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[Alexi Lawless] é Complicated Creatures [martyrdom PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ô Keeps you wantingWow this bookjust wow I enjoyed this series immensely My hats off to the incredibly strong woman who does what ever it takes to protect the people she loves Even if it means hurting then to do it I absolutely can t wait for the third installment of this series Definitely 5 stars dnfI won t be reading any future books by this author.
Librarian S Note This Is An Alternate Cover Edition ASIN BNEHYEIsn T It Terrible When Love Is Not Enough In The Action Packed Sequel To Complicated Creatures Part One Jack Roman Was Perfectly Happy Living The Life Of A High Powered And Charismatic Philistine He Had Time, Money, Women And A Penchant For The Fast Life Until He Met His Match In Samantha Wyatt And His Obsession With Her Would Take Him To Hell And Back Wes Elliott S Been Dreaming Of The Muse He Let Go Of As A Young Man The Woman He Never Forgot Throughout His Travels And The Successes He D Left Her To Find He Always Thought He D See Sammy Again He Just Never Expected Her To Be Fighting For Her Life When He Did Samantha Wyatt Is Being Challenged By Her Past, Tested By Her Decisions, And Hunted By Her Nemesis As Her Dangerous Present And Enigmatic Past Collides, Samantha Conducts The Riskiest Operation Of Her Life, And The Men Who Love Her Will Be Forced To Decide Do They Trust Her Enough To Let Her Protect Them And Do They Love Her Enough To Let Her Go This is definitely not your typical romantic suspense book There isn t yet sign there will be the predictable happy ending that I admit I tend to hope for and I can truly say I m not sure I m rooting for any of the main characters necessarily romance wise as they are all a bit messed up, BUT I think that this isrealistic of the complicated and messy nature of human beings I must say I still hope for redemption and some happy endings but I m not sure for who and in what form I hope that the third part comes out sooner rather than later so I keep the book fresh in my interest and brain and I hope it wraps up the relational drama of the main love triangle at least In the future reads I would loveof the parallel story lines that have been alluded to in part 1 the accident of Sam s dad and brother, as well as the Rush romance In summary, great author, action packed, bad ass female lead, amaz Love this book It was even better than the first part Great action, less sex than the first one, wonderfully written and keeps you on the edge of your seat I was sad when it ended, and evendisappointed to realize that I m going to have to wait for the next part to be written This is an ADDICTIVE series I can t believe how realistic it is, and how exciting Definitely worth paying for.
Bravo Alexi This 2nd part deserves very high accolades It was actually better than the first part The characters are fascinating and exciting The story was seamless from part one to part two I love both Jack and Wes, don t know which I like the best but at this very moment I would have to say Wes Sam is some kind of woman, tough, intelligent and not afraid of anything, Thanks for the very entertaining hours that you afforded me to read Go get em Alexi, can t wait for part 3 This book deserves 10 stars, All I can say is, wow The author once again creates a world I got lost in Even though the story line may be a bit unbelievable, I still bought into it The author writes in a way with detail that makes it believable In the first books, I loved Sam In this book I started not to like her I found this interesting because the author created a good character in the fact that is truly how people can affect you My only problem with the book was the bickering between Jack and Wes I do not believe men fight with words like this Cannot wait to see what happens in the next book One of my favorite book series so far Lets see if it continues.
Oh, holy cliffhanger Batman The second installment of Complicated Creatures by Alexi Lawless is another fast paced, gorgeously written, winner of a book From the first page to the last I was pulled right in This gem has a little bit of everything Actioncheck Romancecheck Suspensecheck Love triangle, cool villains, awesome supporting castcheck, check, check The writing is flawless and paced perfectly The only potential negative for this book is the cliffhanger ending, but I don t mind them I will be rereading this book I will also be waiting with baited breath for the next Kudos Ms Lawless on another fantastic adventure.

5 Stars A worthy sequel to book 1 I loved it great suspense story with many twist and turns, the romance got really complicated and thre was just one particular episode that I m still not sure how I feel about It ends on a sort of cliffhanger and I already can t wait for the completion of Sam s story This was an emotional and action packed sequel to Complicated Creatures Part I my review which I thoroughly enjoyed Its w ritten in the same engaging style detailed and well researched with a lot of depth of feeling We see evencharacter development and plot twists kept me on the edge and turning the pages impatiently While this books continues Sam and Jack s many additional characters also take center stage Wes tries to find his way back to Sam and even though he is a good guy by all means and I was not happy about the love triangle that he fromed with Sam and Jack There was a particu Just finished the hellish tale of Complicated Creatures Part 2 Again Alexi Lawless has left the building and in the debris that is left in the aftermath I am left in withdrawals in the corner waiting for all this dust to settle and to figure out what is left and who is is left standing.
Another excellent, thrilling hot trial of writing,words, complicated characters, hot steaming sensual set ups and the dark corners of the souls, all with underlying needs and wants.
This book has it all and I am so hooked that I will need another book as soon as I can hook it up.
This work is amazing in all the detail, and the unfolding.
Every turning to the next page left me greedy for , there is so much substance in these characters, all of them strong and with an agenda.
There just aren t enough stars to give the girl her due here And I just can t go into

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