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[ Pdf The Transgressors Õ lgbt-memoir PDF ] by Jim Thompson Õ This book is a sharp kick to the nuts.
Thompson s prose is brutal He ll make you love the guy who s willing to beat a person to death out of principle This starts pretty rough It has elements that someone who read The Killer Inside Me would recognize It seems like it s going to be just the same as that but after about a fifth of the book it becomes a bit apparent that this is going to be it s own story.
This is a book for people who think Hammett or Chandler were wimps.
Maybe C McCarthy has taken over my mental Texas landscape, but Thompson comes off as thin I need to check out The Killer Inside Me or whatever is considered to be The Thompson to read, because my experiments so far have me thinking he s rather weak Even within the genre, James Ellroy or El Leonard write circles around this guy Maybe that s unfair because Thompson came first Maybe it s also unfair having read the bio Savage Art , because whenever things start breaking down with the obvious plot twists and thin characters, I picture an Oklahoma born miserable drunk pecking away at just a few keys between sips And believe me, I have no issue with drunken writers But Bukowski, Chandler, Hemingway they all keep me engaged entertained.
I appreciate what Thompson is trying to portray, but the sadism just comes off as crass bullying, the Amazing Book, The Transgressors Author Jim Thompson This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Transgressors, Essay By Jim Thompson Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You Brilliant And it even has a Definitely not one of his better novels The first half is great, as it focuses on the different threads that make up the Highland Corporation, but the second half is such a slog I was so tired of the romance between Tom and Donna Just wasn t convincing It s telling that I was interested in the inter novel linkage that Joyce Lakewood s murder added and I realize she s Joyce Lakeland in The Killer Inside Me than the actual implications of her death in this novel Sub par Thompson overall, but there are a few exquisite passages.
Jim Thompson is always worth the time However, some of his books hit the ribs and torso stronger than others While I enjoyed this one while reading it, the afterglow was briefer than classics like THE GRIFTERS, THE KILLER INSIDE, and AFTER DARK, MY SWEET The morally ambivalent main character, while enjoyable, isn t quite as sharply etched as others by Thompson but was still a good ride The classic Thompson trait of people doomed to play out the cards dealt to them is in abundant and fun evidence here The supporting characters aren t quite up to classic either though I would like to have spent time with the shy toothy deputy than some of the others Good but others are better.
I ve enjoyed Thompson s books before, but I couldn t engage with The Transgressors The plot felt floaty, the characters roughly drawn The final forty pages saw it hang together a little succinctly, but by that stage it had become merely a page turner and that wasn t enough Lord is a typical Thompson protagonist, but his shifts in attitude felt like a device rather than anything firm in character and the twang of his language was kinda annoying One of those books which feels like a chore rather than a pleasure even when enjoying it.
I thought I was reading one of Thompson s early books The perspective changed awkwardly, clunky character sketches were used in place of authentic development, and weak scenes hurt this book I figured he was still getting his feet planted But, no, it s one of his later works and definitely one his lazier ones Perhaps he needed whisky money The story is enjoyable if you re willing to overlook these bad elements At least his voice and style are present.

My dad used to hire this handyman out in Palm Springs who was from Texas or Arkansas and was kinda the stoic, surly type who quietly hated city people and used good, common horse sense in figuring people out When he perspired he smelled like Kentucky sour mash and you never felt comfortable around him because he wasn t smart enough to be subtle in his hatred of people in general Tom Lord, the main character in The Transgressors is exactly that kind of asshole There are lots of creeps like him in real life, and Jim Thompson excellently hits the nail on the head at describing this kind of shithead in perfect detail Imagine a Gary Cooper type meat puppet with one eye trained on your neck and his putty knife in his other sights That s the kind of creep this book is written about.
This is the third novel by Thompson that I ve read, and one that I must conclude was written during his decline Most of the plot elements feel like a hodge podge of The Killer Inside Me and The Getaway While both those novels had moments where the scale shifted, where certain observations and statements brought in a larger, if still very dark perspective, this one felt cramped and suffocating in its sordidness Plot developments seemed to happen or less at random and while some of the supporting characters are depicted in s great deal of detail, it feels like padding rather than insight This was a sad example of how badly a talent can unravel, but I m determined to continue sifting through Thompson s work for the good stuff.

See this thread for information. James Myers Thompson was a United States writer of novels, short stories and screenplays, largely in the hardboiled style of crime fiction.Thompson wrote than thirty novels, the majority of which were original paperback publications by pulp fiction houses, from the late 1940s through mid 1950s Despite some positive critical notice, notably by Anthony Boucher in the New York Times, he was little recognized in his lifetime Only after death did Thompson s literary stature grow, when in the late 1980s, several novels were re published in the Black Lizard series of re discovered crime fiction.Thompson s writing culminated in a few of his best regarded works The Killer Inside Me, Savage Night, A Hell of a Woman and Pop 1280 In these works, Thompson turned the derided pulp genre into literature and art, featuring unreliable narrators, odd structure, and surrealism.The writer R.V Cassills has suggested that of all pulp fiction, Thompson s was the rawest and most harrowing that neither Dashiell Hammett nor Raymond Chandler nor even Horace McCoy, author of the bleak They Shoot Horses, Don t They , ever wrote a book within miles of Thompson 1 Similarly, in the introduction to Now and on Earth, Stephen King says he most admires Thompson s work because The guy was over the top The guy was absolutely over the top Big Jim didn t know the meaning of the word stop There are three brave lets inherent in the forgoing he let himself see everything, he let himself write it down, then he let himself publish it Thompson admired Fyodor Dostoevsky and was nicknamed Dimestore Dostoevsky by writer Geoffrey O Brien Film director Stephen Frears, who directed an adaptation of Thompson s The Grifters as 1990 s The Grifters, also identified elements of Greek tragedy in his themes.