Download Epub Format Ï PEEK PDF by Ø Paul Beckman

Download Epub Format Ï PEEK PDF by Ø Paul Beckman I'm not sure it would be possible to not love this book.
Beckman gives us no illusions about his characters.
They are as flawed and basic as any of us, the caveat being that the reverse is also true.
That's where the compassion and humor comes in, and comes in spades.
Life is a joke.
on us.
Still, we should laugh about it, since the other option is to cry.
Beckman can make readers see the humor in it all, and perhaps feel a little warmer toward the rest of humanity that it's so easy to want to be distant from.
Wonderful flash stories.
Loved each and every one.
Great compilation of short stories!

I’m a big fan of flash fiction or short fiction and I always marvel at how writers are able to take brief, fleeting slice of life moments and bring them to life in this literary form.
These are writers who have a very keen eye for detail who capture these snapshots of life and then thrust us, the reader, into the middle of them—writers such as Stuart Dybek, Michael C.
Keith and Jon Sindell who are masters at their craft.
Paul Beckman is one such writer and his collection of short fiction, Peek, is a powerful and poignant journey into the heart of the human psyche—filled with drama, heartbreak, triumph, and failure.

As the title suggests, the stories in this collection offer a “peek” into people’s lives and the dramas thrust upon them.
Some of the stories in this brilliant collection of short fiction make you shud When I find an author I love to read, I will follow their writing from their first release to their latest.
I enjoy seeing the progression of ideas and related themes that keep on popping up in an author's work, and seeing how these ideas evolve and change over time.

However, sometimes I'll find the newest book by an author and start reading my way backwards to their first works.
The process in reverse is even more interesting, I find.
Especially for a writer like Paul Beckman.

I recently reviewed Beckman's book Kiss Kiss, and it was full of outrageous and funny flash fiction that covered a wide range of topics.
Afterwards, I cracked the cover of his previous book, Peek, also a collection of flash stories.

Sometimes going back through a writer's published works, the writing can be rougher or less developed.
Not so with Peek.
It's full of the "Peek" is a stellar collection of 65 ultrashort stories by fiction master, Paul Beckman.
Always quirky, often hilarious and somehow simultaneously profound, these are lean stories.
No fat, no filler.
Few extend beyond three pages; most fit on a single page.
And a couple of them weigh in at exactly—exactly— fifty words.
But even those teensy, fiftyworders (termed 'dribbles' by flash fiction nerds) pack a proverbial punch.

Beckman's characters are a gallery of liars, cheats, lovers, and stalkers.
Lots of stalkers.
Plus, stalkerlike variants: Assorted sordid watchers, voyeurs, creepers, and late night keyhole peepers.
As it were.
(If dear reader longs for subjective, 'invisible author' journalism, pay for it.
) In the title story, the residents of an apartment go to their PEEK is a flash fiction collection by Paul Beckman where the structural frame that trust and communication are built around are repeatedly disassembled by a host of instantly relatable bluecollar characters.
Through chance encounters, bar conversations, speed dating, pillow talk and various other platforms, Beckman uncovers the complex and often hidden motivations in everyday interaction.
Most of these flash stories are only a page or less in length, the shorter ones being the most impactful.
In some cases, within the confines of a brief paragraph the author completes an emotionally charged arc where each of the characters are fully developed and stay with the reader after the story’s completion.
It is, in fact, Beckman’s ability to sketch a character so completely with so few words, that makes these stories work as well as they do.

Two reoccurring This is classic flash fiction.
65 independent stories told in a precise hitting way that tell the story through what is under the surface as much as they do the 1000 or less words.

I like a lot of the web sites that have the 300 to 500 word flash, but I think they inherently cause a different kind of story or limit it in ways that the classic 3 page 1000 word story doesn't.
These have arc.
They have developed characters.
They are stories more than poems.

My favorite was healing time which was included in the second best small fictions anthology and what brought me to reading this.

A lot of the voice reminds me of Carver.
The characters are flawed, they regularly cheat on their spouses, they are estranged from their families, but the compassi Obviously a mixed bag herebeing an collection of short stories on a variety of topics but "PEEK" by Paul Beckman is a lot of fun.
Different readers will find different favourites in PEEK, but all will entertain you.
"Brick" and “Kosher Soap” were diffidently my favourites.
Highly engaging and crafted with a great deal of care, flash fiction has never been funer :D Paul is a very talented story teller and has a unique way with words.
He tells the stories so vividly that you are able to see every detail in your mind.
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While I am a fan of and have read many short story collections, this was my first dive into flash fiction.
Verdict? I’m quite glad to have taken this “peek” into the flash fiction world and the lives of all the characters within Paul’s collectionas dysfunctional, adulterous, lost, and ultimately human as the characters within may be.
There is a talent to saying something concisely and yet feeling sated and Paul certainly seems to have mastered it.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the PEEK book, this is one of the most wanted Paul Beckman author readers around the world.