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[Steve Beard] â Digital Leatherette [beverages PDF] Read Online º Digital Leatherette Is An Ethno Techno Cyberpunk Novel About Sex, Drugs And Drum N Bass Digital Leatherette Is A London Science Fiction Novel Featuring The Rave At The End Of The World In Battersea Power Station, UFOs Over Heathrow Airport, Street Riots Sponsored By Fashion Designers, MI Agents Running Their Own Reality Cop Shows, A Stock Market Crash Triggered By A Star In The Sky, A Dangerous New Drug Called Starflower And Barcode Tattoos A Surrealist Narrative Consisting Of Text Fragments Pulled Down From Invented Internet Web Sites By An Imaginary Intelligent Agent, Digital Leatherette Is A Clockwork Orange For The Chemical Generation

You know that bit in the Old Testament which is just page after page of names begatting other names Well towards the end of this book are two and a half pages of similar, only it s the synonym of beget which begins with the letter f I skipped those pages to be honest as they washed over me completely without adding any insight into my understanding of the narrative Much like great swathes of the book in fact.
The style is a merging of ancient myths given a makeover by being melded with the new virtual technology and data streaming New that is in 1999 when this book was first published Then throw in some pop culture references the opening chapter is a fictional interview with Morrisey of The Smiths fame and some history around Queen Elizabeth I s alchemist John Dee Every chapter is just this barrage of data, of unusual conceptual com

Steve Beard was born in England in 1961 and after attending Oxford University worked as a style journalist on i D magazine In 1999 he published the science fiction fantasy novel, Digital Leatherette, which William Gibson said was fresh evidence that the street finds its own uses for literature He is collaborating with Jeff Noon on a baroque fantasy novel accessible at