Trailer Å Someone Like You PDF by Å Jennifer Gracen

Trailer Å Someone Like You PDF by Å Jennifer Gracen 4.
5 Stars After a heart break, Abby Mc Cord has moved back to her parents house on Long Island She is a first grade teacher and during her free time, she also coaches the kids soccer team of her town.
When Pierce Harrison sees the team playing and losing, he comes to the conclusion that Abby could do with some pro tips and volunteers to help with the coaching This famous wealthy bad boy s life is not what it seems After a miserable childhood, he has decided to get away from the billion dollar legacy of his family and has been playing professional football abroad for than a decade But after a scandal has forced him to retire, he has recently moved back home He is at a crossroads and needs to decide how he will make a 3.
5 starsI ve read enough of Jennifer Gracen s books to know that when I pick one up, I ll be greeted with a likeable couple with a great chemistry and who generate some heat And Abby and Pierce were all of the above.
Think David Beckham and you re not far off the mark with Pierce Tattooed, sexy, football soccer player in the English Premiership, and black sheep of the Harrison family, he s returned to Long Island following a scandal that has seen him turn his back on his career He s a little lost until he s asked to assist coach the local kids football team and meets sweet teacher, Abby who, having suffered a humiliating break up, is simply not interested in someone with a reputation as a player off the field as well as on it Both Abby and Pierce do have immature tendencies and vulnerabilities, but this does bring touching moments to the story a Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI somehow missed the first book in this series, but plan to go back and read it immediately because Someone Like You has me very intrigued about the Harrison family Entertaining and sexy yet packing an emotional punch I enjoyed this book very much.
After a scandal ends his professional football soccer career in London, Pierce Harrison returns home to Long Island to lick his wounds and regroup While home should be a safe place to return Pierce s family is far from the norm and if it wasn t for his sister, Tess he wouldn t be there The last thing he expects is to be attracted to 2nd grade teacher and volunteer soccer coach, Abby McCord.
This was truly a case of opposites attract and it was quite fascinating watching the attraction between them become 2.
5 StarsThis one fell oddly short for me I liked the premise, I thought it had a lot of potential The writing was solid, there were a few places where the dialog seemed a little off, but nothing that pulled me completely out of the story.
Unfortunately, I just never completely believed that Abby and Pierce liked one another Attracted, sure They came across to me like a couple who would meet in a grocery store or wherever and have enough spark to go out on a date And, halfway through appetizers on the date, they would realize there just wasn t enough between them to get them to go on another date.
I am still giving this an OK rating, as I think part of the issue was that I really didn t like Abby, so I was not able to figure out what he saw in hermaybe if I were fond of her, I would have been fond of this one overall ARC Provided by the Publ Pierce Harrison made his own way in life in the Premier English Football League leaving his family and old money behind He did well until his inability to control bad press caught up with him and he has found himself at home trying to figure out the next step in his life Abby McCord has always led a well ordered life and now that she is back home to help her family the pieces are not completely in place but they all fit She is an amazing teacher but a terrible soccer coach but determined to figure out one great play she has laid out on her clipboard Pierce has done every by the seat of his pants, while Abby is completely by the books, this should be a great time for both When Pierce steps up to help out with the soccer program it is a match made in athletic history Abby has the patience but no backgro This was a cute little read and the first book I have read by this author What really stood out for me was the plot and the characters jobs We meet Abby who is pretty much the nicest, dependable person in Long Island After a failed relationship sends her back to live with her parents at 28 she no longer trusts herself with men After being lied to over and over again she takes a break until the sext football star Pierce works hard to show her that she should trust him.
Pierce returns to Long Island for his own reasons After rumors of sleeping with his boss s wife surface he is forced to retire early While out he notices a soccer game and sees the lovely Abby who happens to be the coach Her teams needs a little help and he s just the man for the job From the beginning I really liked these two and was hoping they would ge Pierce Harrison Yes, That Pierce Harrison, Black Sheep Of The Wealthy Harrison Clan Has Come Home To His Family S Luxurious Long Island Compound The Big Question Is Why The Dangerously Sexy Soccer Star Agreed To Coach A Kids Soccer Team His Co Coach Abby McCord Should Be Grateful Instead She S Fending Off Some Seriously Smoldering Advances From The Scandal Ridden Athlete Good Thing Bad Boys Are So Not Her Type Abby Is Definitely Not Lacking In Passion, But The Sweet Faced Beauty Needs To Learn A Thing Or Two About Taking A Team To The Championship And A Whole Lot About How To Let A Man Into Her Once Broken Heart Pierce Definitely Knows How To Make The Moves, But Will Abby Trust That The Bachelor The World Has Condemned As A Scoundrel Can Settle Down With The One Woman Who Has Taken Hold Of His Heart I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review This in no way impacts my thoughts on the book.
I read this book as a standalone without reading the first book I wasn t that much confused with the characters though I would have loved to know Pierce s family dynamics from the previous book So I don t have anything to compare his family s actions Inspite of that, I really loved the way his siblings supported him in this book They really have complicated relationships and it forms a part of the tale Another dynamic which I liked was Abby s closeness with her family Both their family situations are polar opposites Though the book sounds as a sports romance, it is much than that It explores sports and romance and family relationships 3.
5 StarsThis is the first book in the series that I ve read and I found that it was an okay read There are definitely some hot smutty scenes but I found that it was difficult to get into in the beginning it does become a bit fast paced about of the way in Abby McCord has moved back in with her parents to help them and her sister take care of her nephew She s also just recently gotten out of a bad relationship and has written off men for a while That is until she begins coaching her nephew s soccer team and meets her co coach, Pierce Harrison Pierce used to play soccer professionally in London and after a scandal involving a woman took a turn for the worse he s headed home to the states to escape Pierce is also not looking for a relationship but the two are unable to resist one another and the sparks begin to fly.
The plotline was a bit basic for my liking, it was ju I wanted to absolutely love this because athlete and ex professional soccer player That is pretty close to perfection It was kind of a dull read for me which is why I m giving it only 3 stars Pierce and Abby are okay together, nothing super interesting, but keep you at least partially invested in the story.
Pierce has the family drama in spades and that comes to light pretty much from the first dozen pages or so He s shrouded in drama due to the scandal he left behind in England with his retirement from Manchester United s soccer club Abby s nursing a broken heart back home under the guise of helping her sister and parents with her nephew who can be a lot to handle The two come together due to Abby s nephew s soccer team to which Abby is the coach and Pierce ends up becoming the co coach Pierce is charming enough and demandin

Jennifer Gracen hails from Long Island, New York, where she lives with her two young sons She loves to write contemporary romance for readers who seek better days, authentic characters, and satisfying endings When she isn t taking care of her kids, doing freelance copy editing proofreading, reading, or talking to friends on Twitter and Facebook, Jennifer writes.The Harrisons Series Book 1 More