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[ Pdf Submerged Ø nigeria PDF ] by Elizabeth Goddard ↠´ I have read newer books by this author so I started checking out her older LIS Harlequin books I love series books so fortunately I was able to find all of her Mountain Cove books online to read even though this is an older series 2015 2016 This series is set in Alaska and the author did a beautiful job with the imagery of the area, along with describing the beauty and danger that can lie between the mountains Each book in this series has its unique story and characters but they all tied back together with some of the characters mentioned in previous books and were located in the same Mountain Cove, Alaska area I really enjoyed this fast paced, suspenseful, romance series and would highly recommend I read each book in less than a day because they were so fun and easy to read.
Submerged is an exciting, romantic adventure and a great addition to the Mountain Cove series It can be read as a stand alone book, as well, if you haven t read the other books in the series.
The story immediately dives into action, and Cobie finds herself fighting for her life Strange events and the need to learn what really happened to her father, lead Cobie on a dangerous and disturbing search for clues.
One of the things that I really enjoyed about this book is that Cobie is thrown together with a man she hoped never to have to see again, Adam These two have a painful event from the past that hasn t really been forgiven This adds some good tension between the two But, even better, there is romantic tension, as well The possibility of a relati IN TOO DEEP With Christmas Just Around The Corner, Cobie MacBride Wants Closure In The Case Of Her Missing Father But When A Visit To The Last Place He Was Seen Leads To An Attack By A Masked Assailant, Cobie Knows She S In Over Her Head Running For Her Life, She Never Expected To Find Safety With Adam Warren The Man She Blames For Her Brother S Death Seeking Answers Leads Them To A Treasure Ship, Buried Secrets And Deadly Danger Christmas Could Find Them Starting A New Future If They Can Avoid Getting Trapped In The Perils Of The Past MOUNTAIN COVE In The Alaskan Wilderness, Love And Danger Collide Submerged Mountain Cove series 4 By Elizabeth GoddardSubmerged is the fourth book in Mountain Cove series Even though it is in a series, my opinion is that you can read it as a stand alone I have read the others in the series and let me tell you that you are in for an action filled ride Elizabeth Goddard has did it gain, She has written another Inspirational romance suspense that will grab you right from the start and holds onto you till the very end , and what a ride in Mountain Cove, Alaska Cobie has a good dental practice in Mountain Cove She lost her brother five years ago and still having a hard time News that her father, who she has not been close to , is missing She has to try and find out about his where about That is if she can stay alive Adam is a long time friend of Cobie s , but she blames him for her b Another awesome page turner, heart thumping, suspense from Elizabeth Goddard I love this series and the 4th book in the Mountain Cove series is just as wonderful as the rest of the series It was well written and had me guessing till the very end I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review To say I enjoyed Submerged is the epitome of understatment This story took me by surprise over and over again I love the way Elizabeth Goddard paces her books She has a rhythm as natural as breathing.
Cobie and Adam show intense sparks, suppressed at their first on camera meet up Their troubled past association is revealed slowly, and it seems to effectively doom any future they might have together And yet, Adam can t leave her to defend herself alone against someone who has murderous intention With each attack on Cobie s life worsening, the futility of any blossoming romance is the least of their worries.
The lingering pain would destroy a relationship before it began, anyway.
Oh, and believe me, the relationship between these two is every bit as intriguing as the twisted mystery and suspense that surrounds their new interaction Well This was by far my favorite novel in Elizabeth Goddard s Mountain Cove series I have enjoyed her writing throughout the series, but she outdid herself on this one I very much enjoyed the story line and loved hearing of Adam s story He hasn t been one of my favorite Warren siblings, but he is now a close second to Cade.
Its hard to say what exactly was my favorite part of Submerged, but I think it was the romance and mystery of the gold The romance was subtle, but was powerful in the message of forgiveness that was woven within it It was wonderful seeing both the characters reconcile and truly be able to love one another as they desired all along The mystery of gold was epic I liked how the author made a twist of events concerning Cobie s father and what he had found was looking for.
Overall, this is an

The excitement continues in Mountain Cove Once again, Elizabeth Goddard delivers an action packed story filled with intrigue and suspense From the very first page, Cobie MacBride finds herself in danger and running for her life, all the while seeking answers about her father s mysterious disappearance When a blast from Cobie s past comes to her rescue, these two discover a treasure they never expected I really enjoyed Cobie and Adam s story and look forward to Mountain Cove adventures Submerged is the fourth stand alone book in the Mountain Cove series Fans of romantic suspense are sure to enjoy this story, as well as its predecessors I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review All thoughts expressed are my own.
Submerged is a love inspired suspense in the Mountain Cove series by Elizabeth Goddard It is a Christian inspired book which means no graphic sexual scenes and no obscene language It does deal with the Faith the characters have Cobie MacBride is headed to look at a cave in Alaska This was the last place her Father s journal put him He went missing six months ago, although she didn t know it for months She and her Father were estranged, so since her brother s death Now Cobie was alone As she sits by the cave opening reflecting on her Father, she is attacked and held by the throat She is going to die She is no threat in size for the man attacking her Why did he want to kill her As she was on the verge of blacking out, she felt a rock beneath her hand She grabbed it and hit This book hooks you from the first page It also keeps you turning the pages from then on I found myself saying, What can happen to poor Cobie the main character She goes through so many terrifying things, but as a reader, that just makes a book great I really had a hard time putting this book down and found myself reading it in 2 days Cobie didn t have a very good relationship with her father, who was an archaeologist and was never around when she was growing up but he s been missing for several months and she has his journal so she decides to go to the last place he was, to try to find answers a cave on an island in Alaska She doesn t count on being attacked by a masked assailant and then finding her dead father in the cave While she s running for her life, she jumps off a cliff in the ocean and who should save her but

Elizabeth Goddard is the bestselling, award winning author of than thirty romance novels, including the romantic mystery, The Camera Never Lies a 2011 Carol Award winner A 7th generation Texan, Elizabeth graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and worked in high level software sales for several years before retiring to home school her children and fulfill her dreams of becom