[ Pdf Learning How to Lose, in Six Easy Steps ô young-adult PDF ] by Alex Gabriel ☆ myportal.pro

[ Pdf Learning How to Lose, in Six Easy Steps ô young-adult PDF ] by Alex Gabriel ☆ I received a free copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review.
5 4 stars.
Just as the first book, containing the first two installments, this book is clearly not meant to be a stand alone read The story picks up where the first book let off The installments are named Innocence and perspective and very aptly so.
Ryuu and Hiro are in love, and Ryuu s understanding and accept of this comes slowly but surely and ever so sweetly although he doesn t actually admit to it being love, even if we, the reader is well aware of the fact I can t say I blame him, even if we only see Hiro through his eyes, I am half way in love with the dorky guy myself Step 4 unfortunately throws in the perspective and it isn t pretty The world of JPop Idols is not a world where romantic entanglements are encouraged at all, and certainly not homosexual It S Not That Ryuu S A Bad Loser He Just Wants Things To Be In Order And In The Natural Order Of The Universe, He Should Not Be Losing To Dorks Losing Is A Thing Japanese Pop Star Ryuu Shiwasuda Does Not Do Certainly Not Gracefully Image Is Everything To Hot Headed Ryuu Sure, His Macho Bluster Is Only A Cover For Shyness And Social Awkwardness, But He Takes It And Himself Very Seriously So When Gratingly Cheerful Punster Hiro Takahashi Delivers The Ultimate Insult Of Letting Ryuu Win At A Video Game, Ryuu Is Cut To The Quick, And Vows Swift Vengeance Can T Be Too Hard To Beat A Dork Like Hiro, Right Wrong As Ryuu Chases After His Elusive Victory, He S Forced To Add And Items To The List Of Things To Beat Hiro At And Is Shocked To Find That Hiro S Quirky Charm Is Sparking Never Before Felt Desires In Him Ryuu S Life And Career Have No Place For A Male Lover But He S Already In Too Deep Can He Risk Going All In And What Does He Stand To Lose If He Doesn T Length Of Volume II , Words Six Easy Steps Three Volumes Don T Miss The Other books In The Series Volume I Step One Tetris Step Two Fun And Games Volume II Step Three Innocence Step Four Perspective Volume III Step Five Love Step Six All The Rest This second book has the same problems as the first book in the trilogy, in that I think it will be hard to really appreciate for anyone who lacks knowledge of Japanese culture and idol subculture This, for me, retains its fan fiction flavour, where the reader s knowledge of the world can safely be assumed, but of course that isn t true in the greater world in which it is published now It d be great if at some point the author could figure out how to write this type of work for people who re complete strangers to the culture I think that would be a demanding task, especially doing it without constant info dumping It all feels very authentic to me it d be nice if other could get to appreciate it as much as I do.
I found this second book very satisfying Yes, despite the cliffhanger at least I knew this was a trilogy from the start, and bought the second and third volumes after havi 4.
5 Stars So sweet and humorous I loved Ryuu and Hiro I was sad at how it ended, though, and needed to jump in to the next volume right away 4 so happy stars.
Part two of this series just did it for me I loved Ryuu and Hiro and their bumbling friendship that gradually turned into a REALLY hot relationship It was lovely, it was sweet and it was intense Ryuu is kind of an asshole but bubbly Hiro sees beyond that to his loving core That is, until Ryuu manages to inadvertently be a real jerk towards the end There s drama, but it s relatable drama, and something I could see totally happening in real life This, of course, propelled me towards the next volume in the series without any breaks in between Another 2.
99 Sure, no problem read my half assed review of the series here Hmm 2.
5 This seemed drawn out The boys get it together, avoid talking, Ryuu is stuck in deep denial while Hiro bounces about like he just don t care He clearly does The result for me is a lack of love for out narrator Ryuu His concerns are justified but his lack of awareness of the hurt he s causing is not Perhaps some of Hiro s pov would help matters There s a lot he s oblivious too They seem to avoid what matters, perhaps that s apt for YA but it could be frustrating If you re familiar with Japanese culture and music industry this may resonate with you For me the pressures and consequences placed on them weren t adequately stressed to justify Ryuu s behaviour.
There s a lot of sex, some of it endearingly awkward There are moments of unwitting sweetness Th 4.
5 stars The author was kind enough to provide me wih a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
After the first book turned out to be kind of disappointing overall, but with a promising ending, I hoped this book to be better And it was.
I loved that we finally got to see of Ryuu doing his job, be it as a singer, an actor, or by taking part in weird game shows I especially loved the scenes when he was acting It made for an intersting story in the story and I could really connect to Akisada and Yuri That was very well done.
I felt like we got to see of Ryuu s life in general Not just little snippets of it like in the first book We meet his family and we get to know him better He s still a sore loser, though But that s okay, because it s pretty funny to watch him come up with all sorts of excuses why he didn t really lo

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Yowzers Ryuu finally realizes that he feels something for Hiro and the boys get together They are HOT HOT HOT together I am so glad I continued to read this after Volume 1 confused me a bit with its cultural references In this Volume, we see the boys try to figure out how to navigate a relationship beyond just friendship, but Ryuu has a lot of difficulty reconciling his feelings with what others might think Ryuu was immature in Volume 1, and we continue to see that personality here Ryuu has realized that he wants Hiro in his life and cares deeply for him, but acts in a contradictory manner without realizing it My heart broke for Hiro and I wanted to smack Ryuu throughout the last quarter of this or so.
Regardless, I enjoyed the continuation of this story very much and am really looking forward t My fourth work by this author and second in this series I use work so I can include the short story I read This would be the third novel I ve read by him.
Okay then this was, for various reasons, the weakest of the works I ve read by Gabriel I might even be tempted to rethink my rating and lower it to 2 As it is, I think it might be closer to 2.
On one level it s easy to see why I might not like this one as much as the first one it s drenched in sex which the first book in the series was not Male gay sex Something I m not exactly keen on reading Heck, I m not that keen on reading male female graphic sex, but at least there a woman is involved Actually there is a woman involved in this one, than one Though only one involved in male female sex described mostly as we had sex, twice I m sure I would have called th

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