Trailer Ú The Scriptwriter PDF by Ò Adeerus Ghayan

Trailer Ú The Scriptwriter PDF by Ò Adeerus Ghayan The Scriptwriter Is A Politico Military Thriller Set In Pakistan Amidst Political Turmoil In The Second Half Of Novel S Theme Is Based On The International Espionage Net That Covers South Asian And Middle Eastern Region Caught In This Net Is The Elected Government Of Pakistan Which Is Accused By The Opposition Of Having Come In Power Via Fraudulent Elections The Plot Is Centered Upon The US Preparations For Attack On The Islamic State Of Iraq And Levant Syria And Its Involvement In Pakistani PoliticsIt Will Be Available For Free Download From To Oct On Kindle The story is too panoptic, and thus made it impossible for me to follow with any interest The chapters are short and jump from one place to another making it even challenging The story is supposed to be an action based clash between ISI and CIA carried out in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Australia and USA Maybe someone with a taste for action novels might enjoy this much better Trata sobre politica y espionaje que parece ser que son la misma cosa en Afganistan y Pakistan.
Esta basado en hechos reales aunque no lo diga en ningun sitio, las marchas ocurrieron en realidad y practicamente todo lo que se explica ocurrio en realidad Que yo sepa todos los nombres estan cambiados.
Esto es muy interesante y he aprendido mucho sobre Pakistan.
Mis mayores problemas con el libro es primero el lenguaje, que parece muy simple y a veces escaso para lo que intenta describir Y segundo es la cantidad de personajes con nombre similares o que aparecen cada muchas paginas Al final acabas preguntandote quien es esta persona sobre la que estas leyendo porque la perdiste hace 50 paginas y ahora reaparece sin darte ni una pista de quien era.

Adeerus Ghayan is the author of numerous fiction and non fiction titles all of which are being made available through Kindle Publishing platform.His fiction focuses on socio politico military themes In his novels he has raised attention towards many issues which are considered taboo even in this century, namely inter religious tensions, military interventions, Western involvement in forei