to comply with I just needed an easy read to unwind with for a couple of hours Well, did I pick the wrong book Wicked Whispers suc

I have to say that I enjoyed this story A LOT than I enjoyed the first in this series When reading the first story Loving Lies I found nothing to endear me to either of the main characters and this story was just the opposite I loved Enrique and Sancha To begin with Sancha was everything that I love in a strong female lead She knew her utmost desire, and she was not willing to conform to society s rules and sacrifice what she wanted no matter whom her heart loved She was always willing to look past the wealth of her station in life and see the waste, in fact this was mentioned in the story As for Enrique, he managed to be both the lord of his lifestyle while still considering Sancha and what would make her happy More than once h I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
This is book two in the Dangerous Desires by Tina Donahue I have read book one Loving Lies but I still felt this could be a standalone book, although Enrique and Sancha did meet in the last book it was very littler interactionjust a quick attraction I just loved Tina Donahue writing and its nice catching up with the former characters so for those reason I would read the series Sancha is a healer and has taken it very seriesly and to heart So Sancha has set her mind to never marring and to be independent to be able to do her healing without a husband owning her and telling her no Also in this time period a majority of healers are called witches and they put themselves in danger and possible anyone around them Sancha family had set in motio 4.
5 StarsThis was steaming hot I am usually not into the hot books like this but Donahue wrote it in a respectably sexy way, so I enjoyed it I love the idea of strong independent woman as a main character, and making her a talented healer was even of a plus.
This was the first Tina Donahue book I ve read and I didn t realize it was part of a series so it s great as a stand alone It s well written with developed characters I quick and smooth read It s great for a beach or bedtime book.
Overall, I loved it and rate it with 4.
5 Boundless Stars.
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