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ò His Right Hand (Linda Wallheim Mystery, #2) » Download by á Mette Ivie Harrison In The Follow Up To The Controversial And Critically Acclaimed Mystery The Bishop S Wife, Mormon Housewife Linda Wallheim Finds Herself Ruffling Feathers In Draper, Utah, As She Assists A Murder Investigation That Is Being Derailed By Transphobia Within The LDS CommunityIn Draper, Utah, A Tight Knit Mormon Community Is Thrown Into Upheaval When Their Ward S Second Counselor One Of The Bishop S Right Hand Men Is Found Dead In An Elaborately Staged Murder On Church Property Carl Ashby Was Known As A Devout Mormon, A Pillar Of The Community, And A Loving Husband And Father Who Would Want Him Dead Linda Wallheim, The Wife Of The Ward S Bishop, Can T Rest As Long As The Ward Is Suffering She Is Particularly Worried About Carl S Grieving Family But The Entire Case Is Turned Upside Down By The Autopsy Report, Which Reveals Carl Ashby Was A Biological Female In The Mormon Church, Where Gender Is Considered Part Of A Person S Soul, Some People Regard Transgenderism As One Of The Worst Possible Transgressions Of Faith Church Officials Seem To Be Upset By Carl S Gender Than By His Murder, And Concerned With Hushing Up The Story Than Solving The CrimeLinda Realizes That If The Police Are To Catch The Killer, They Are Going To Need An Ally On The Inside And She Is The Only One Who Can Help Carl Was Living A Life Of Secrecy For Twenty Years What Else Was He Hiding And Can Linda Ferret Out The Key To His Death Before The Rumors Tear Her Community Apart From The Hardcover Edition I have no dog in any Mormon doctrinal fights, so to me this is a fascinating glimpse into the modern LDS church As with the first book in this series, I appreciated Linda, who is both a modern feminist and a faithful Mormon woman and bishop s wife It was interesting to see how that tension played out, both with emphasis on her own family and kids this time around, and in the main mystery, which touched on everything from the Biblical roles of men and women to transgender and LGB issues with both compassion and a relative lightness of touch.
I received an ARC from the publisher for my review.
I really enjoyed The Bishop s Wife Written by a practicing Mormon about practicing Mormons, it aired some dirty laundry of LDS culture and used it to form a compelling murder mystery This followed suit, though certainly will push buttons with it s controversial subject matter a local church leader is murdered in a church building, and it is revealed that he was born a female.
My big beef with a lot of stories featuring Mormons is they re either treacly inspirational, or not at all sympathetic Harrison s Linda Wallheim has done her own soul searching, and chooses to live the Mormon faith despite lingering questions and exasperation with the rigidity and culture of some of her fellow church members Harrison allows for questions to rise, but bear testimony to the beauty of the LDS gospel without overtly proselytizing As she did in The Bishop s Wife, Mette Harrison takes on several big projects at once in His Right Hand On one hand, she provides an honest, warts and all but also decency and all portrait of a Mormon ward As with most modern mysteries, her project is partially anthropological She writes from the inside of the Utah Mormon community in a way that makes that community accessible to outsiders At the same time, both novels try to prod the people inside the Mormon community to behave better The Bishop s Wife deals with the issue of sexual abuse especially when combined with ecclesiastical authority His Right Hand deals with issues of sexual and gender identity among the Saints The core mystery is the murder of a male priesthood holder and Bishop s counselor who is revealed, after 4 StarsI love this series.
This is a compliment, Nancy Drew for adults is how I find these books I devoured all of the original Nancy Drew books and read these with the same pleasure.
ARC from work The transgender aspect intrigued me but it was a whole lotta Mormon to wade through.
I read the first in the series a while ago and thought it was pretty good This one is better I thought the first one bogged down at times in too much detail, and I thought the author definitely improved in how she paced and edited this story.
Linda Walheim is a wife and mother, but importantly to the story, the wife of a Mormon bishop who lives just outside of Salt Lake City Her life is defined by her children, her marriage, and her duties to and relationship with the LDS church However improbably, Linda, somewhat nosy by nature, is now involved in investigating the murder of a church member The author shines everything through the lens of what it means to be LDS in the current world, at least from the author s point of view surely not every Mormon would agree with her view As a non Mormon I am always intrigued by the his Interesting insight into the LDS culture No graphic sex or violence.
Update More thoughts and some spoilers on Book Riot.
I wanted really badly to enjoy this book I m a former Mormon and looking at the Church s issues on gender and LGBT issues is a really intriguing place to take Harrison s series I enjoyed The Bishop s Wife without loving it, but the things I wasn t crazy about seemed to be amplified in this second book I try not to leave a lot of negative reviews, but I ve noted Harrison s first book as an example of writing Mormons well so I felt like I needed to see this one through Harrison seems to be writing to both a Mormon and non Mormon audience, so she explains the Church and she explains a lot of gender transgender elements to her audience It can feel like a lot of explaining And while Harrison obviously cares about these issue Interesting 3 1 2 starsA Mormon enclave in Draper, Utah is the setting for murder unexpected A crime committed that uncovers a shocking truth and that throws the Mormon hierarchy into disarray Carl Ashby, a respected member, has been killed and during the investigation, it is revealed that he had transgendered from female Linda Wallheim, wife of the ward s bishop is determined to help uncover the truth of the murder as suspicion casts a festering pall over the community In the course of looking into the murder, the main character Linda, gives the reader a fascinating insight into Mormon s Many of which are dissected in terms of individual responsibility, interpretation and grace Referenced is the churches adherence to strict lines of communication, order and within that a person s place according to

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