↠´ Chaos Broken (Chronicles of Applecross, #3) Ë Download by á Rebekah Turner

↠´ Chaos Broken (Chronicles of Applecross, #3) Ë Download by á Rebekah Turner it was okay I just kind of felt like there were a lot of loose ends left The Final Instalment Of The Chronicles Of Applecross Trilogy Finds Lora Left In Charge And Quickly Losing ControlLora Blackgoat Is In Charge But After Losing A Lucrative Contract, It Looks Like She S Also Running Her Beloved Benefactor S Mercenary Company Into The Ground While He S Away On Holidays Her Problems Double When She Discovers Roman, Exiled Nephilim Warrior And Current Confusing Love Interest, Is Brokering A Dangerous Peace AgreementWhen A New Enemy Emerges From Across The Ocean, Threatening To Tear The City Apart, Lora Finds Herself Taking On New And Surprising Allies, Finally Acknowledging The Prophecy That Haunts Her And Using It To Her Advantage I believe in a cold beer I believe in a good game of dice What I don t believe in, is being someone s puppet Lora Blackgoat is back, as earthy and irreverent as ever Ancient prophecies Who needs them Certainly not Lora, who makes her own destiny in ways no one else would ever see coming Of course, that s also because her plans can seem so crazy I ve been waiting for this third and final instalment of the Chronicles of Applecross and it certainly didn t disappoint In between the darker issues of financial insecurity, the play of religion in politics, slavery and witch burning, Lora s always short a coffee, several hours sleep and in need of a pastry Together with some unlikely allies and friends, including the aptly labelled Captain Crazypants, once again Lora finds herself with a city to save Though it may cost her own life and t A fun read that has Lora taking charge and saving the day Full of action and humour, it is a satisfying end to the Chronicles of Applecross, but still leaves me wanting.

originally published at Reading RealityAt least this time the cover picture of the guy looking over his shoulder actually makes a bit of sense Not that every man, woman and otherkin doesn t need to be looking over their shoulder and in every other direction just to stay alive in this story.
But the picture probably represents Roman, the exiled nephilim who is central to entirely too many people s plots and plans, and many of those plans are not ones he would approve of or want to take part in.
In spite of Roman s importance to the outcome of this particular story, it is still Lora Blackgoat s show, and we still see events from her perspective Unfortunately for her, one of those events is the financial catastrophe that the Blackgoat Runner and Mercenary Company has become under her watch.
Her adoptive parents, Gideon Blackgoat and Orella Warbreeder, left Lor You will need to read the first two books in this series Chaos Born and Chaos Bound before reading this book as they really set up who Lora is, what she has discovered about herself and her powers as well as all of her relationships Turner also does most of the world building in the first novel Chaos Born so a reader jumping into the third novel may not get the Applecross and the world that Turner has created In the third book and possibly final novel in Rebekah Turner s Chronicles of Applecross series, Lora has been left in charge of the runners and everything goes to hell Lora Blackgoat does not want to be in charge, especially when she loses a lucrative contract of no fault of her own I assure you and the business is struggling to stay afl

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