✓ Malik (Carter Brothers #1) Ñ Download by ì Lisa Helen Gray

✓ Malik (Carter Brothers #1) Ñ Download by ì Lisa Helen Gray Vi que recomendaron mucho esta serie hasta buena puntuaci n tiene y mi decisi n por leerla fue que el segundo libro me llam la atenci n, pero que decepci n, esta lleno de clich s pero esa no es la raz n por la que no me gustara, porque soy altamente tolerable al Clich para mi fue la narraci n tan INFANTIL y con situaciones ABSURDAS y forzadas que en toda la lectura estuve rodando los ojos que hasta casi me quedo bizca, la verdad no lo le como me pase muchas p ginas hasta que llegu al final y como no aprendo voy a leer el siguiente a ver si est n infumable como este.
I M Harlow Evans Shortly After My Parents Were Murdered I Moved In With My Grandma It Meant Switching Schools, Losing Friends, And Moving Away From The Only Home I Knew All I Wanted Was To Finish The School Year Hassle Free Switching Seats On That First Day Altered My Life After Surviving The Loss Of My Parents I Never Thought Anything Could Break Me, But Then HE Came Into My Life He Wants To Hurt Me Destroy Me Ruin Me Tragedy Brought Me Here, And A Cruel Twist Of Fate Has Me Desperate To Leave There S Also Someone Here That Has Me Fighting To Stay Though All My Life I Ve Lived In The Shadows, Trying To Go Unnoticed, Until I Met HIM Malik Carter He S Broody, Quiet, And Holding On To A Dark Past From That First Meeting I Was Drawn To Him, His Painfully Gorgeous Looks And Model Physique, But I Also Knew He Was Totally Out Of My League He S The Boy Next Door Who, With His Domineering Personality, Has Somehow Etched His Way Into My Life When The Carter Brothers Take It Upon Themselves To Protect Me From What S Coming, I M Not Sure Whether To Be Relieved Or Shocked You See, When A Carter Brother Loves, They Love Fiercely, Strongly And Protectively No One Can Get In Their Way They Re Also Used To Getting What They Want, Even If It Means Getting Hurt There S One Thing You Should Know About The Carter Brothers Before You read My Story If You Mess With One, You Mess With Them All 3.
5 Too much of everything starsThis is the first book I have read from this author and well, it left me being just content with what i have read.
The YA drama is somewhat over the top, it started with the INSTA attraction leading towards INSTA claim by friendship then towards Usually I have no problem with it, and I can understand the intense pull, considering we are talking about 17 year olds BUT still, their actions somewhat proceede their age and in the next moment they act truly like kids I caught myself several times with this expression on my face yeah, i read the book next to a mirror LMAO then it would move towards angst, then extra bullying, and then further nearing the end BOOM it really gets too much BUT if you keep in mind the fact that this is fiction and a YA fiction then you can somewhat let go and well, enj 4.
25 starsMalik Malik Malik ,What can i say about him ,am speechless xOh hum yeah 1 thing Awggn he is to die for 3 3 why is he not real why PI also really liked the heroine,I could see the growth in her character and i was like, yeah girl u r really brave applause Overall good enough D plus malik makes this book so much interesting 3 3 Harlow Evans had to move away from everything she knew when her parents were brutally murdered Starting a new life with a Grandmother she doesn t know Harlow is anxious to see how she will fit into this new life Harlow s life becomes rocky when she is targeted by the school bully but she happens o catch the eye of Malik Carter her next door neighbor Five Carter brothers come to Harlow s side to protect her However with Malik, she has captured the heart of of the brother who does not date Malik feels like Harlow is his light in a world of dark He has had a lot of pain in his own life, that only his brothers share Now he has found a reason for hope, Harlow This is a story that broke my heart The bullying is front and center in the story Harlow is trying to adjust to life without her parents and this is just another hit she can t deal with Malik is a This story has to win an international award for most drama ever It was insane I didn t even know that much drama existed It was too much Most books are focused on sex with a sprinkling of storyline Well this book was about drama with a sprinkling of a pretty weak storyline No Just no Don t do it It s terrible Run for the hills DNF.
Cuando lo empec juro por dios que pens este libro va para 5 pero finalmente tuve que bajarle la puntuaci n Por varias cosas.
Una de ellas fue que todo fue muy instalove Demasiado demasiaaaaado r pido Malik y Harlow se enamoran demasiado r pido y m s cuando la autora hizo que pareciese que Malik nunca jam s estar a ni hab a estado en una relaci n seria La otra raz n es que la forma de escribir de la autora se volvi muy infantil Conversaciones tontas casi del estilo de cuelga t , no cuelga t ya sab is No s porque pero por ejemplo hubo una escena en la que Harlow se viste con lencer a que en mi cabeza no era capaz de encajarla porque claro, con las conversaciones tan infantiles que hab an tenido hasta ahora, no encontraba la suficiente madurez en ellos como para imaginarme eso No s si me estoy explicando bien, pero en resumen, que solo me hac a pensar en Harlo

It was good, until it got sooo freaking boring I lost interest and it s so sad because it had so much potential Perhaps it s just me, because it seems like all the book I read lately is just like thatRate 2.
5 I did like about half of the book stars.
It was somewhat entertaining but so much like the Slater brothers.
The bullying was over the top done in such a disgusting way that I wanted to stop and never finish.
It wasn t bullying, it was rape stalking, disrespect in the worst way.
I felt sorry for the heroine for the loss of both her parents in such a tragic way, but she was annoying and dumb Omg, he is looking at me so I turn red but can t stop staring back Are you shy or ballsy

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