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[Carolyne Aarsen] Ö The Cowboy's Homecoming [bicycles PDF] Read Online Ä My favorite thing about this book was that the H and h communicated What Yes, I said communicated They had intelligent conversations in which they shared their feelings frustrations They gave each other space and time to sort through the difficulties that stood in their way There didn t need to be pouting, etc They had real conflicts, secrets and family dynamics to overcome I also liked the interactions with secondary characters This is a part of a series And while it does stand alone, I kept feeling like it would be much better if I had read the previous books I feel it would have added depth to the story This is also a Christian romance It is not as heavily addressed as in some books However, it is definitely present I almost always enjoy a ranch farm setting This book was no exce received 4 stars RT Book ReviewsMiniseries Refuge Ranch The Cowboy S Reunion Seeking Redemption From His Troubled Past, Cowboy Lee Bannister Returns To His Montana Hometown He S Not Looking For Love Just To Prove He S Not The Same Reckless Guy Who Broke Abby Newton S Heart And Destroyed Her Family But When Abby, A Magazine Photographer, Is Assigned To Cover The Story Of His Family Ranch S Th Anniversary, Old Feelings Start To Resurface He Knows Abby Will Never Forgive Him But As They Spend Time Together, They Begin To Discover The Lies That Kept Them Apart And That Some Reunions Are Meant To Last Forever The characters highlight the fact that forgiveness does not necessarily mean forgetting They recognize, and remind the reader, that we are all sinners in need of grace and forgiveness The familiar characters and scenery add to this enjoyable tale RT Book Reviews, 4 stars.
Miniseries Refuge Ranch Wow Where the rubber meets the road That s what I thought after reading this story This isn t your usual boy meets girl, who fall in love and live happily ever after romance This story also includes a STRONG theme of forgiveness in it I appreciated the wrestling, the struggle the characters went through in order to forgive very realistic.
I liked this book about star crossed lovers who finally find love and happiness with each other The theme of this book is based on the importance of forgiveness and faith It provides good, safe escape.
A powerful story about forgiveness receiving forgiveness, and asking for it.
Lee and Abby have one of the most difficult histories between their families Now, after years of exile, they are both visiting in their hometown, and seeing each other again is unavoidable in the small town.
Both are heavily relying on their faith, they don t take these meetings lightly I adored and admired the communication between them, they talked about the serious issues between them, they opened up and listened to each other They find a way, despite all the history between them, to trust and to forgive, and to love The road is not easy, or automatic There s a lot of pain, angst, and sorrow they have to get through.
The many family dynamics play into the story The farm life, and the wonderful heritage they have in the land and t

This is the third and final book about the three children of the Bannister family Lee s story is a bit difference since he actually spent two years in prison for a DUI where he injured someone that someone was the father of the woman he liked This fact adds a rather interesting twist to this story The resentment is there at the beginning, but as Abby gets to know the new Lee, she just cannot ignore the growing attraction with him She finds a way to forgive him, but something just may rip their new found romance apart The romance was sweet I really liked Lee s story, and to see the whole Bannister family together and the way they interact I really liked the father, Monty, in this story and hole a lot of respect for the man and his strong faith.
I had a bit of a problem with the ending I can t discuss it without giving away what was happening I am all about forgiveness and mo I enjoyed this tale of a man returning to a small town where he is not well regarded Our hero caused a car accident some years ago while drunk, and went to jail, then came out and worked elsewhere to help repay his parents for the compensation they paid an injured man I was actually puzzled by this aspect because in Ireland we have driver insurance for accidents Maybe the insurers would not pay out because of drunk illegal driving Then there s a bare minimum compensation board Nobody ever mentions insurance, losing a driving licence or anything else, which would be standard points of discussion here I expect America is different.
The heroine is also now working elsewhere but has returned to cover a wedding as a photojournalist The hero is here for that family wedding and an anniversa 4 STARSThe Cowboy s Reunion is the third book in the Refuge Ranch It deals with Lee Bannister and his past It also deals a lot with the concept of forgiveness How God forgives us and asks us to forgive.
If you don t forgive it hurts you and makes you bitter and angry.
Abby Newton has come home to spend time with her mother and deal with burnout While she is there she is asked by her boss to go to Refuge Ranch and do a story on the 150th anniversary Abby figures that she might be able to forgive Lee and deal with her angry feelings.
Lots of drama, romance, familiar characters and new ones Not afraid to mention God Does not preach but gives realistic examples of people forgiving and those who don t forgive It is also a clean read.
I liked the scen

Carolyne Aarsen is a blessed to have sincere Christian parents and to be married to a committed Christian husband But her first love was always fiction Because of her isolation from any kind of writing group, Carolyne learned to write by trial and error and by taking correspondence courses while she and her husband were raising their four natural children and the numerous foster children that ca