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[ Read Online Spirit of the Valley ☆ young-adult-fantasy PDF ] by Jane Shoup ☆ Spirit of the Valley Green Valley Series 2 by Jane Shoup was a captivating read It tells the story of Pauline Ray and her children who arrive in Green Valley after fleeing for their lives Once there, Pauline begins to rebuild her life She is befriended by some of the Green Valley folk, and she has a second chance at love She wonders if it can work out this time She is transformed from a timid soul to a vibrant woman.
Some of the characters from Down in the Valley, the first book in this Series, are revisited, so it is like returning home for the reader And, again, Jane Shoup gives us the sense of romance, community, and caring that carry over from the first book.
I received and Advance Reader Copy ARC of this digital book in exchange for an honest review.
There Are Authors Who Touch The Heart, But This One Grabs Hold Of Your Soul Romance At Heart Reviews Down In The Valley Is A Keeper Catherine Lanigan, Author Of Romancing The StoneIn Virginia Some Things You Can Run From Some You Have To Fight Pauline Ray Is On The Run, And She Won T Get Far With Thirty Four Dollars, Two Small Children To Feed, The Cold Coming In Fast, She Has No Idea How She Ll Hide Her Tracks From Her Monster Of A Husband, Let Alone Support Her Family But Pauline Is Done With Convention, And With Nothing From Her Old Life Worth Preserving, Not Even Her Name, She S Free To Become A Whole New Person All She Has To Do Is Singlehandedly Turn A Run Down Homestead Into The Haven She And Her Children Need, In A Town Full Of Wagging Tongues And Watchful Eyes But One Man Is Watching Her With Than Judgment Pauline Would Never Have Considered His Scandalous Proposal In Her Days As An Obedient, Suffering Wife And Daughter But Lizzie Might Dare To Accept Him His Love, His Work, And His Secrets And Wrest Her Story Toward A Happily Ever After All Her Own How long and to what lengths does atonement take place Set in the mining state of Virginia in the 1800 s, Paulina Ray is running away from an abusive husband with her two children Was it good luck or divine intervention that she ended up at the doorstep of two sisters that gave her an opportunity for a fresh start with a new identity as Lizzie, the long lost daughter of Mr Greenway who passed away and left everything to his daughter With the encouragement of her new friends and her new identity births a new fight in her that she never knew she had Jeremy Sheffield has his eye on Paulina Lizzie When he offers to help her, their relationship turns to something Will they be able to trust each other with the past they are both running from I enjoyed the plot even though it was very predictable The predictability may have lost the compelling aspect of the prose, however, I enjoyed how both It s Mayberry RFD with an R rating Make that a small r A very soft 3.
Very nice.
This novel was well written with a plot that was a little predictable however, the characters were very likable The only question I would have of the author is how she could have imagined a person in the 1800 s going against the social s so readily as Lizzie appears to do when getting involved with Jeremy This does not seem plausible for the era when communities were so close knit.
Having said that, I still enjoyed the development of the story and the truly lovely characters of the Blue sisters.

El drama mat al romance.
No he sido capaz de disfrutar de este libro, lo he encontrado excesivamente duro y cruel para ser un romance La escena con la que abre ya me dej un poco desmotivada odio las escenas de violaciones pero intent seguir adelante por si la historia se pon a mejor y no fue as.
Encontr el romance demasiado apresurado y poco cre ble no creo que esa situaci n pudiese darse realmente en esa poca y sobre todo, que la protagonista, con todo su pasado, la hubiese consentido.
Muchas repeticiones de la escena primera, muy desagradables, por lo colorido de sus detalles, mucho drama melodrama , muchas injusticias y mucha muerte gratuita el accidente que sucede casi al final de la historia ya era horrible por si solo, sin necesidad de todas las muertes que la autora decide cont When I read the teaser for the next book in the Valley series by Jane Shoup, I knew I had to read it I had read the first book in the series and was so intrigued by Ms Shoup s writing that I definitely wanted to read each book in the series So, I finished Spirit of the Valley in record time because it was so fast paced and interesting Ms Shoup makes sure that one does not get bored reading her novels The female characters are strong individuals who have been dealt a hard hand and have to run away from abusive relationships to a better life Pauline Ray, with her two children, is running away from her abusive husband in Indiana, knowing that if she stayed he would eventually kill her She goes as far as her money will take them and ends up in Green Valley, West Virginia She is befriended by two eccentri

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