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Trailer ✓ An Absolute Scandal PDF by ✓ Penny Vincenzi This was my first Penny Vincenzi book, but it won t be my last My wonderful sister in law lent me this book to read, Thank you, Darlene There were many characters and a lot of them had similar names But, there s a chart in the front of the book and it didn t take long before all the characters sorted themselves out in my mind It follows the lives of several families who were affected by the crisis of Lords of London in 1980 s and 90 s The families were on the verge of going bankrupt because of the demands of Lords as it took a downturn.
It s not great literature, but it s interesting to pull back the covers and peek in on people s lives and how each of them confront their troubles.
Thank you, Darlene for introducing me to this author This will be the first of many of her books that I ll devour.
The characters are developed early in the book and continue to grow throughout It is so interesting to see how the storyline s all separate breakdown and then how they build themselves up again while they interact For the book s length, it is a quick and compelling read.
Penny Vincenzi, Master Of The Contemporary Blockbuster, Returns With A Moving, Engaging Portrait Of People Coping With A Notorious Financial Disaster And Its Unpredictable Emotional Repercussions Set During The Boom And Bust Years Of The S, An Absolute Scandal Follows The Lives Of A Group Of People Drawn Together By Their Mutual Monetary Woes When The Great Financial Institution Lloyd S Undergoes A Devastating Downturn For Nigel Cowper, This Means The Destruction Of His Family Business His Wife, Lucinda, Is Willing To Do Everything She Can To Help Him Except Give Up Her Irresistible Lover The Powerful, Charismatic Banker Simon Beaumont And His Wife, A Highly Successful Advertising Executive, Lose Everything They Worked So Hard To Acquire But The Ultimate Tragedy Is Something That Neither One Could Have Anticipated The Well To Do Are Not The Only Ones Suffering A Self Sufficient Widow Is Suddenly Deep In Debt A Single Mother Struggles To Maintain A Comfortable Home For Her Children And A Schoolmaster And His Frustrated Wife Find That Financial Problems Deepen The Cracks In Their Troubled Marriage As Their Lives Begin A Downward Spiral, These Characters Intersect In Ways They Never Saw Coming Written In What Has Become Her Signature Style Of Both Wit And Candor, Penny Vincenzi Draws Back The Curtain And Offers An Inside View Of The Greed And Social Power Plays That Occur Behind The Closed Doors Of Upper Crust Society Where Money Isn T Everything Sometimes, It S The Only Thing The first proper eighties style bonkbuster that I ve read since I was a teenager I think It wasn t too badly written and ticked along pretty well was perfect for my incredibly lazy saturday only left the flat to get some chips Hilarious class aspect, especially about the horror of state schools I imagine Vicenzi s audience reflects the primarily comp educated population and there is fair bit of knowingness about this.
There is nothing I lovethan sinking down into bed with a huge Penny Vincenzi paperback Her writing is always effortlessly faultless and this one, featuring an actual historical event, is fascinating for someone who grew up just outside of the era featured within the story, although I recognised many of the fashions and features I found this book completely fascinating and just as high quality as all her other books with the Lytton saga top of my list I found myself Googling the actual real life events The only characters that I really didn t take to were Debbie and Richard, I found both of them intensely annoying and in the end couldn t care less about their situation I don t think PV does normal folk that well, best stick t An Absolute Scandal is a classic Penny Vincenzi read, set in the 80s and full of upper class characters, yet still a great, page turner with great characters and a well researched plot line.
Centred around a group of Lloyds Names who have been flung together to fight against losing their wealth each member of this group consider that they have been swindled by Lloyds syndicates and duped into becoming Names It has become apparant that their investment is not as safe as it was always assumed and that Lloyds have covered up the losses they have made due to asbestosis claims.
It is so clear that Penny Vincenzi has done so much research into the events of this time, and although the ordinary everyday reader may not initially feel sympathy for the rich upper class who lose their money, their individual stories show that these are in fact, real human Being a Name at Lloyd s, a prosperous financial institution in the 1980s s was an honor and something to aspire to As this decade draws to a close, many members found their portfolios dwindling quickly and their debts mounting to staggering heights Several members band together with the goal of identifying skullduggery at Lloyds and reclaiming their legacies From the very wealthy to modest middle class, retirees, and others, some quickly bond on a personal level and become entangled for better and for worse in the individual issues in their lives There is a suicide, adultery, divorce, and fractured marriages in the mix which pull the reader on an intense journey for resolution in the lives of all I thoroughly enjoyed this book It is my second Penny Vincenzi read and was as enjoyable as the first Her characte I found this at a bookstore in Toronto during our DH and my vacation there in May It s size is what initially made me pick it up I m a sucker for good thickies and the synopsis on the back of the book intrigued me.
In the beginning maybe the first 100 pages I had trouble keeping the characters straight who was married to this one, who knew that one and so on but as I got deeper into it that part got much easier.
I ended up really enjoying the book the connection of the characters via Lloyd s etc I felt that they were all pretty realistically written I also liked that Vincenzi did away with unnecessary detail which irritates me and that the characters had realistic emotions, reactions etcI think my favorite character was Lucinda My least favorite was Debbie This being my first Vincenzi I will definately look for her other books in

I love Penny Vicenzi s books The other two that I have read take place in the early 1900 s which I always find interesting and this one takes place in the late 1980 s What I like about Vincenzi is that she does write somewhat chicklit books.
but they are much better They are well written and filled with an interesting cast of characters This book centers around the true events of Lloyds of London basically collapsing and what it does to the people who had invested in them Apparently this was a huge scandal in the late 80 s and devastated a lot of people People who had invested were required by their contract to pay Lloyd s if Lloyd s was experiencing a loss.
and they had to keep paying for years This is a fictional account of the families who had been living a wealthy lifestyle.
boarding schools, second and third homes, horses etc This story then follows what h How many times can a writer make people vomit in a book This must hold the record and that s about the most drama you get here how imaginative Rating this as 1 seems extremely generous but the rating numbers don t go into negatives Dreadful book It bothers me that people pick up this kind of soulless book at the airport before they go for their 2 week holiday and that is all they might read in a year I picked this book up at a charity event wanting something that would take longer than a day or two to complete It s full of he said and she said Hopeless, drivelling dialogue that just goes onand onand on The characters that s really too strong a word for them make me want to slap them all Wishy washy, thick as mince Lucinda, simpering Catherine and pathetic, whinging Richard Does make you appreciate anew how interesting and wonderful your own friends and acquaintances are thou

Her family, Headline and her agent Clare Alexander are sad to announce the death of their beloved Penny Vincenzi who died peacefully on February 25th.At the launch of her 19th book, A Question of Trust, last year, Penny said If nobody buys it, it will be my last book otherwise, no, I don t want it to be my last book I still love writing and the whole process And at the time of her death Pen