Trailer î Happys Ever After (Cade Creek #1) PDF by ã Stormy Glenn

Trailer î Happys Ever After (Cade Creek #1) PDF by ã Stormy Glenn Overall this was a great story just like the Blaecleah Brothers It was definitely an emotional story I just had problems with two areas view spoiler 1 Their first intimate encounter Marc tells himself that he knows Happy isn t ready for the full ride and then proceeds to do the deed Happy not knowing anything about sex doesn t seem overly shocked or uncomfortable not knowing what s coming or over prepping 2 Happy takes the lead and seems to know exactly what to do after one encounter on the other end I think it was that he seemed to just shove fingers in came out sounding a little wrong to me.
The sex itself was sweetly intimate no objections hide spoiler I loved this book Happy was the best and what was done to him and his mother was horrible I think his grandparents got off too easy Two of the most evil people It s a little rough reading what happened to them at the beginning but keep reading so you can read about Happy and Marc s love story.
Happy O Brian Spent The Better Part Of His Life Isolated From The Rest Of The World He Was Told He Was Evil Down To His Soul It Was Physically Beat Into Him On A Daily Basis He Lived With It, Believing That His Ultra Conservative Religious Grandparents Were Right Until The Day His Mother Was Attacked Seeking Help Changed Happy S Life In Ways He Could Never Imagine And Showed Him A World He Didn T Know ExistedAnswering A Disturbance Call, Deputy Marc Walker Meets A Man That Shocks Him With His Gentleness When He Discovers Happy S True Nature, Marc Wants To Know Everything About The Man He Wants To Show Him The WorldWhen The Past Rears Its Head, And Their Lives Are Put In Danger, Happy Tries To Do The Right Thing And Distance Himself From His Handsome Deputy But Marc Has Other Plans For His Gentle Giant And He S Not Going To Let A Little Thing Like Getting Shot Or Having Escaped Prisoners Gunning For Them Interfere With Those Plans Happy Will Get His Happy Ever After Note Some Graphic Depiction Of Extreme Violence Against The Hero When He Was A Minor Cade Creek is a typical small town in many ways, but some of the people inhabiting it are definitely exceptional This goes both ways some of them are very good, but some are so evil, I was ready to strangle them or worse The main characters are sweet, the supporting characters are interesting and added to the story, and even though the first few pages were hard for me to get through because of all the fairly graphical emotional and physical abuse Happy was put through as a child and young man, the story as a whole left me feeling happy I think this is a very promising first book in a spin off series from the Blaecleah Brothers books It is linked only through the setting and a few characters reappearing, so there is no need to read the other books first.
Happy is an amazing man He suffered terribly as a child, abused by bible thumping grandparents I ve come to the conclusion that to enjoy a Stormy Glenn novel you need to be prepared for a few things There s going to be the damsel in distress, except its MM so I guess its called dude in distress The MC s are going to fall in love with pretty much a click of fingers They are going to be emotional and sappy way beyond what you would expect from an alpha male or even a female at that They are going to break up for some strange reason and neither will fight for their love causing a few pages of angst before it is resolved Then some enemy will try to kill them, they will win and then they will get married This has pretty much been the plot of most of her novels that I ve read And, I liked it.
It was a short entertaining read The start was very emotional, I hate abuse, but it gave me a sympathy for the character th Oh dear god Twenty eight pages in I realized this is a Blaecleah spin off Good thing I didn t know this from the start or I might have never picked this up Although, in hindsight The two protagonists are sweet enough together, although Happy s possibly a little too childlike for comfort Or rather, he is not being informed enough of what is going on for him to be able to consent to my satisfaction So even during the first half there s that hint of Marc taking advantage of him, even though we know how much Happy wants to be close to him.
Still, things are going along nicely and I was ready to like this until deep breath I really don t get this view spoiler Mark proposes a blowjob to Happy and even thinks to himself that they re not ready for than that yet Next thing we see is that he is prepping Happy for anal sex hide spoiler Wow I had no idea what I was getting into with this one I actually think this might be my 2nd favorite Stormy Glenn after Scales And A Tail I didn t even know this was a spin off I only read 3 of the Blaecleah books Happy broke my heart What he suffered wasthere are no words The love he has for his Mamatoo damn sweet There isn t anything he wouldn t do for her Then Marc comes into his life and opens Happy up to a whole new world I would have liked about the town people though Did they stop harassing Happy now that he s with Marc Did John find out about the bike I mean, it s mentioned once and then it disappeared.
I m looking forward to of this series I would love to see Marc and Happy again.

The start of the Cade Creek series by Stormy Glenn is Happy s Ever After I really enjoyed the character of Happy His name really fits him He is a gentle giant who cares deeply for others despite the hard ships and violence he was raised with Happy deserves the happy ending he gets he has than earned it.
Marc is the perfect man for Happy He is a deputy And a protective man by nature He is patient and kind as well Something that will make him the perfect match for Happy, who has not seen as much of the world as the rest of us.
There are some scenes that are not for the faint of heart The abuse that Happy goes through is really bad, but it was essential to the plot that we know that I felt Ms Glenn handled everything with her usual grace and understand of the I love this story, and I adore Happy.
The beginning of the story it s hearbroken and I wasn t sure if I was able to keep reading because I can t handle abuse in any kind And poor Happy and his Mum for sure were abused.
Luckily the story turn out to be so lovely that I can t wait to keep reading about this new series.
Mind you, for me this is a continuation from the Blaecleah Brothers series, and now we are meeting the people from the Cade Creek Town.
Wonderful idea.
I got confused at a few points through this book Through the start, we are told that it takes Happy little longer to process things in his mind than everyone else While this is consistent through most of the book, there are a few parts where that doesn t seem true at all, and some of these moments are kind of important Also when Happy and Marc first spend the night together I don t get how they go from Happy being unsure and taking things slow to full steam ahead im sorry if his seems unclear but I couldn t think of how to word it without sounding incredible crude

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