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↠´ My Own Story ☆ Download by ✓ Emmeline Pankhurst Well worth reading The way the establishment fought against women s voting rights is scary and it wasn t that long ago They also unsurprisingly manipulated the press and reneged on promises Films like Suffragette only show the half of it.
That said this is Emmeline s versions of events, worth reading are the books by Jill Liddington Rebel Girls, and One Hand Tied Behind Us which give a much broader view Noteworthy omissions in Mrs P s book include her estranged daughter Adela who was shipped off to Australia.
Most people have heard of Emmeline Pankhurst and her campaign for women s suffrage up to 1914 In this book she gives us her view of it and the reasons for the growing militancy in the WSPU she founded She wanted representation on the same terms as men in national elections, which is only fair.
The UK electoral franchise before the Great War was very unfair Only a minority of wealthier men could vote The Liberal Party, when in power, introduced three Representation of the People Acts, which increased the number of men eligible to vote and extended the franchise across the social spectrum They wanted representation for all men, without wealth or householder qualification, which is only fair.
The fourth Act gave all adult males over 21 the right to vote and also extended this right to women over thirty who were registered as resident, married to a resident or a graduate in a The Closing Paragraphs Of This Book Were Written In The Late Summer Of , When The Armies Of Every Great Power In Europe Were Being Mobilised For Savage, Unsparing, Barbarous Warfare Against One Another, Against Small And Unaggressive Nations, Against Helpless Women And Children, Against Civilisation Itself How Mild, By Comparison With The Despatches In The Daily Newspapers, Will Seem This Chronicle Of Women S Militant Struggle Against Political And Social Injustice In One Small Corner Of Europe Yet Let It Stand As It Was Written, With Peace So Called, And Civilisation, And Orderly Government As The Background For Heroism Such As The World Has Seldom Witnessed The Militancy Of Men, Through All The Centuries, Has Drenched The World With Blood, And For These Deeds Of Horror And Destruction Men Have Been Rewarded With Monuments, With Great Songs And Epics The Militancy Of Women Has Harmed No Human Life Save The Lives Of Those Who Fought The Battle Of Righteousness Time Alone Will Reveal What Reward Will Be Allotted To The WomenThis We Know, That In The Black Hour That Has Just Struck In Europe, The Men Are Turning To Their Women And Calling On Them To Take Up The Work Of Keeping Civilisation Alive Through All The Harvest Fields, In Orchards And Vineyards, Women Are Garnering Food For The Men Who Fight, As Well As For The Children Left Fatherless By War In The Cities The Women Are Keeping Open The Shops, They Are Driving Trucks And Trams, And Are Altogether Attending To A Multitude Of BusinessWhen The Remnants Of The Armies Return, When The Commerce Of Europe Is Resumed By Men, Will They Forget The Part The Women So Nobly Played Will They Forget In England How Women In All Ranks Of Life Put Aside Their Own Interests And Organised, Not Only To Nurse The Wounded, Care For The Destitute, Comfort The Sick And Lonely, But Actually To Maintain The Existence Of The Nation Thus Far, It Must Be Admitted, There Are Few Indications That The English Government Are Mindful Of The Unselfish Devotion Manifested By The Women Thus Far All Government Schemes For Overcoming Unemployment Have Been Directed Towards The Unemployment Of Men The Work Of Women, Making Garments, Etc Has In Some Cases Been Taken AwayAt The First Alarm Of War The Militants Proclaimed A Truce, Which Was Answered Half Heartedly By The Announcement That The Government Would Release All Suffrage Prisoners Who Would Give An Undertaking Not To Commit Further Crimes Or Outrages Since The Truce Had Already Been Proclaimed, No Suffrage Prisoner Deigned To Reply To The Home Secretary S Provision A Few Days Later, No Doubt Influenced By Representations Made To The Government By Men And Women Of Every Political Faith Many Of Them Never Having Been Supporters Of Revolutionary Tactics Mr McKenna Announced In The House Of Commons That It Was The Intention Of The Government, Within A Few Days, To Release Unconditionally, All Suffrage Prisoners So Ends, For The Present, The War Of Women Against Men As Of Old, The Women Become The Nurturing Mothers Of Men, Their Sisters And Uncomplaining Helpmates The Future Lies Far Ahead, But Let This Preface And This Volume Close With The Assurance That The Struggle For The Full Enfranchisement Of Women Has Not Been Abandoned It Has Simply, For The Moment, Been Placed In Abeyance When The Clash Of Arms Ceases, When Normal, Peaceful, Rational Society Resumes Its Functions, The Demand Will Again Be Made If It Is Not Quickly Granted, Then Once The Women Will Take Up The Arms They To Day Generously Lay Down There Can Be No Real Peace In The World Until Woman, The Mother Half Of The Human Family, Is Given Liberty In The Councils Of The World Emmeline Pankhurst, principale rappresentante del movimento delle suffragette, si batt contro l ostilit del governo che non voleva riconoscere il diritto di voto alle donne La protesta, iniziata in modo pacifico interrompendo i discorsi dei rappresentati politici con una domanda ripetuta all infinito Il governo liberale dar il voto alle donne , non ottenendo che qualche vaga promessa destinata a perdersi nel nulla sfoci in atti di rappresaglia Emmeline e le donne del movimento subirono maltrattamenti, arresti, processi e condanne severeHanno deciso che per gli uomini vigliacco e disonorevole restare silenziosamente inerti dinanzi a regole tiranniche che impongono su di loro vincoli di schiavit , ma che per le donne la stessa cosa non sarebbe vigliacca e disonorevole, solo dignitosa Bene, le suffragette ripudiano nel modo pi assoluto questa doppia scala d Emmeline s own account up to 1914, before she threw herself into the war effort, but before 1918 when women s suffrage was finally granted Written in a report style and full of political details I skimmed over, but an amazing story of a long, bitter struggle against a stubborn male dominated political system holding tightly onto their patriarchal control of women s rights Her many years working with the poor women, children and the workhouses made clear the hopeless prospects for women They had no rights and nothing could change until they had the vote, and this inspired her life long work.
The writing itself was somewhat detached almost of a daily log than a real autobiography But that did not detract from the bravery and dedication of the suffragettes and their allies, nor from the frustrating sexism and misogyny they dealt with daily I also loved this book because it makes you think about where to draw the line when fighting for one s rights Is there even a line Where does protest become revolution Or insurrection Luckily, a lot has changed in just 100 years enough that reading about the political reality of women at that time seems almost unbelievable But there are some incredible parallels to our modern times that cannot be ignored Specifically, Mrs Pankhurst s often repeated statement that to truly fight for change, you have to hit them where it hurts namely, property That targeting mailboxes and golf courses can do far than all the peaceful marches a The most powerful aspect of My Own Story part autobiography, part history, part justification of militancy is that it was written before the battle for women s votes was won The effect is that the reader comes close to feeling like an real time participant in the escalating battle between the W.
U and the government Pankhurst doesn t necessarily come off as likeable or at times even reasonable, but there is no doubting her courage and the courage of countless other women Although I remain unconvinced by Pankhurst s tactics, this book succeeded in making me understand why so many women believed them necessary.
Una lettura illuminante, a tratti dura, ma che mi ha coinvolto e fatto pensare molto Donne straordinarie che hanno dato tutto per l emancipazione femminile, per acquisire finalmente lo status politico e sociale che gli spettava senza fermarsi mai di fronte a nulla Derise, picchiate, imprigionate, torturate ma sempre pi forti e convinte che stessero lottando per una causa che avrebbe sortito dei cambiamenti sociali radicali ed epocaliDovremmo essere tutte grate a queste figure cos indomite e fiere

Thank god we have people like Emmeline Pankhurst that existed in the world What an inspiring and true pioneer of her generation so dedicated to the suffrage cause and paving the way for future generations of women Incredible story of perseverance, of ardent passion and how a group of committed women incited others to gather together with a single minded purpose This is an important history lesson that should be compulsory learning, how valuable to teach our young girls the lessons of this courageous group of women that sacrificed so much for the sole purpose of gaining the fundamental franchise of equal voting rights It s a frustrating read and I was enraged at the obstacles encountered along the way by archaic mysogynist members of parliament who were intent to block all progress Very surprised to enjoy this so much I thought I knew all I wanted to about Emmeline Pankhurst She was probably the first name I learnt in connection with the suffragette movement and arguably the most well known figure In recent years I ve learned about her life that I didn t like, such as her dismissal of the Pethick Lawrences, disownment of her two younger daughters, her activism in WW1 and some of her militant tactics So what else was there to find out Quite a lot actually Aside from being an interesting autobiography about her suffragette work, it was a very in depth, yet easily understood account of government, leaders, legislation and their inner workings Totally infuriating to read about the sexist, misogynistic attitudes now, but amazing to realise just how much things have changed in 100 years Certainly than Emmeline Pankhurst would ever have believed So I

Emmeline Pankhurst was a British political activist and leader of the British suffragette movement who helped women win the right to vote In 1999 Time named Pankhurst as one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century, stating she shaped an idea of women for our time she shook society into a new pattern from which there could be no going back By Topical Press Agency, photographer unk