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[ Read Online She Plays His Tune Ü m-m-sports-romance PDF ] by Misty Lane ↠´ Karen Is A Young Twenty Six Years Old She Has Been Married To Her Husband Nick For Six Months Their Time Together Over Those Six Months Has Been Less And Less All Thanks To Lucas, Nick S Father He Keeps Sending Nick Out Of Town Often To Attend Meetings This Has Left Karen A Little Frustrated, When Nick Has To Go Out Of Town Again, Unexpectedly She Sees Justin, Her Neighbour In His Back Yard She Asks If He Would Like A Coffee Justin Accepts And Consoles Her However, Justin Takes A Hug She Offers For Than What She Meant He Engages Her Is A Sensual And Passionate Kiss And Is Seen By Lucas Her Father In Law, When He Calls Around To See Her This Is Where The Fun Starts There Is No Love Lost Between Lucas And Karen However, Now He Has Something To Blackmail Her Into Doing His Bidding This is one of those stories I probably shouldn t like And in a different frame of mind, in a different time, before midnight, nay, before 1 am say, I probably would react differently to this story.
A somewhat innocent wife has her husband away a lot Sent away by his boss Who happens to be his father Father is domineering and wants the daughter in law in ways a father in law shouldn t Just randomly springing to mind, after I already read the story, I m reminded of King David, his solider Uriah and Uriah s wife Bathsheba And how King David wanted Bathsheba, so he sent Uriah out and away Intending for him to die, so he could have Bathsheba though the story appears different in the bible and in the movie, what with David not yet having Bathsheba in

am an Author, writer and reader of erotica Everyone has fantasies and my stories are on the kinky side of submission, and light BDSM They are just that, fantasies My stories explore some of the darker sides of a submissive s sexual needs, with the use of toys, bondage, and exhibitionism to push boundaries Although not a guide to sexual gratification, they do touch on what a lot of woman desire They approach the slutty side of a woman s sexuality I guess that is a side that the majority of women deny exists, but if the sale of that type of literature is anything to go by its well entrenched into a woman s wants and needs If after reading any of my books you discover a new and invigorating way to satisfy your sexual cravings then my books have been a success.I try to paint a very detailed and descriptive portrayal of what it happening in the stories Not telling, but painting a picture in the reader s mind One I hope that he or she can feel as they real along with the scenarios as they progress.Author can be contacted at mistylane101 gmail.com