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ç Read ✓ Wives and Lovers (Darcy and Fitzwilliam, #3) by Karen V. Wasylowski Á Last of the series, and the least liked by me The story was rather dreadful and sad I wish I hadn t have read it As stated before, D And F do not die at the end but the story has very little to do with them It is about there children but egads, I don t want to know anything about them now It is almost to the point of make it stop.
Very well doneI love the banter between the main characters in this series Neither stodgy or full of way to noble perfection usually seen in P P fiction, instead life and love leap from the page.

I would have loved to been able to give this 5 stars because I really did enjoy the book The only thing that made me give it 4 stars the fact that there was information, nothing graphic, about sex between some characters than I prefer The writing was great and it was nice to see some characters in the regency era with flaws, to see of the real regency life than the rose colored one presented most of the time You got to see people who were imperfect but human And the banter between Darcy and his cousin Fitzwilliam was hysterical as usual.
In Wives And Lovers , The Third Book Of The Pride And Prejudice Family Saga Series, The Children Of Cousins And Friends, Fitzwilliam Darcy And Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam, Have Grown Into Adulthood, Finding Themselves Facing The Usual Adult Joys And Sorrows Love, Marriage, Sex, Betrayal, Bereavement, Mishap, Humor, Tears And, Children Of Their Own A Grandparent S Best Revenge Pride And Prejudice Initially Continued With Darcy And Fitzwilliam, First Book Of The Series And The First Ever Austen Bromance Where We Followed The Young Couple Of Darcy And Elizabeth, And His Best Friend, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Through Young Love And Marriage It Is Absorbing It Is Intoxicating It Is Excellent Jane Austen Today In Sons And Daughters , The Second Book In The Family Saga, We Experienced The Darcy And Fitzwilliam Children Growing From Birth To Young Adulthood I Promise That You Ll Find It Irresistibly Juicy, Bursting To The Seams With Wit And Character Austenprose

Karen V Wasylowski was born in Chicago, Illinois and is now a retired CPA living in Florida with her husband, Richard We married late in life, first for both of us started right off with the happy second marriage, avoided the often disastrous first altogether No children Just dogs Karen s book, Darcy Fitzwilliam, A Tale of a Gentleman and an Officer is a very different continuation o