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[ Read Online Mrs Rosie and the Priest Û race PDF ] by Giovanni Boccaccio é Four Hilarious And Provocative Stories From Boccaccio S Decameron, Featuring Cuckolded Husbands, Cross Dressing Wives And Very Bad Priests Introducing Little Black Classicsbooks For Penguin S Th Birthday Little Black Classics Celebrate The Huge Range And Diversity Of Penguin Classics, With books From Around The World And Across Many Centuries They Take Us From A Balloon Ride Over Victorian London To A Garden Of Blossom In Japan, From Tierra Del Fuego To Th Century California And The Russian Steppe Here Are Stories Lyrical And Savage Poems Epic And Intimate Essays Satirical And Inspirational And Ideas That Have Shaped The Lives Of Millions Giovanni Boccaccio Boccaccio S Decameron Is Available In Penguin Classics In Both A Complete And Selected Edition Bite sized Boccaccio Volume 1 of Penguin s Little Black Classics gets the series off to a lively start Four short stories, all featuring a battle between the sexes The first three are cheerfully, shamelessly bawdy, but in a good natured way The young man who leaves home in the first story for his first business trip is taken advantage of by a crafty lady, but education has always been a costly process, and he breaks even in the end The husband in the second story, a judge who fails to account for his limitations when choosing a wife, also learns a tough lesson, but in his case we feel that he was old enough that he should have known better The third story, Mrs Rosie and the Priest, seems to end in a draw, with the priest getting what he wants, but, then, it seems that Mrs Rosie does too, and the duped husband gets what he, perhaps, This is the first in the series of Penguin s Little Black classics, and is an amusing opener to the collection.
There are four stories in here Mrs Rosie and the Priest is by far the best The plot is very simple the priest wants to have his way with Rosie so he gives her his cloak as payment for her bedding him Except afterwards he realises he wants the cloak backYou re not doing anything to me, said the Priest, but you don t let me do what I d like to you, which is love my neighbour as god commanded These short tales come from The Decameron, which is a Florentine collection of tales featuring lovers and intellectual women of a seductive nature I did enjoy this sample of the stories, but not enough to procure a copy of the full work It is not to my personal taste, however, I do recommend this to those that enjoy tales about lust filled flings, and those that enjoy Renaissance liter Wrongs of long ago areeasily criticized than put rightBoccaccioVol 1 of my Penguin Little Black Classics Box Set I ve read theses stories before 2014 , but it was nice to revisit the cheeky stories from the mid 14th century Foron Boccaccio s Decameron, go here.
This book contains the following 4 stories from the Decameron 1 Andreuccio s da Perugia s Neopolitan Adventures Day 2, Story 5 tale 15 2 Ricciardo da Chinzica loses his wife Day 2, Story 10 tale 20 3 Mrs Rosie and the Priest Day 8, Story 2 tale 72 4 Patient Griselda Day 10, Story 10 tale 100 I have decided to read all of the Penguin little black classics and because of my OCD I am starting with book 1, the only sane way to do these things.
Book 1 has 4 short stories by Giovanni Boccaccio The first 3 are pretty quirky and I really enjoyed them They were pretty racy for the time they were written, old school porn woooooooThe fourth story though made me angry, so angry in fact that I deducted a star for it A husband abuses his new wife for 12 years and the ending is so dumb I am struggling to actually write this review without putting spoilers.
All in all a good start to the series of books.
read all my reviews on Mrs Rosie and the Priest is the first of the up to now 126 Little Black Classics As they occupy an entire bookcase, I m planning to read them all in the near future This was a light starter When people think about old literature, they often assume that it will be higher ormoral than recent works Not so for the four stories, collected from the Decamerone, published in 14th century Florence A very fast and light read I hopewill follow as I continue to collection.
Little Black Classics 1 Loved this set of lewd tales from 14th century Italy Written sometime in the early 1300 s this takes the place of oldest work of fiction I ve read, and it holds that title well There are pimps and prostitutes, affairs and manipulation, pirates and princes, all getting caught up in highly titillating circumstances.
I think stories like these help remind us that the generations of the past were not dry sentences in a textbook, they were people the same as us who laughed and smirked as naughty stories, who cheered on the good guys, and loved any opportunity to make fun of those in a position of power.
My favourite of the Little Black Classics collection so far.
I was totally though I shouldn t have been because humans are humans surprised by how crude this was, who knew 14th century literature could be like this I had mixed feelings about the four stories and will be talking about thisin a video review but the first one, Andreuccio da Perugia s Neapolitan Adventures was my absolute favourite It had me in hysterics, one of the funniest texts I ve ever read and probably now up there with my favourite short stories of all time It s like The Hangover if it were set in the 1300s.
This booklet, 01 in the Little Black Classics collection, includes four short stories out ofthan a hundred from the Decameron possibly a significant inspiration to Chaucer s Canterbury Tales These are primarily morality tales about swindle, dupery, even cruelty, where sex, used mostly for bartering, plays a central part In many ways, these stories reminded me of the style and ribald subject of Medieval literature, especially in the One Thousand and One Nights, the Roman de la Rose, as well as later Spanish picaresque novels.
Some of the sexual metaphors are particularly charming For instance, a slutty young woman rebuffs her old impotent husband saying Squeeze you till you squeaked, and you still wouldn t produce a spoonful of sauce Or a priest boasts to a pretty village girl I tell you, we do a much, much better job than other men And do you know why It s because What rompy, lewd tales And they were extremely funny too I can t believe this was from the 1300s It was only during the Victorian era that there s so much emphasis on modesty and propriety I guess before that period, people didn t care about no modesty Now I ve got to pick up the whole Decameron for someobscenity from the 14th century

Giovanni Boccaccio 1313 21 December 1375 was an Italian author and poet, a friend and correspondent of Petrarch, and an important Renaissance humanist in his own right and author of a number of notable works including the Decameron, On Famous Women, and his poetry in the Italian vernacular Boccaccio is particularly notable for his dialogue, of which it has been said that it surpasses in veris