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[Chantelle Shaw] Ò Sheikhs Forbidden Conquest (The Howard Sisters #1) [womens-rights PDF] Read Online Û Damn, this was so deliciously good I found the starting too cheesy for my taste, but this author seriously worked her magic Kadir and Lexi s story made me swoon like mad They are so loveable And Kadir though Heart eyes Heart eyes If you know me, you ll know that I hardly ever like Alpha Male characters, but he is simply so amazing, I am truly in love with him In fact, I can t wait to devour this story again.
When RAF rescue helicopter pilot Lexi Howard saves the crew of racing yacht in the midst of a storm, she didn t realize that she was rescuing Sultan Kadir Al Sulaimar, an award winning racer and ruler of his own country all Lexi thought was that she was rescuing some rich playboy who d rather put his crew in danger than pay attention to the weather and told him so This didn t go down too well with His Royal Highness but for a woman, this incredibly beautiful woman, to stand up to him like that so turned him around that Kadir didn t know what to do So he hired her as his private helicopter pilot since his finacee wouldn t be allowed to travel with a male pilot Brought into invariably close contact like that it s not too long before sparks fly between them but Kadir is intent on honoring his betrothal to a woman he s never met What will h

Major plot spoilers ahead read at own risk I know from the reviews on this site that it hasn t gotten the greatest reviews, but I loved it It was really good I thought it was awesome I just loved it, though I didn t think I would because in the beginning it was okay and I liked but I wasn t on the love train But as I got deeper into the story and into the psyches of the characters the absorbed I got and the I fell in love with this book with every turn of the page I just thought it was really great and very well done on Chantelle Shaw s part especially the emotional roller coaster and the journey that Kadir and Lexi go on together It was just delicious and very intense all the way through I know from reading the reviews on this site that most people weren t thrilled with Lexi as a Harlequin Presents heroine because for one she wasn t an innocent virgin and two bec Sheikh s Forbidden Conquest by Chantelle Shaw was a well written romance on the forbidden romance trope.
Kadir is an amazing hero because he takes his duty seriously and cares deeply about his people Lexi is an independent heroine whose best thing was her being a pilot She was strong, sincere, dedicated and refreshing from the usual set of heroines.
The romance was enjoyable partly because I loved both the characters and partly because they shared an amazing chemistry.
The pacing was a little off and some parts dragged or were unnecessary and therefore my attention kept wavering at some parts.
Overall, Sheikh s Forbidden Conquest by Chantelle Shaw was a passionate and enjoyable read.
Prefer a sheikh romance to feature an uber alpha badass hero and virgin heroine please not feisty shrewish promiscuous Decided not to read due to the heroine Not my kind of fantasy.
OMG AWESOME I confess I loved this one the H is kick ass and the h is kick ass too.
They both have their own issues but are irresistible to each other and this really is a case of love conquering all H has sunk his yacht off the coast of the UK and the h comes to rescue him in her role as a rescue pilot for the UK coastguard, prior to this she flew rescue in the RAF fr 10 years YEP this h is a genuine kick ass h She is independent and feisty, has a spine she earns her own money while not suffering fools She also has a chip on her shoulder as she was adopted and her parents didn t want her once they produced a biological offspring Once she tracked her real mum down that didn t go down well either as she is a using tart Final nail in the coffin is a cheating ex fiance.
H is the half Ar Very enjoyable Taming The Playboy Prince Sultan Kadir Al Sulaimar May Be Europe S Most Notorious Playboy, But Since His Bride To Be Finally Came Of Age, He S Sworn To Be Faithful To The Princess He S Never Met Yet When Feisty Helicopter Pilot Lexi Howard Saves His Life, She Turns Kadir S Regimented World Upside Down His First Duty Must Be To His Country, But Avoiding The Sensual Pilot Is Becoming Increasingly Difficult Especially Now That She S Working For Him Lexi S Disregard For His Command Is Somewhat Refreshing Can The Desert King Resist Making Her His Final And Most Forbidden Conquest 3,5 5.

I grew up without a TV, let alone DVD s, computer games etc that my kids spend so much time engrossed in, but I learned to read at an early age and from then on I was always entertained so much so that my friends used to hide their books when I visited them because all I wanted to do was read When I was a teenager I discovered Mills Boon romances in my local library, and so began a lifelon