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↠´ Resistance ¿ Download by Õ Kayla Howarth The second installment of The Institute, Resistance, was as good, if not better than the first Kayla Howarth does a great job of continuing her story about the defectives , people who have special powers brought about by genetic mutations In the dwindling population, these few are hunted and imprisoned by the government, forced to do their bidding or suffer the consequences Allira, the main character, is fighting her own rebellion by pretending to work for the Institute but she is really working with the Resistance.
at first There is to the Resistance than meets the eye What you ask Well you will have to read the book to find out I loved Allira She is a strong and selfless heroine with just that right amount of sass and stubbornness She is certainly no damsel in distress waiting for the man to come rescue Resistance is the long awaited follow up to The Institute Oh hang on, didn t I read The Institute just a few weeks ago Luckily for us readers, this second installment was released recently, and the third installment is on its way Can I start with a small caveat first Having set everything up beautifully in The Institute, I expected Book Two to start with a bang I have to admit to finding both books a little on the slow side at the start But often the best part of your food is in the middle, am I right And it s not long before Resistance is hitting the heady heights of its predecessor.
I think our MC is much engaging in this follow up She s ballsy without being an overtly annoying kick ass heroine If she wasshe would be just another Katniss cut out.
Fortunately, we are saved from any repetitive girl on fire by someone who is not actually on fire, but is I can t wait for everyone to continue Allira s story in this next instalment of The Institute Series I LOVED this second installment of Kayla Howarth s YA dystopian The Institute trilogy I will try to keep this review spoiler free, but, if you haven t read The Institute yet, you should go read it immediately instead of this review.
Resistance picks right up where the first book left off Drew and Allira are now agents for the Institute and have been sent out on a mission to arrest a Defective named Licia But, as we found out at the end of The Institute, there s a Resistance brewing in the outback, composed of a relatively small group of Defectives and non Defective sympathizers Among them are Allira s parents, Allira s boyfriend Chad and his mother, and Paxton, Brookfield s double crossing right hand man Allira and a reluctant Drew soon join their compound, where they receive further training and try to find their place in the community As part of the Resistance, Allira Rhoda D Ettore s Reviews I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Although I do not usually read this genre, I was captivated by the first book in this series, The Institute Kayla Howarth does an excellent job creating a world in which the population was decimated and some people acquired special powers through genetic mutation Fearing the Defectives , lawmakers enacted policies to protect society from these people Resistance is book two in the series and follows the story right where the other book left off Both books provided us with a fully fleshed out society, a variety of characters that are independent of each other, and plot twists that keep the reader interested Every chapter leaves the reader wanting , an Prepare for a rave review because that s what s about to happen I absolutely loved Resistance by Kayla Howarth It s the second book in her The Institute trilogy and it s one of those stories that just gets better and better the you read By the end of the book, I was turning pages or tapping them on my nook so fast that I was really mad when I got to the end because I was going to have to wait a little while for book three You know those books that get your heart racing The kind where you think about the characters even when you aren t reading That is Resistance.
Allira and Drew have left the institute to become outside agents, tracking and arresting defective people that the world now sees as a blight on society Well, part of the world There is a Resistance building near the radiation zones Their mission is to fight for t It S What Every Defective Person Wants Freedom, Liberation From The InstituteAllira Had Her Chance Then Why Is She Still Working For Them It Has Been Three Months Since She First Started Working As An Agent For The Institute She S Good At Her Job She Has To Be There S Too Much At StakeAfter An Arrest Goes Awry, She S Faced With The Possibility Of Escaping Again, And An Offer Too Good To RefuseThings Are Meant To Be Different At The Resistance, Everything Is Meant To Be Better But When Life Is About Survival, Sacrifices Must Be Made What Will Allira Sacrifice For Her Freedom The Resistance is a solid follow up to The Institute We pick up Allira s story several months after the end of The Institute, where she is working with Drew to round up other defectives for the Institute But as we learned at the end of The Institute, an underground Resistance is doing their own recruiting and they want Allira The problem is, Shilah and Tate are still at the Institute and her allegiances are pulling her apart She d love nothing than to bring down the Institute, but not at the cost of her brother and best friend.
PlotThe plot is intriguing, drawing me in as I learned about the mysterious Resistance and who is calling the shots, what the Institute is really up to and who s behind it, and what Allira s future has in store for her There are a lot of layers here, all seamlessly woven in, with than a couple of twists I never saw coming.
World Bui In The Institute, Kayla Howarth introduced us to a world whose population has been devastated by disease and nuclear war While humanity hunkers down within the borders of their countries, refusing to let anyone in, people with special abilities spring up from the fold, and the paranoid government rips these people away from their families and sends them to The Institute, a high tech prison where Defectives are either imprisoned, brainwashed or coerced into serving the Institute s needs.
Allira Daniels has found a way out The Resistance, a community of escaped Defectives and sympathizers far away from the influence of The Institute But brave Allira can t be satisfied to hide while the Institute spreads their lies, and so she much use her exceptional skills to turn their community into a true Resistance and take down the Institute once and for all.
Allira is a After reading The Institute, I was looking forward to reading Resistance and it did not disappoint Allira is a strong, courageous girl that anyone can look up too Joining the Resistance is a step forward to freeing the Defective population Along her journey, she s met with old faces and new ones While trying to keep her double ability hidden, she is met with many challenges with one of the council members of the Resistance, Cyrus He knows there s something different about her and won t let it go Allira s relationship with Chad grows strong but still teeter on the edge The presence of Drew doesn t help things either I want to write so about how captivating this story is and how it plays out but don t want

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