Download Epub Format ☆ Joining Hearts (Heros Heart Series #3) PDF by ✓ Iona Findley

Download Epub Format ☆ Joining Hearts (Heros Heart Series #3) PDF by ✓ Iona Findley This is the third installment of a series where each book is a stand alone story In this story Zoe is a smokejumper recovering from an injury, and is working as an arson investigator temporarily Her assignment to investigate suspicious fires leads her to the Ricci brothers who own a growing construction business Zoe has an attraction to Marcus Ricci who is a widower with a teenage daughter Can she keep it all business especially after Marcus daughter Linnie forms a bond with her Linnie doesn t fit into the typical feminine mold and neither does Zoe A great well written romance I received a free ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Gorgeous And Grumpy Single Father Meets Feisty Female Firefighter Dad In Distress Smokejumper To The Rescue Widower Marcus Ricci Has Always Been A Hero The Fair Boss, The Good Son, The Responsible Brother, The Model Dad Now He S Gone From Good Natured To Grouchy In One Short Birthday Not His His Daughter Linnie S She S Hit Thirteen, And He S Hit A Brick Wall Trying To Communicate With Her He Just Can T Make Her Understand The Dangers Of Joining Him On His Construction Sites To Make Matters Worse, He Has Another Female Determined To Interfere In His Construction Business Injured Smokejumper Turned Arson Investigator Zoe Montgomery S Investigation Into A Dangerous Firebug Has Led Her Straight To His Construction Business Her Meddling Is Driving Him Crazy Or Could That Be The Sparks Flying Between Them Zoe Montgomery Has Always Been A Woman Of Goals And Action She S Never Considered Starting A Family, But When She Meets Marcus Rebellious Daughter She Starts Wondering What She S Missing It S Too Bad The Teen Comes With Such A Grumpy And Growly But Gorgeous Dad Zoe Is Determined To Catch The Firebug, Help The Frustrated Teen, And Definitely Control The Flames Blazing Between Marcus And Herself Then She Realizes His Bark Is Worse Than His Bite And His Kisses To Die For Now She S Wondering If She Wants Their Twosome To Become A Threesome, And He S Wondering If She Might Be His Second Chance For Happiness Is The Sexual Tension Between Them Turning Into Love Third In The Hero S Hearts Series, Joining Hearts Combines Compelling Characters, Strong Family Relationships, And Realistic Conflicts To Create A Beautiful Balance Of Heat, Heartache, And Happiness You Won T Go Wrong With Reading All The books In This Series Julie I Odom Linnie Doesn T Fit The Typical Feminine Mold And Neither Does Zoe A Great Well Written Romance Ginabadina I Really Enjoyed This Book Found The Characters Very Realistic With Flaws Who Still Rose Above Their Struggles Marcus Teennage Daughter Was Refreshing Carrie Neumann Joining Hearts Is A Type Of Romance read That Is Rarely Seen In The Genre Iona Findley Is On Point With Her Hero S Heart Series ILC This Is Another Amazing Book By Iona Findley I Wish I Could Give It Than Five Stars Get It Today SO SO GOOD Chrissy Whelan Linnie Love This Character Through Her And Zoe , Iona Tackles The Issue Of Women Aspiring To Do What Society Says Are Men S Jobs This Subtext Is Nicely Done If You Like Hot, Iona Delivers Highly Recommend Texas The HERO S HEART SERIES Of books In Order Opening HeartsSam And Jessalyn Risking HeartsJake And Hope Joining HeartsMarcus And Zoe New Series By Iona Findley THE TOUSSAINTSTrust My LovePhilippe And Claire If You Love Heartwarming Stories Of Uplifting Characters In Life Changing Situations, Download A Sample Or Buy JOINING HEARTS Now Your Profile Public Reviews Written by You RSS Feed Show Most recent reviews Most recent comments Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 17 pixel Joining Hearts A Hero s Heart Romance 3 Hero s Heart Series Joining Hearts A Hero s Heart Romance 3 Hero s Heart Series Price 3.
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0 out of 5 stars Joining Hearts A Hero s Heart Romance 3 Hero s Iona Findley, October 18, 2015 Joining Hearts is the latest installment of Hero s Hearts series Marcus Ricci is a widower with a rebellious thirteen year old daughter Linnie, she needs a woman in her life to help her out Enter injured Smokejumper turned Arson Investigator Zoe Montgomery ,who is looking in to a series of fires that result in profitable reconstruction for the Ricci brothers Can Zoe find out what is happening and help Marcus with Linnie I was give a copy for an hones Zoe is a smoke jumper firefighter paramedic who was hurt on a jump and now is recovering in New York City while working an arson case One of the suspects turns out to be a contractor who is rehabilitating 3 of the homes burnt Marcus is a single dad who is raising his teenage daughter, Linnie, and they are both trying to figure out how to survive growing up This is a heart warming story and watching Zoe and Marcus and Linnie fall was so special The characters were all well defined Even though this is the third installment in the series, it is a stand alone Received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Joining Hearts is a type of romance read that is rarely seen in the genre A thrill seeker heroine with a take charge attitude falling for a mysterious father with a teenage daughter Marcus and Zoe fit well together for me She was a high strung individual and Marcus helped to even out the flaws in her personality Zoe brought out Marcus hidden adventurer and even helped him to open upand heal from the pain of loss What started out as suspicion ended up growing into a relationship that worked for these two individuals and made them better Iona Findley is on point with her Hero s Heart Series.
This is the third book in the Hero s Heart Series This book was just as heartwarming as the previous two This book involves Marcus, who is in the first book, his teenage daughter, Linnie, and Zoe Zoe was injured in a fire jumping incident and is recuperating During this time, she is working as an arson investigator Her investigation leads her to Marcus Reid, of the Ricci Brothers construction business Zoe and Marcus, both have baggage for their past, and Marcus has control issues with Linnie Together, Marcus and Zoe, make an ideal couple Since I remember Marcus from the first book, it was really nice to hear his story Great love story.
Love this series Great characters.

Sweet, Hot, RomanceZoe is an injured Hot Shot fire fighter working as an arson detective while on the mend Marcus is a widower and single dad trying to be a successful contractor They meet when Zoe has him on her list of suspects and fireworks ensue The attraction is immediate and soon some lines are crossed as it will not be denied Terrific romance I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
This is the third book in this series that I ve read And each book has been consistent without being repetitious In this book, there s a female smoke jumper firefighter Zoe who gets injured in the line of duty and has to take a job as an arson inspector until her injuries heal During the course of an arson investigation, she meets and immediately becomes both annoyed and intrigued by a widowed father, Marcus Even though he s her main suspect, her feelings for the man grow, as do her feelings for his daughter Should she risk her heart or risk her job I have to say that I didn t enjoy these characters as much as I did in previous books We ve actually met Marcus and his daughter before in the first book He s the brother of the main male character in book 1 In this book, we getinto his story and how h

Iona Findley embarked on her career as a romance writer with her very first words, love, love, love, which she carefully dictated to her mother Despite spurious rumors, probably the work of a jealous sibling, that her words might actually have been, lub, lub, lub, surely not or even blub, blub, blub horrors , Iona pursued a vocation in romance writing with enthusiasm Writing fulltime