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[Claudia Harbaugh] Ñ A Will and A Way [harlequin-nocturne PDF] Read Online Ñ I honestly still don t know how I feel about this book I m sure it was just a beginning, since it s not really long, but while I was reading I felt like I didn t want to know anything else about the main character or what was going to happen to her The whole plot was okay, as well as the writing style, but I guess this book just wasn t for me.
When Pippa S Father Dies, She Learns He Was An Earl And That She Is Illegitimate Part Of Her Inheritance Is A London Season, Although She Must Masquerade As Her Half Sister S Cousin Provincial Pippa Knows Nothing Of Rakes And Routs, And She Fears Repercussions Should Society Discover Her Deception In This Sweet Regency Romance, Pippa Must Remain Faithful To Herself As She Navigates The Ton And Seeks A Husband But If She Does Meet A Man She Can Love, Will He Be Able To Overlook The Circumstances Of Her Birth I thoroughly enjoyed this book My only disappointment is that it wasn t longer The author Claudia Harbaugh has done a wonderful job of telling a story of the society of the era I loved the relationship development of the sisters as well as the ups and downs of their love lives OR lack thereof I would have liked a bit fleshing out here and there, but only because I like a longer read Good storyline Good flow Great ending I received a copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.
I received a copy of this book from NetGallery for an honest review The story revolves around Pippa s discovery about her true origins and how the conditions of her father s will allows her to unveil the true character of her suitors It was an easy read where the chapters flowed effortlessly I enjoyed the book.
Pippa was lead to believe her dad was a traveling merchant but in reality he was a Earl His will said Pippa was to have one London season She must betray herself as her half sister Charlie s cousin A pretty good story and plot I liked the characters a lot especially pippa and all that happens to her I recommend.
I received an ARC of this story for an honest review I loved this book and I enjoyed the possibilities of different endings But most importantly I loved that true love won out in the end for Pippa.
And that pedigree and status were just words Pippa became a Countess in the end, I knew the Earl would come up to snuff Enjoyable read

I can honestly say I do not know how I feel about this book I feel like I could like the story if this or that happened and at the same time liked the simplicity of it all I think maybe since it wasn t very long that I did not feel enough time was invested to like it 5 out of 5 stars After seventeen years of believing her father was just a traveling sales merchant, Philippa Pippa finds out that her father was actually the Earl of Milbank upon his death In addition, he learns that she is actually a bastard Approximately a year later, Pippa learns that in her father s will she and her half sister, Charlotte Charlie , are to have a Season in London together without the interference of either of their mothers During Pippa and Charlie s time together, they grow close as sisters while trying to navigate the confines of the ton Yet, Pippa is still uncertain if the ruse to pass off her being there as Charlotte s cousin is the right one, but is telling the men in her life the truth about her parentage any better This f Pippa Simmons was sad to discover that her life as she known it was a lie She grew up with the knowledge that her father was named Pip Simmons, a traveling merchant Unknown to her, she was the illegitimate daughter of Philip Derwent, the Earl of Milbank Upon his death, he stated in his will that both his daughters would have a ton season Pippa was apprehensive to meet her half sister plus have a season with her as her cousin The time she spend with her sister the Pippa came love her As Pippa received an offer, she knew she could not keep her secret from her husband to be When the man she loved could not accept her birth She knew she had to go back home It was a short and sweet story with some heartache I am glad to discover this new author I can t wait to read books from her I received a complimentary copy from the publisher thru NetGalley for an honest review.

Okay, I admit it I am an anglophile And while I m in the confessing mood, I ll also admit that I devour Regency Romance novels Anyone who knows me knows that I am a no nonsense, independent type with a barely discernible feminine side But I am a sucker for the understated romance, the English stiff upper lip and the snappy dialogue ala Jane Austen No overt sex, no bodice ripping, just a good,