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↠´ Read ✓ סיפור חרבת חזעה by S. Yizhar ✓ Extraordinary S Yizhar real name Yizhar Smilansky published this short book in 1949 The plot takes place during the expulsions and operations of 1948, when soldiers were forcing Palestinian occupants of villages and reshaping the human geography of the territory under their control Khirbet Khizeh is the name of one such village which the protagonist visits with his military unit and expels its inhabitants The book is short, but packs an incredible punch It s remarkable, over, that Yizhar manages to sound his cry of injustice without lapsing into polemic The edition of the book that I read closes with a strong afterword by David Shulman, who contextualises the original work and connects it to the present moment.
Highly recommended.
UPDATE I had opportunity to think about this book overnight, and also learnt about the concept of sh All too typical U.
S meddling mixed with various toxic nationalisms is costing lives once again, and I have just stumbled onto this window back into how we got here, an Israeli account of the original ejection of the Palestinians by an embattled new state, 1948 1949, published the same year Begun two days ago, in sorrow.
This is a story, told by a soldier in the newly formed Israeli army, of the expulsion of the confused, unresisting inhabitants of a Palestinian village It s war, there are orders, this is the enemy an initially totally dehumanized enemy at that , it is earned, the new settlers will make so much of this country the justifications are many, but they can t silence the mounting unease and doubt in the protagonist s head, in S Yizhar s for he was there, a young Israeli intelligence officer , the voices, cascadin This Classic Novella About The Violent Expulsion Of Palestinian Villagers By The Israeli Army Has Long Been Considered A High Point In Hebrew Literature, As It Has Also Given Rise To Fierce Controversy Over The Years Published Just Months After The End Of The War In Which The Author Fought The Book As Famous For Yizhar S Haunting, Lyrical Style As For Its Wrenchingly Honest Soldier S Eye View Of The Brutality Of That War And, Perhaps, All Wars An Absolute Must For Anyone Interested In Middle Eastern Literature And History Podr amos decir que me ha dejado un buen sabor de boca esta historia a pesar de la dureza de su contenido Se trata de la versi n contada desde el punto de vista de un soldado israel a la hora de ocupar un pueblo de la zona rabe y de expulsar a su poblaci n aut ctona Lo que se desprende de la historia es la deshumanizaci n del enemigo en el seno de una guerra que enfrenta a israel es y palestinos desde la partici n de Palestina por parte de la ONU y la independencia del pa s de Gran Breta a, as como un sentimiento de odio visceral por parte de los personajes hacia el del otro lado innato, repentino y autom tico.
Podemos advertir c mo los soldados del ej rcito de Israel muestran una completa falta de empat a hacia los futuros exiliados, siendo la exce About two weeks ago, there was a review of this republished novella on the back page of the NYTimes book review that I couldn t resist I immediately got the novella and wasn t disappointed It was published in May 1949 and describes the feelings and moral dilemma of the soldier narrator who is part of an Israeli detail sent to destroy a Palestinian village As he watches the villagers driven into exile, he becomes and outraged, but ultimately remains an observer, not an activist The sensitivity of the narrator to his own growing discomfort with the operation is visceral the descriptions of the bewildered villagers and the desperate mothers are painful and the reader feels the fear of exile as palpably as the villagers Almost 60 years lat , 1948 1949 1948 ,.

This is a beautifully written book that poetically delivers the tragedy of dispossession and exile, told by one of whom are forced to carry out this crime Nothing speaks of the terrible nature of these events like Yizhar s description of empty homes, discarded housewares, and confused livestock You cannot but feel the agony of the author and share in his frustration as he helplessly comes to terms with what is going on before him The Arab is this novel is mostly a passive victim of almost childlike innocence and is not heard making than a few simple protests, and is otherwise either running away or wailing This reveals the great divide that exists between the Israeli soldiers and their enemy the alien other even from one who is sympathetic to their loss This perhaps also makes the tragedy even vivid when you see how the victims are not Con un c ntico cada vez m s irritante le cantaba al alma refinada que deja el trabajo sucio para los dem s, al alma que cierra los ojos piadosamente o desv a la mirada hacia otro lado para ponerse a salvo de lo que pueda llegar a resultarle enojoso, a ese ser tan puro que no puede ver la maldad, que es incapaz de contemplar la injusticia Y en ese momento odi mi existencia entera marzoasiatico Me es dif cil hablar de este libro, porque es muy corto, pero sobre todo porque es atmosf rico y pretende afectar emocionalmente al lector y hacerle pensar, y eso me resulta complicado de expresar con palabras Extra amente o no a quienes va dirigida esta novela de 1949 es a los propios compatriotas del escritor, a los ciudadanos de la reci n creada Israel Pretende causar en ellos un momento de introspecci n, un momento de a d nde nos lleva esto en qu nos hemos convertido Lo cual es curioso viniendo de un escritor que no solo era sionista, sino que fue diputado de la Knesset por el Partido Laborista, que estaba dirigido por Ben Gurion Quiero decir, no es una persona que discuta el derecho de Israel a existir, no es un enemigo externo, no es alguien que tuviera dudas de c mo comenz la guerra del 48 Pero s de c mo acab

Yizhar Smilansky Hebrew , 27 September 1916 21 August 2006 , known by his pen name S Yizhar Hebrew , was an Israeli writer and politician.Yizhar Smilansky was born in Rehovot to a family of writers His great uncle was Israeli writer Moshe Smilansky His father, Zev Zass Smilensky, was also a writer After earning a degree in education, Yizhar taught in Yavniel, Ben She