Æ Enemy of Mine (The Glimpse Time Travel #1) ¸ Download by ☆ Red L. Jameson

Æ Enemy of Mine (The Glimpse Time Travel #1) ¸ Download by ☆ Red L. Jameson Minerva Ferguson had such a bad day with teaching both her supervisor s and her classes that she didn t have time for her research and writing on military history Yesterday, one of her silly students tossed water on her shirt and she was sick of her boss taking credit for her work and holding up graduating for two years, but what choice did she have as she thought no one would believe her over Dr Peabody Years ago after her dad died, she had learned to play along with her mom s desires and not speak up for herself as it was so much easier Her mother was always telling her what to do and wear and she secretly didn t tell about her life and her plans but made her think she was pursuing goals she thought would help her get a man She awoke to find two women dressed in golden togas in he Very fast paced, and instant romance was happening the moment the two characters met for the first time, I actually kinda like this because I don t have to read so many pages just to see slow progess on every page LOLThe ending though, wasn t really my favorite I truly wished Erva could just stay in the past because she shined so much there and I believe she could be really useful in the past instead of went back to the future, also Will could still become a military General or even greater But then it is what it is Still a good book nevertheless, recommended I loved this book by this new author This book starts this new trilogy with a bang and I have already purchased the next book The book involves time travel, takes place at the beginning of the revolutionary war, 2 quirky muses, an adorable historian, and a vulnerable alpha male I laughed, I cried, and I rolled my eyes I felt transported to this time and the ending definitely did not disappoint.

I guess it s like 3,5 stars than 3 I liked the story, especially I liked Will and Paul a lot Oh, I would like to know about Paul.
This was quite well written and the story line was interesting.
The only problem that I had was Erva and it lowered the rating I felt that she was just too perfect She seemed to be good in everything she did and I didn t like it I found her a bit selfish too, yes, I could understand why she wanted Will to resign, but there was other things she did said that made her seem a little too selfish I didn t get the feeling that she really was the one for Will.
But all in all Enemy of Mine was a good, entertaining reading.
Oh yeah, And I loved the Muses.
It s not about whether the book is historically factual, but about the storyline What an amazing way to check out history, and to find oneself Hilarious in some places, thought provoking in others One of the most intriguing time travel tales I have read.
Enemy Mine is a misleading title There are no enemies in this book rather than a lot of misunderstandings coming from the heroine s side Erva has misjudged over and over poor Will.
It was a nice read To many descriptions instead of dialogue for my taste A sweet romance, a kind hearted and romantic man.
What it didn t work for me was the time spent in the past by Erva not enough barely a week and then one chapter spent on the ending in the future This created a huge imbalance in the story.
It did not deter me from wanting to continue with the next book.
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The Captain s Review Warning Content from the book is mentioned here, although not necessarily spoiler worthy Time travel romance is an interesting genre The actual science magic trickery used to achieve such an effect cannot be hand waved away I thought the explanation for how and why our modern day heroine, Minerva Erva Ferguson, has suddenly found herself back in 1776 was quite unique While such a thing as time travel requires a bit of suspension of disbelief, I found the reasoning if reasoning can even been such a thing where Timey Wimey is concerned sound enough to accept As it is, Minerva is sent into the past by two muses, one of history and the other of romance The idea being that her passion and dedication for the time period makes her deserving of a glimpse of actual history That a Kidnapping Mortals To Different Eras Is Such Fun Trickster Muse Sisters, Clio And Erato, Call It A Glimpse, But Military Historian Minerva Ferguson, Erva, Is Fairly Certain She S Gone Nuts When She Wakes Two Hundred Miles From Her Apartment And Two Hundred Years In The Past To Brooklyn, In An Unfamiliar Manse, During The American Revolutionary War, She S Not Too Sure How To Regain Her Sanity Especially When She Realizes Whose Mansion She S Just Woken In, The One British General She Studied Than Anything Else, Lord William Hill When Will Hears Erva S Screams Of Panic, He Breaks Down A Door To Save Her, Even If He Can T Quite Remember Why She S Visiting She Calms, Though, The Instant She Sees Him, As If They Ve Known Each Other For Eons From The Second He Sees Her Dressed In A Toga Made From A Bed Sheet To Later When She S With His Troops, Wooing Them With Her Musket Skills, He Realizes He S Smitten But He S A Weary Soldier, Shrouded In Grief, While She Reminds Him Of A Sun Goddess Is She Too Good For Him Lord, How He Wants Her To Want Him How Could Erva Not Fall For A Guy Who Accidentally Quotes A Cheap Trick Song But Now She Has To Get To The Bottom Of If Will Is Really A Rake, How To Stop One Of The Most Important Battles Of The War, And Lastly How To Stop Her Insane Crush On The General After All, He S Going To Die In Less Than A Week The Muses Have To Work Fast For This Glimpse But That S When They Work Best And As Explosions Erupt Through New York, Sometimes It S Not From The Artillery As a lover of many time travel novels, I enjoyed this book It was well researched and was an enjoyable story It has humor, suspense and romance It s the story of a beautiful Harvard trained historian stuck in her career because she won t stand up for herself Her doctoral dissertation, which hasn t been approved, focuses on the American Revolution In this glimpse, she is sent back to really get to know the general she has written about What really took away from the quality of the storyline was the atrocious, or probably lack of, editing For an author who has written professional historical papers, grammatical lapses like those seen in this book are inexcusable Some examples follow cantor instead of canter to describe a horse s g I love time travel romances This is my first by this author and my first involving the American Revolution I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the time period and the way the author cleverly wove it through the story Actually, there are so many aspects about this book to admire and enjoy The development of the two main characters was perfectly timed and beautifully fulfilled The secondary characters were not just thrown in, but added depth to the storyline The storyline could have been weighed down with extraneous bits where our heroine shares her extensive knowledge of weapons and tactics However, that was not the case There was just enough information to make it interesting and very pertinent to the heroine

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