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[Reba Riley] í Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome: A Memoir of Humor and Healing [zen PDF] Read Online ¸ OMG First of all I picked this book up to fit a challenge I was participating in and I was very weary about reading it because I am definitely a sufferer of PTCS Like so much so that was why I was afraid to read this book I love what she did here, and that there is hope that you can have beliefs without having organized religion A lot of bad things happened to me in the church but that was the problem, it was the people in it not God or whatever, I am not sure what I believe in now but I just strive to be a good, caring person all around I am really happy a book like this exists She is a lot optimistic and willing to try to find about what spirituality has to offer than I do and I am glad she decided to share it Why do so many people believe that if I seek the truth with an open mind, I ll end up thinking exactly as they do Reba RileyOver the course of a year, Ms Riley carries us through her journey to reconcile with a spiritual injury she received while growing up in a fundamentalist evangelical church, an injury she dubs Post Traumatic Church Syndrome The fingers of this trauma reach deep into her life, choking her desire to pursue spirituality without shame Her solution, arrived at by a conviction she lightheartedly dubs The Godiverse involves a shock and awe stratagem of visiting thirty religions before she turns thirty, an idea she receives during the summer of her 29th year, giving her less than twelve months to accomplish this formidable goal The title might lead a reader to expect a therapeutic self help guide Or a detailed sociological and psychological understanding of Reba Riley S Twenty Ninth Birthday Was Not A Good Time To Undertake A Spiritual Quest, But When Chronic Illness Prompted Her To Focus On One Thing She Could Fix Her Whopping Case Of Post Traumatic Church Syndrome She Undertook A Challenge Visit Thirty Religions Before Her Thirtieth Birthday This Was Transformation By Spiritual Shock Therapy Reba Would Find Peace And Healing If The Search Didn T Kill Her First During Her Spiritual Sojourn Without Leaving Home, Reba Danced The Disco In A Buddhist Temple Went To Church In Virtual Reality, A Movie Theater, A Drive In Bar, And A Basement Was Interrogated About Her Sex Life By Amish Grandmothers Got Audited By Scientologists, Mobbed By NPR Junkies, And Killed Almost Fasted For Thirty Days Without Food Or Wine, Dammit Washed Her Lady Parts In A Mosque Bathroom Learned To Meditate With An Urban Monk, Sucked Mud In A Sweat Lodge With A Suburban Shaman, And Snuck Into Yom Kippur With A Fake Grandpa Discovered She Didn T Have To Choose Religion To Choose God Or Good For Everyone Who Has Ever Needed Healing Of Body Or Soul, This Poignant, Funny Memoir Reminds Us All That Transformation Is Possible, Brokenness Can Be Beautiful, And Sometimes We Have To Get Lost To Get Found I received this book free from the publisher through NetGalley I thank them for their generousity In exchange, I was simply asked to write an honest review, and post it The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising I am also an ordained minister for over 25 years with a specialty in transitional ministry aka interim ministry with focus on transitioning aging churches towards inevitable closure We may not recognize it, the Urban Monk said, looking straight at me But the moment we ask the question is the moment the miracle happens The answer comes with the question, the miracle with the askingI think I have found my favorite book of the year so far, and it s not even fiction Not s Having been raised evangelical, and then burning out on such literal interpretation, the author begins the book with an attempt to fill the void that her church used to occupy So, she comes up with a plan to visit 30 religions including various Christian denominations in order to get at what truth they may have in common Not exactly a spoiler that she determines that in the end, you go with what works for you Part of the story involves her chronic health problems, which she seems less focused on specifically curing, than learning to co exist with That sub plot, if you will, is resolved, though I have my own ideas on exactly what happened.
I ve given the book four stars, and if the author is reading this I m sorry, but I would ve preferred a professional narrator for the audio version Moreover, the visits kind of ran together listening she d refer to previous on I received a copy of this from the publisher through Edelweiss after I requested it.
Post Traumatic Church Syndrome As a fellow sufferer of this disease, I knew I would be in good company when I decided to read this book Anyone who has left church and then suffered anything from hives to nightmares to panic attacks at the thought of going back to one, or running to the bathroom mid service because you are hyperventilating should read this book.
It isn t what you might assume Reba Riley is not anti church, anti religion, or anti God She feels a hole in her life and decides to visit thirty religions by the time she turns thirty This decision is made on her 29th birthday By thirty religions she really means like thirty religious gatherings, because there are many flavors and denominations of Christianity included in that list Early on Having grown up in a very strong religious background including six years at a Baptist school and years of serious devotion as a teenager I thought that reading this book would help me to come to terms with some of my emotional baggage The title sounds so relevant to my life I know what it feels like to be an adult trying to make sense of the emotional abuse they received as a child done in the name of a higher power It seemed upon first glance that this woman felt the same way and that she wrote this book to help others like herself.
Except, as it turns out, it s just another I did this social experiment and wrote a book about it book It just wasn t what it purported to be, and the author came off as incredibly self indulgent I

To summarize my thoughts on this author s journey I would use the words she received from one of the spiritual leaders And this journey of yours sounds shallow, transient, and unable to offer any insight of lasting value I d be surprised if you learned anything from being a religious tourist.
i find the writing, well, not very good Lame jokes, boring conversations and descriptions why do I need to know that her husband nuzzled her neck and it seems she is starting off with a very evangelical point of view God speaks to her directly, God wants her to explore different religions, etc She seems to shun evangelical Christianity but its most basic tenets are still with her so exploring other religions will never really be given a fair shot Hard to explain why I don t like the amateurish writing style there just seems to be so little intellect behind it Interesting that Elizabeth Gilbert found it so profound but then Gilbert herself is also all about self absorption I d like to read a serious book about people have have really left their Christian faith and how they have returned to it or reconciled it, etc Or a Full Disclosure I m a rabbi I am fascinated by people s search for faith, for God, for a relationship with the Divine So I ve read a LOT of spiritual memoir This book does NOT disappoint The author speaks from a place of raw, self deprecating honesty It was like sitting down with one s best friend and talking about the stuff in life that really matters I LOVED this book Received an ARC from www.
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I m Reba Riley, the author of Post Traumatic Church Syndrome A Memoir of Humor and Healing in 30 Religions, Patheos.com blogger, speaker, former Evangelical Poster Child and lover of all things sparkly I live with my husband, Trent, and Welsh terrier, Oxley, in Cincinnati, Ohio, where I plan to write booksafter I recover from Post Traumatic Memoir Syndrome My hope is that PTCS will ins