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I was in a Paris caf the other day There s something about waiters in Paris caf s They like to strike a pose as if they know people watch them They also have a way of appearing not to listen to your order yet return with exactly the type of coffee you wanted, wearing a smirk But that s a stereotype description, you say Well, yes, perhaps, as in a noir novel where the characters are often little than types, but familiar types There s a couple of noirish types at the beginning of Modiano s book one is a would be blackmailer and the other, his moll We ve met these two before if we ve ever read a detective story They arrange to meet the main character, Daragane, in a caf hey, that s a coincidence Actually this book is full of coincidences Here s two the blackmailer lives in the same apartment block Daragane lived in years before and the moll has the same name as a friend of Daragane s fr Modiano s contemplative exploration on the elusiveness of memory revolves around the concept of getting lost The main idea of this detectivesque novel is that no matter how well acquainted we are with a physical space, no matter how precise our recollections of the past we believe to be, we are condemned to lose our way in the mist of time Cities change, our identities morph and personal experiences wax and wane us into shapeless creatures that grope in the obscurity of the subconscious.
Captivating Paris and its underrated outskirts.
A haunting past An enigmatic woman.
A boy s fear to be abandoned, to get lost, to be deprived of his surname and his story.
An old writer who digs into an unhealed wound, into a traumatic event that was erased from his mind or he thought it was.
Can words seize the unfocused image of treacherous memory and seal it for good, frame it in suspended time A fragm Pour que tu ne te perdes pas dans le quartier So You Don t Get Lost in the Neighborhood Roman, 2014, Patrick Modiano 2014 Pour que tu ne te perdes pas dans le quartier 2015 So You Don t Get Lost in the Neighborhood, trans by Euan Cameron Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Jean Daragane, writer and recluse, has purposely built a life of seclusion away from the Parisian bustle He doesn t see many people, he rarely goes out he spends his life in a solitary world of his own making His peace is shattered however, one hot September afternoon, by a threatening phone call from a complete stranger, who claims to have found Daragane s old phone book and wants to question him about a particular name it contains But when Daragane agrees to meet the mysterious Gilles Ottolini, he realises that try as he might he cannot place the name Guy I do not know why this book works for me that way Maybe because it is December and the end of the year, moment for summary and yearly settlement The time when we look back at what we had done and where we have failed At this time of the year I feel vulnerable than usual, willingly to lower my guard Well, maybe I m just getting sentimental with age but this moment makes me think about things that have happened to me and these whom I let get away, about people I met, about possible friendships that couldn t fully develop since my reclusive habits, about ties that loosened because no one had strength or willingness enough to tighten them again.
For me Modiano with his nostalgic, calmed prose, unsettling message and hanging mystery is an author of elusive I was curious about this French Nobel Prize winner whose books are slowly being translated into English This read was short, atmospheric, and baffling It deals with the fallibility of memory and the sources of personal identity It reminded me a bit of Barnes Sense of an Ending , but it too murky to enthrall me very much.
A reclusive,elderly novelist, Jean Daragane, gets an invasive phone call from someone wanting to return his personal phone book which he must have dropped somewhere The man, Gilles, returns it at a meeting in a Paris caf , where he asks about one of the entries, which corresponds to a name of a character in one of Jean s early novels Later, Gilles girlfriend shares a dossier Gilles has been putting together about people from Jean s past, which he has walled off i What is life but an endless chain of D j vu s The words of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel turns up in my mind.
Is it a kind of dream,Floating out on the tide,Following the river of death downstream Oh, is it a dream There s a fog along the horizon,A strange glow in the sky,And nobody seems to know where you go,And what does it mean Oh, is it a dream I recognize Modiano s longing for an uncomplicated existence from some of his other novels.
Even in an English translation, there is so much melancholy and despair, delivered in such beauty that you can t help falling a little bit in love with Jean Darange You may know the road to travel, but even you want to start your journey, you are afraid the map is not accurate, that you may be lead astray, and your own doubts will only make the journ Call this a book of mirages and mirrors that distort the contours of visible reality all the time Call it a lament for the inevitability of change that erases all the landmarks to a place that anchors one to a past self Call it a psychological thriller, a faux noir in which people materialize out of thin air to serve as clues to lead the joyless protagonist to a truth too terrible for him to comprehend all at once Faux noir because Modiano ingeniously deploys its signature leitmotifs to subvert the genre The token crook is merely a shady character, the token gangster s moll seductive siren becomes a sympathetic confidante and the token mystery transforms into a disconcerting odyssey through the maze of time and memory But an adroitly spun yarn as this one transcends the This novella is Modiano s first publication since he won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2014 Translated into twenty five languages, it allows readers to become familiar with the haunting style that I predict is Modiano s signature In 2016 I plan to read the novel Villa Trieste , and the screenplay Modiano collaborated on with the filmmaker Louis Malle, called Lacombe Lucien.
This is a novel of remembrance, forgetting, and foreboding, aligning the present with the past and the future Modiano illuminates how the shadows of memory keep us from knowing who we are.
I cannot provide the reality of events,I can only convey their shadow STENDHAL,Modiano s epigraphMonsieur Jean Daragane was dozing in his study on a hot summer day in Paris when the insistent ring of his telephone shatters h

Patrick Modiano is a French language novelist and winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature.He is a winner of the Grand prix du roman de l Acad mie fran aise in 1972, the Prix Goncourt in 1978 for his novel Rue des boutiques obscures and of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2014.Modiano s parents met in occupied Paris during World War II and began their relationship in semi clandestinity Modian