Ä Vengeance of the Demons (The Society #3) à Download by ì Rebekah R. Ganiere

Ä Vengeance of the Demons (The Society #3) à Download by ì Rebekah R. Ganiere This just wasn t for me.
For once, I can t rate a DNFed book But this time it wasn t the book s fault I hope , it was mine kind of I like badass characters, interesting plots and at least decent writing Here, the characters were pretty weak maybe they change, but I m in no mood to stay and find out and the plot was boring and not for me.
Wow, this series just get better with each new book.
I hope Rebekah isn t done with this series.
William is a fledgling, and is third in charge of the Chicago region coven He was purchased to be Lord Danika assistant and has proven to be much.
When he offers to tail a human being allowed to escape, Williams s life will never be the same.
Evangeline, Evan, hate vampires and all they stand for When she escapes to go back home to her family, Evan never thought that she would almost die and be saved by the one species she hates But does she hate them enough, to let the one vampire she seems to have feelings for, to let her family torture him Can or will she help Can they survive wants is come as well as their past Great read.

I was very surprised by this book, the premise was very promising The author is very talented she creates a world that sucks you in right from the beginning.
I didn t realise that this is the last book in the series Which irritated me but I wasn t willing to go back and read the others but the author covered her bases because there was background Information that set up the progress of the book nicely.
A virus hit and it changed most of the Population There are vampires, vampyr and Vamps, I not going to go in details about this Humans live in enclaves They are the weaker species A war is about to break out with the demons and the vampires They need all the help, any help that they can get.
This means asking the humans for help specifically weapons The rift between the worlds in crumbling and once it falls there will be no way without stopping Vampires never get old in my book and this was a different take on the supernatural and paranormal world in a distorted planet where humans aren t free I instantly took a liking to William because he was so considerate and thoughtful, holding on tightly to his humanity I like Evan because she had spunk, a backbone and wit The read was interesting and Evan and William were a ride all their own.
William has wanted Evan from the moment he laid eyes on her but she wants nothing to do with him Of course, that s what he thinks given her attitude but the truth is she wants him, too Circumstances arise to which Evan and William s relationship take a drastic change of a pleasant nature As the two struggle with their own desires and feelings, a war is coming to a head Honestly, I was fascinated the entire time because there was a lo This was an exciting addition to the author Rebekah Ganiere s Society Trilogy In this story we have William a devoted vampry to the vampire who bit him to save his life, and to the Society she rules He is as soft spoken and mild as he was as a human and has harbored a secret love for the vampire hating human Evan The world unknowingly is in dire danger by the demons who have found a way to enter to earth through a portal and the only plan that can save them includes getting Evan to get the humans to partner with them against their common enemy but will the humans believe them This is the story of their journey to find her people and what happens to William when they encounter them From the beginning of their journey their relationship is strained, her end is filled with ha William, the vampire, wanted Evan, the human woman Evan hates vampires and it doesn t matter whether they are born or bitten, she hates them all.
Evan has plans to recruit as many humans away from vampire slavery and escape back to a secret and secure compound William and his coven of vampires and daemons believe they need Evan human friends to win a battle coming with the evil daemons that are escaping from hell.
They trick Evan into leading William back to her compound only to find that the humans there are committing even worse crimes against humanity and vampires alike.
Will the humans come to the aid of the vampires with the weapons, they desperately need, in time The story contained many original and imaginative ideas The writer did quite well with the world building but it was lack of character development Vengeance of the Demons was an unusual story It was a little slow, a little fast, a lot dark and strangely intriguing I was pretty much able to follow the storyline, however, I would definitely have benefitted from exposure to the other stories linked to this book Vampires, vamps, vampyr, demons, fae, humansthere was a lot going on Bottom line, Evan and William were able to connect and find something very special Rating 3 5Recommend YesAudience AdultStatus PRChemistry Intensity YesConflict Drama YesSuspense Intrigue YesFamily Dysfunction YesHEA YesSource NetGalley Vengeance of the Demon is the last book in The Society trilogy and did not disappoint The story of Evan William actually was my FAVORITE book of the trilogy, Rebekah Ganiere did a stellar job at tying the story and all of the different main characters together at the end Unlike the previous two books, Vengeance of the Demon didn t focus within the Coven House and instead had of a sense of adventure to it I fell in love with Williams character during the first book and I was so happy to get a chance to watch him find love and learn about his character through his POV I loved watching Evan s character evolve and change through the series, she was always a strong female but she really owned that during her adventure with William Be ready for some steamy scenes nothing too erotic and some adventure This story also has some unforeseen twists that really played out to this books When The Demons Arrive, Not Even The Society Can Escape ExtinctionSoft Spoken And Sharply Dressed, William, A Bitten Vampyr, Has Sworn His Loyalty To The Society And When An Imminent Demon Invasion Threatens Everything His Family Has Worked So Hard To Build, He Quickly Comes Up With A Plan To Save Them All But He Ll Need Evan, A Stunning And Defiant Woman, To Help Rally What S Left Of Humanity Evan Is The Last Human Who Wants To See The Vampires Saved But With The Demons Set To Destroy All Life On Earth Human And Vampire Alike She Ll Have To Partner With William To Survive Yet The Dangerous Twists And Turns Ahead Only Bring The Two Closer, Uncovering Forbidden Desires Neither Dreamed Were Possible Will Their Newfound Romance Be Enough To Conquer A Centuries Long Feud Or Will It Put The Entire World At Risk This is the last book in the trilogy, but I sort of wish it wasn t This last book sees the invasion of the demons into the realm However, before we see them, Evan and William go on an adventure, with lots of drama, action, and betrayals Their love story isn t a standard one, or an easy one, and there were a few surprises in this book I didn t see coming I know I m being vague, but it s hard not to talk about this book without giving away too much information Being surprised about a twist is half the fun Rest assured this book was a great concluding title However, I do wish we could see all the characters in another installment just to see them deal with the aftermath of this book There were some characters I d like to see again or see get their HEA Highly recommend I was provided a complimentary copy of the e book which I reviewed voluntarily.

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