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[ Pdf Stranded With the Wolf (The McCall Brothers Trilogy, #1) ↠´ counselling PDF ] by Marie Mason ↠´ DO NOT JUDGE ME I enjoyed this one.
My second Marie Mason book I liked this one, but not as much as I did with the first book I ve read of hers Blind Date With A Bear I really enjoyed that one a lot and gave it 5 stars.
This one didn t get as good of a rating because the book was shorter I also didn t really understand why Jarod waited 6 months before he finally made a move to claim his mate Even though he wasn t able to be with a woman sexually since he scented Sara it seemed that he still tried to date other women because Sara mentions that no woman lasts than a week with Jarod I m sure he takes the women to dinner and tries to do other date stuff with the intention of getting them into bed, but then he eventually can t because he knows he s got a mate A point against Jarod I was also very disappointed that he didn t even seem to really ackno Who Wouldn T Want To Be Stranded With A Wolf When The Snow Started To Fall In Chicago, Everyone In Sara Allen S Office Building Quickly Hurried Home Everyone Except Sara And Her Boss, Jarod McCall Why Because Her Boss Was CEO Of McCall Holdings And A Dominant Alpha Who Made His Own Rules Even If It Meant Being Stranded Until The City Shoveled Its Way Out From Under A Record Snowfall As The Hours Past, Sara Became Than Upset With Jarod He D Stranded Her In A Building With Little Food, A Heating System That Powered Down On The Weekends And With Him How Could She Keep Her Feelings To Herself When He Kept Touching Her Kissing Her Loving Her Jarod Was A Big Man With Big Appetites And He Wanted His Curvy Assistant To Satisfy Them Sara Might Think He Was An Inconsiderate Jackass, But He Knew Exactly What He Was Doing Stranding Her With A Very Hungry Wolf 2.
5 StarsIt was ok Unfortunately just as I thought it was starting to get quite good the story stopped short.
Jarod knew the first day Sara applied for a job at his company that she was his mate, but couldn t act on it Now months later, she s his assistant, and has no clue about being his mate When they re stranded together through a snowstorm will things change Can she believe that what she s wanted all along really has some truth to it Quick read, PNR Romance and smutty fluff in a great combo.
Spoiler in Review While this story is well written, the hero sucks What in the world kind of alpha wolf shifter scents his mate only to proceed to ignore her for six months while he runs around playing the field I also had a hard time accepting the fact that Sara wasn t bothered enough by Jarod s behavior to look for some type of explanation from him about why he took so long to decide to claim her before just falling into his arms when he finally decides to take her I can understand that Sara was overwhelmed by the powerful, passionate draw of her shifter mate, and I get that she is one of those BBW heroines racked with insecurity and lacking a sense of her own self worth my least favorite type of leading lady However even the most self deprec Wow, hot story in a very cold world, because they are snowed in.
He knows she is his mate since the moment he saw her, but gives her time to get used to him before he takes action.
Now with them snowed in together at the company he can t help, but has to give into his needs as a wolf and claim her as his mate.
She doesn t mind, because she liked him already a lot.
When they finally really come together it is steaming hot and erotic

I was enjoying the book, till the moment they had sex and the H was all you re my mate and the h was like ok The h spent most of the book calling him a man whore which is why she didnt want to sleep with him, but the minute he decides to take her, she cant wait to have sex with him idiculous.
What I would have liked the heroine to say you knew I was your mate and waited half a year And not only that but you dated two gorgeous women each week while knowing I was your mate Get away from me asshole.
A blizzard strands a curvy personal assistant with her alpha wolf boss, who isn t as indifferent to her as he seems.
I went back and forth about purchasing this book The description piqued my interest, but some of the reviews put me off More than one reader had a serious problem with the hero crossing the line from alpha into just plain mean Believe it or not there is a difference, and it can make or break a story for me I decided to take a chance and see for myself figuring that I could always return the book if I couldn t finish it.
Boy am I glad I took a risk.
Sara Allen is no doormat She s unsure of herself and uneasy in the situation she s thrust into This is natural Especially since she s entertained romantic fantasies about her boss She can t quite trust that the romantic vibe he s sending a pretty clumsy one, by the way isn t just wishf

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