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[Patrick Culhane] ✓ Red Sky in Morning: A Novel [harlequin-teen PDF] Ebook Epub Download · It S , World War II Is Well Under Way, And Ensign Peter Maxwell Is Enjoying Easy Days In San Diego As Base Choir Director And Warm Nights With His New Bride, Kay But There S A War Out There Waiting To Be Fought, And Pete Wants To Be Part Of ItWhen A Request Comes Up For Officers On An Ammo Ship Prophetically Named After Pete S Iowa Hometown, Liberty Hill , Newly Promoted Lieutenant Maxwell And The Rest Of His Vocal Quartet, The Fantail Four, Volunteer The Duty They Pull Is Dangerous Even For Wartime The Young Officers Find Themselves In Charge Of A Ship Of Largely Untrained African American Sailors Who Hail From Big City Ghettoes, Dixie Farms, And All Ports In BetweenAs The Racially Tense Liberty Hill Victory Pulls Into San Francisco S Port Chicago, The Crew Witnesses A Horrific Explosion That Paints The Sky Red In The Wake Of A Mutiny By The Port S Surviving Black Sailors, Protesting Unsafe Conditions, The Liberty Hill Must Step In To Load Ammo This Difficult Task Is Made Nearly Impossible For The Fantail Four By A Racist Captain Who Would Love To See The Colored Crew And His College Boy Officers Fail But When Lieutenant Maxwell Finds An Ally In Seaman Sarge Washington, A Former Cop From The Black Belt Of Chicago, The Deadly Job Gets Done, If Not Without Incident They Then Sail Into Two Violent Storms A Literal Typhoon That Could Put Them On The Ocean S Floor If Their Cargo Doesn T Blow Them To Hell And Gone First, And A Figurative One When A White Officer Is Found Brutally Murdered In Shaft Alley, The Very Bottom Of The Ship Where The Drive Shaft Turns The Propeller And In The Midst Of A Vast Ocean And A Wider War, A Farm Boy From Iowa And A Tough Cop From The Ghetto Must Combine Forces To Stop A Vengeful Murderer Who Threatens To Ignite Their Floating Powder Keg Patrick Culhane is, of course, Max Allan Collins In the afterword, he notes that it s based partially on conversations with his father, who was a white officer on a ship crewed by African Americans during WW II.
Of course he wasn t involved in a murder investigation.
Ensign Peter Maxwell had an easy life in the early years of the war His talents as a musician and singer kept him stateside and involved with a Navy choir and a singing group with three friends called the Fantail Four.
The novel incorporates a real incident, an accident at Port Chicago that blew up six tons of explosives, completely destroying the ship, and a number of rail cars waiting to be unlloaded.
But the men weren t satisfied Like most American men, they wanted in on the action Get the Germans, get the Japanese And they wanted to remain together So they volunteered for a new ship when they saw the listing I It s 1943, World War II is well under way, and Ensign Peter Maxwell is enjoying easy days in San Diego as base choir director and warm nights with his new bride, Kay But there s a war out there waiting to be fought, and Pete wants to be part of it.
When a request comes up for officers on an ammo ship prophetically named after Pete s Iowa hometown, Liberty Hill , newly promoted Lieutenant Maxwell and the rest of his vocal quartet, the Fantail Four, volunteer The duty they pull is dangerous even for wartime the young officers find themselves in charge of a ship of largely untrained African American sailors who hail from big city ghettoes, Dixie farms, and all ports in between.
Very good story, very foul language.
A pretty good story an action thriller set in WWII on an ammo ship with a black crew and white officers This is a galley copy so I ll excuse the editing errors, but the whole thing was a little amateurish I was surprised to see Culhane is really Max Allan Collins who has some legit credits I thought it was a good debut novel by an inexperienced writer Hmmm.
This is a good story, a bit predictable, but quite suspenseful, nevertheless The story centers on race relations on board an ammunition ship during World War II An all black crew is led by a very bigoted white captain, and four white commissioned officers A few bigoted white non commissioned officers also help to make the ship a virtual powder keg A murder is committed on board the ship, and a white officer and a black seaman a police detective in civilian life team up to solve the mystery.
I didn t read this book I listened to the audiobook The reading, by Joe Barrett, is fantastic The four white officers on board are musicians and the narrator sings one of the songs Quite extraordinary on an audiobook And the many accents that Barrett reads into the sailors voices, from all parts of the country, seem realistic to my ears Don t read this book listen First Sentence Ensign Peter Maxwell came slowly awake, teased by the expanse of ocean Shimmering with morning sun out the bay window of the studio apartment.
Peter Maxwell is tired of desk assignments and, along with three of his friends, wants to be part of the war, so they put in for sea duty on the first ship they can They didn t expect to be assigned to a munitions ship with a primarily black crew and bigoted captain and officers When one of Maxwell s friends is murdered, it s up to him to find the killer while keeping the peace among the officers and crew.
I found the historical information in this book to be fascinating Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I know of Port Chicago, but did not know any of the details of the WWII ship explosion which occurred there The characters are well drawn, particularly Maxwell and Sarge Washington, a bla I don t know what made me pick up this book, perhaps in error It s a WW II Navy story about a newly married young man with musical talents He and his Navy quartet decide to join the war efforts just after the bombing of Pearl Harbor But they make a pact to stay together so sign up for a ship that will haul ammo As it turns out all officers are white, but the crew is African Americans They must learn to trust one another in order to work safely together The story was interesting but the language went beyond the sailor s mouth and I felt it ruined the story That being said it was interesting and the murder mystery evolved Not one I d read again, but it was OK.
The name Patrick Culhane is a pseudonym for mystery writer Max Allan Collins I like his writing style and that his stories are based on thorough research This one uses the author s father s experiences in the Navy in World War II as the basis of the story A murder is committed on board an ammunition ship in the Pacific and ensign Peter Maxwell has to solve the crime Complicating matters is that the crew is African American and the captain is a racist.
Red Sky in Morning is one of the best World War 11 novels I have read The novel opens in San Diego where Ensign Peter Maxwell and his new bride are starting married life with him directing the choir and feeling guilty for not being active in the war When he sees a posting for four officers to serve on an ammo ship, he talks his three friends, the Fantail Four quartet, into applying They discover the duty involves being in charge of a ship of largely untrained African American sailors who come from big city ghettoes As the ship pulls into San Francisco s Port Chicago, the crew witnesses a horrific explosion that paints the sky red After a mutiny by the remaining black sailors, the Liberty Hill must step in to load ammo This difficult task is made worse by the racist captain who would love to see the Fantail Four and the black sailors fail He takes fou Always a fan of Max Collins, especially his Nate Heller seriesat the author s suggestion, I ve started his books under the pseudonym Patrick Culhane and enjoyed them bothThe story is loosely based on Collins dad s experiences in command of a Liberty Ship manned by an all negro staff with a little murder mystery thrown inFUN SUMMER READ

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