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[Rebecca Campbell] ☆ Light is the New Black [boys-love PDF] Read Online ¶ The first 200 pages were great the last 100 were just filled with repetitive messages and waffle I would ve found this effective if I was able to finish reading whilst in the same mind space as when I started however life got in the way and if I d put it down I probably wouldn t have picked it up again 3.
5 5 I think it s safe to say that Rebecca Campbell and I believe some different things Which is ok, obviously respect It is inspiring that she is being vulnerable, living her truth and that she wrote this book It s clear she wants to lift other people up, which we need of in this world and I did find inspiration and wisdom in Light is the New Black In fact let s go positive first I was obsessed with the idea of this book and with chapter titles like Inauthenticity no longer stands a chance, Show up and shine, You re ready, and Be OK with where you are, I was pumped up and ready to love it The quote on the back says Follow what lights you up and you ll light up the world and I am in love with that concept I also loved When Rebecca talked about not knowing Because there is this thing about following your dreams and your passions people make it sound Light is the New Black Is A Guidebook For A New Breed Of Women Who Are Here To Be Bright Lights In The World These Women Are Modern Day Lightworkers, Who Agreed At Soul Level To Be Here At This Time In History, To Bring Us Into The Age Of Light Lead By Spirit And The Divine Feminine At The Peace Conference In Canada In , When The Dalai Lama Said The World Will Be Saved By The Western Woman , It Was A Call To Action For Women Throughout The West Light is the New Black Is A Response To That Call It Guides These Women To Come Back Home To Who They Are At Soul Level, And Embrace Their Uniqueness So They Can Light Up The World In A Way That Only They Can Gone Are The Days Of Following Someone Else S Well Trodden Path In Order To Succeed In This New Age, Everything Must Be An Authentic Expression Of Who We Truly Are A Down To Earth, Relatable Mix Of One Girl S Journey, Channeled Messages From The Universe, Practical Tools, And Metaphysical Marketing For This New Social Age, This Book Will Reconnect You To The Core Of Your Being, So That You Can Use It To Change The World Repetitive waste of time.
This book has some beautiful and inspiring ideas, unfortunately it has a lot nonsense The book was very repetitive and I felt that it build on the work of other authors and exsisting ideas and theories than on her own original ideas Her personal stories felt very self congratulatory and overal the book felt very superficial to me.
I could not even finish this book The back makes it sound interesting but it is full of fluff that made no sense to me whatsoever I m a bit cynical but open to some extents and I do like the mindfulness bits at the back but overall this book is for a select group of individuals that have very unique beliefs and this group definitely does NOT include me.
REVIEW ON BLOG FULL REVIEW Release Date 6th July 2015Genre Spiritual, Self Help Non FictionRead April 2018 May 2018Rating Brief Description Light is the New Black is a guidebook for a new breed of women who are here to be bright lights in the world These women are modern day lightworkers, who agreed at soul level to be here at this time in history, to bring us into the Age of Light lead by spirit and the divine feminine.
At the Peace Conference in Canada in 2009, when the Dalai Lama said The world will be saved by the western woman , it was a call to action for women throughout the West Light is the New Black is a response to that call It guides these women to come back home to who they are at soul level, and embrace their uniqueness so they can light up the world in a way that only they can Gone are the days of following someone else s well trodden This book came into being as the author collated what she d called Rebecca s Thoughts and shared through social media In book form, it s organised into a very engaging narrative of how the author became aware of her interest in the divine, in a spiritual perspective of life and how she for many years ignored it, until she could no longer.
She documents answering the call within her to give over of her life to doing what felt like her calling from the heart, the soul, which required overcoming the intellect, the ego, a culture and a certain kind of education the traditional kind All through this she was studying and learning and filling herself up with trying to understand about that spiritual side of her which cried out for nourishment, up until she committed to answering that call and adapting her life to get into alignment with it.
It s a wonderful read and many women wh

Very inspiring and empowering For those who are already awakened, but weary to share their light like me , this book acts as a confirmation that we re going the right way.
If you always feel like you re searching life for why you re here and it weighs on you every day, wondering what is my purpose , this book is for you.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book Rebecca doesn t use the term God hardly at all, instead keeping it open to people from all walks of life calling the higher power in our lives source , universe and grace , encouraging you to use the word that feels most comfortable to you.
It s written in a easy to read format with diary like entries, affirmations, quotes from influential people and mantras You can choose to read it all through at once or read a chapter per day.
Rebecca shares her spotify and free download to her 12 minute guided meditation, helping even the beginner like me make it a daily part of your life.
She encourages you to find what lights you up , be the light and live in the light Without giving any spoilers, she explains in dep

Rebecca Campbell is a Hay House author, grounded intuitive, spiritual mentor, six sensory teacher and co creator of The Spirited Project and one of Hay House s freshest voices Rebecca has been studying metaphysics since her first awakening when she was a teenager She went on to enjoy a successful career in advertising as a creative director before she was 30.Drawing on this unique experience, Re