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[Steve Jenkins] ↠´ How to Swallow a Pig [medieval PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ I don t usually count picture book style books toward my yearly reading goal, but this was a booktalk book, so it gets to be an exception because I had to spend so much time with it This is really very clever as pretty much everything created by Steve Jenkins tends to be Kids love animals, and this is a very fun way of exploring unusual animal behavior Written like a how to book with the trademark paper cut collage style illustrations used by this duo, this book explores how spiders spin their webs, how crows crack open nuts, and of course how a snake could possibly swallow a pig It was fun to booktalk, cause I treated it like a normal how to book until the directions just seemed too ridiculous for a human being to follow Cute, fun, well done.
Fantastic like all Page Jenkins titles and what a mentor text A how to book featuring animals around the world breaking down the steps to their unique practices.
I LOVE the writing The presentation of information is very appealing and the information is high interest making this a book readers of all ages will find hard to put down Torn cut paper collage illustrations are stunning Must see read maybe my favorite book by this team to date.
PreK 3.
Another beautifully detailed book by this husband and wife team I am glad they saved the snake swallowing the pig steps until the last page Truthfully, that is the one series of illustrations I could have done without.
How to Swallow a Pig is an engaging, funny, and highly informative piece of informative nonfiction Author Illustrators, Steve Jenkins and Robin Page team up to create a text that teaches children highly informative survival skills in the shape of various animals Want to learn how to spin a web like a spider Want to know how warn off danger like a Vervet monkey How To does just that giving a detailed, enumerated list of step by step instructions The book is effective for three reasons One the layout is simple and easy to navigate visually every single how to is followed by a list of easy to follow steps Two the writing is informative, yet engaging by teaching kids these survival strategies, the book is also teaching them about animals and some of the qu

Haven t you ever wondered how to farm like a leaf cutter ant Or dance like a grebe How about catch a meal like a crocodile I know you ve wondered how to woo a ewe like a mountain sheep Well, grab some friends because Steve Jenkins and Robin Page tell you how in their fascinating informational book How to Swallow a Pig like a python that is Jenkins and Page artfully blend information and nature based fun in this step by step how to guide They add in helpful tips, such as If you want to make a paper wasp nest, get ready to do a lot of chewing and be sure to share your millipede with any monkeys that don t have their own It is chock full of practical survival skills imitating ways of defending oneself like an armadillo and using a bubble net to catch fish Who doesn t want to do that Above all, the book reminds us that practice makes perfect The book covers 18 Top notch non fiction picture Book.
Everything Steve Jenkins touches is going to be great to look at the guy makes his own paper and then cuts and tears it into shapes so he can make fabulous, textured collages of plants and animals from near and far He frequently works with his wife Robin Page, whose humor and ability to explain natural phenomena are real assets So in this book you ll get step by step instructions on how to catch fish with bubbles helps if you are an aquatic mammal with a tail , spin a web, and, of course, detach your jaw so that you can swallow a whole pig.
I was reading this at work and left it lying on a counter at the reference desk Half an hour later, the librarian who relieved me on the desk approaches brandishing the book Have you SEEN this This book is fantastic So don t take my word for it, listen to young Bryon.
All my picks for best books to give t Love this But now I can t wait to see kids perform this as Readers Theater Wouldn t that be great In The Latest Eye Catching Escape Into The Kingdom Of Animalia, Steve Jenkins And Robin Page Reveal The Skills Animals Use To Survive In The Wild In An Imaginative And Humorous How To Format With Step By Step Instructions, Readers Learn About Specific Behaviors How To Catch Thousands Of Fish Like A Humpback Whale Or How To Sew Up A Nest Like A Tailorbird This Fascinating And Fun Illustrated Nonfiction Melds Science, Art, Biology, And The Environment Together In A Detailed And Well Researched Book About Animals Who Live And Survive In Our World Today

Steve was born in 1952 in Hickory, North Carolina His father, who would become a physics professor and astronomer and recently his co author on a book about the Solar System , was in the military and, later, working on science degrees at several different universities We moved often Steve lived in North Carolina, Panama, Virginia, Kansas, and Colorado Wherever he lived, he kept a menagerie of