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õ Read Ñ From Apostasy to Restoration by Kent P. Jackson ì

Perhaps the most comprehensive review of the Restoration I m aware of An excellent missionary tool What Exactly Happened To Make The Restoration Necessary Why Do We Need To Understand The Apostasy Before We Can Understand The Restoration What Did The Apostasy Take Away What Doctrines Did It Change When And Why Was The Priesthood Taken From The Earth How Do We Know In This Fascinating Account, Author Kent P Jackson Highlights The Events Of The Apostasy, That Transformation Of Christianity That Led To The Collapse Of The Savior S original Church He Explains, For Example, How Apostolic Authority Was Taken From The Earth With John, The Last Of The Savior S Twelve Apostles And His Demonstration Of How The Apostasy Was Complete Two Centuries Before The Council Of Nicea Shows That Medieval Christianity Was The Result Of The Apostasy And Not Its CauseBy Pointing Out Specifically What Was Lost In The Apostasy, Brother Jackson Illuminates In A New Way The Truths That Were Returned To The Earth Through The Restoration He Details In Sequence The Transcendent Events Of The Restoration As The Heavens Are Opened, God Reveals Himself Anew, Prophets And Apostles Are Raised Up, And The Lord Once Again Establishes On The Earth The Pure Doctrine And Authority Of The Church Of Jesus ChristFrom Apostasy to Restoration Clearly Explains The Restoration In The Context Of The Apostasy To Show Simply And Concretely Why The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints Is Literally The Kingdom Of God, The Only True And Living Church Upon The Face Of The Whole Earth DC Whether You Are A Beginning Student Of Joseph Smith And The Restoration Or Someone Well Versed In Church History And Doctrine, You Will Find In This Book Penetrating New Insights It Is A Classic Addition To Any Latter Day Saint Library

Kent P Jackson is a professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University He was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, and graduated from BYU with a B.A in ancient studies He then earned M.A and Ph.D degrees in ancient Near Eastern studies from the University of Michigan He joined the BYU faculty in 1980.Dr Jackson has two primary academic interests The first is the intersection