↠´ Agnes Moors Wild Knight í Download by ò Alyssa Cole

↠´ Agnes Moors Wild Knight í Download by ò Alyssa Cole Loved it, although I wish it could ve been a full novel.
I adored this story and wished it had been longer Agnes Moor Knows Her Place In The Court Of King James IV As One Of The Exotics In His Employ When The King Makes A Kiss From Agnes The Prize Of A Tourney, A Mysterious Knight Plows Through His Opponents To Claim It But It Isn T Chance The Wild Knight Has Come For Her, And Her Champion Is After After The Most Elusive Prize Of All Her Heart Interracial Scottish medieval Where do I sign up Wait, I DID sign up, and it was well worth it Alyssa Cole s short, sexy tale of an exotic in James IV s court and a mysterious knight is the kind of diverse historical romance readers need to seeof not just because of the historically accurate representation, but because her writing is evocative and the banter is smart.
So short, but nicely done It s really too short to have a real emotional connection to these characters, though I do really like Agnes and respect her Still, having a black woman in 16th century Scotland and pairing her up with a Highlander Alyssa Cole wins for that The story was intriguing and developed nicely The side characters were engaging, I really liked Queen Margaret I wantfrom this world,tales of the exotics people invisible in our modern recollection of history but present in reality An excellent quick read I initially heard about Agnes Moor s Wild Knight on Facebook not much information was provided by the poster other than that it was IR historical romantic fiction and set in Scotland I figured I d give it a shot and I wasn t disappointed.
Set in the intriguing world of the court of King James IV and Margaret Tudor, Alyssa Cole s Agnes Moor s Wild Knight is inspired by a jousting tournament called the Tournament of the Black Lady, which King James held in honor of his black servant, Ellen Moor The winner of the tournament won the honor of kissing Ellen In Agnes Moor s Wild Knight, the prize is the same, this time it is Agnes whose kiss is the prize.
Agnes Moor s Wild Knight tells the story of two misfits Agnes Moor, an African woman who is part of James IV and Mar Rich and nuanced without being overwhelming in such a short format I loved Cole s voice in this one I didn t like

Fantastic read Agnes is a strong, intelligent, witty character having to swallow her unfair lot in life, but still full of hope There was just the right amount of racial angst in this book which did not overshadow the steamy and fulfilling love story between these two memorable characters.
5 starsDecent sexy parts, but I didn t really like the heroine For such a short story, she was really negative, argumentative and b y for most of the book One thing I DID like she actually had had lovers in her past, instead of being the usual virgin heroine.
When I was reading Bernadette Andrea s The Lives of Girls and Women from the Islamic World in Early Modern British Literature and Culture, I spotted a reference to Elen More, a black woman in the early 16th century Scottish court, and instantly realized, OMG, that s the inspiration for that story I saw among Alyssa Cole s publications And then the chance of spotting the ebook on sale led me to pick it up, because I loved Cole s story in the collection Hamilton s Battalion.
Sothis is not at all a criticism of Agnes Moor s Wild Knight itself, but it was a useful calibration of what my tolerance is regarding the ratio of story to sex in historical fiction This is a relatively short novella The writing is technically excellent and t

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