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[Delka Beazer] Ø Jude [food-and-drink PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Good story but short You Will Shed A Tear Or TwoThis book got me all in the feels Amhara is the young nanny of Jude who works away from home She has pined for the widower for the last two years, but he doesn t feel the same well not quite anywayI loved this story and probably would ve given it 5 stars if it were longer Jude and Hara had a past encounter which was only briefly touched upon yet was the catalyst for the events in this story as they re told in real time Hara is hopelessly in love with Jude and you feel her angst and her pain when he rejects her for someone he feels would besuitable to his needs Cast away like used goods, Hara makes a foolish decision that really could have destroyed everyone s lives Thankfully Jude realizes what a gem he has in Hara I usually don t go for these post pubescent nubiles and older men, but Hara possessed such a strengt Amhara Wilkins Is Alone, Penniless And Freezing To Death On A Wyoming Highway When Jude Callahan Pulls Up And Offers Her A Chance She Earns Her Place As A Beloved Nanny To Jude S Motherless Daughter But She Begins To Yearn For Jude S Wounded HeartJude Buried His Heart With A Wife Gone Too Soon Leaving Behind A Scar Filled With Guilt And Emptiness Loving Another Woman Is A Risk He Will Not Take He Ll Do Anything To Squash The Aching Need He Feels For AmharaWill Amhara Have To Sacrifice Love For A Life With Jude Or Will The Price Be Too High For Both Of Them Wow A great book The author did it again The story and characters were fantastic Really loved the book Good Good StoryThis is short even paced story that does what it intends and that is to entertain.
The characters have good chemistry and they sizzle when together,but you also get the feeling there should be .
I think the writer short changes herself.
This is short sweet story that deserves five stars only I can t because you need a littleto take it over the top.
This is my first book by this author but definitely will not be my last.
This is Amhara and Jude s story The story is short, honest and intense as Jude tries to deny his feelings for Amhara and where this denial leads them This book was on Kindle Unlimited and I will be reading the author s other stories too.
I really enjoyed this story If you like short stories then this is a great one OkLove the premise of the story For some reason, I have a problem with the age gap between the H and h She s nine years younger than him if I m not mistaken Don t know why it bothers me but it does It ends rather abruptly.
Sweet Heroine The start of this story had me on the edge of my seat Angst filled Short read,backstory needed.

Could have been better A lot is left to be desired The heroine was immature and childish The things she does has me thinking why would you do that everything time she does something immature.
Good BookThis was a good book.
I really enjoyed it,although I do see what one of the reviews on goodreads was talking about.
The police scene was super scary.
But overall the book itself was really good,and really well written.
There were some cringe worthy scenes.
One of my pet peeves with any book is when the heroine begs the hero to be with her.
I did feel like if she hadn t begged and pleaded so darn hard,he would have not come around.
That s just me though.
My mom always told me don t chase boys,let boys chase you lol.
I saw some people didn t like the age difference but I was cool with that.
This author did it really well,there was absolutely no creepy vibe at all.
Overall this was a good book that I for sure would recommend.

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