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[ Read Online Claiming His Wife (Domestic Discipline, #4) Ë woodwork PDF ] by Golden Angel Ë This series got better with each book I really love how Golden Angel tied all the books together It made it so much fascinating to read Each book added a new couple to focus on and in this one when the wives get together, it is absolutely hilarious and so very steamy when they get caught being mischievous The entire quartet kept me entranced from the first page to the last This couple have been estranged for years and neither have been celibate He s admitted to his mistakes and wants his wife back I liked that he was so willing to let her having had lovers stay in the past and didn t want to judge her The other men gave him a better idea of how to keep a marriage happy, and she saw how their wives were happy I struggled to understand why the question of pregnancy never arose but I found the characters interesting, the pace was good so I forgave that little issue Loved it.
This Is The Fourth And Final Book In The Domestic Discipline Quartet Alex Has Made A Lot Of Mistakes, But He Is Determined To Reconcile With His Estranged Wife, Grace He S Willing To Put Their Past Problems Where He Thinks They Belong In The Past But Insults And Disrespect Will Be Met With Discipline He S Seen The Marriages His Friends Have, And Decided To Take A Page From Their books Unfortunately For Him, Grace Is Not So Willing To Let Go Of Past Hurts, Although She Has No Choice But To Go With Him When He Basically Kidnaps Her And Takes Her To Bath At Least Her Friends Are There For Moral Support, While She Does Her Best To Discover Exactly Why Her Husband Is So Intent On Reconciliation Rather Than Divorce Hugh And Irene Are Blissfully Happy, Having Declared Their Love For Each Other, But They Seem To Be The Only Ones Eleanor Is Pregnant And Worried That Her Condition Will Mean The End Of Overt Affection And Desire From Her Husband Especially As He Hasn T Declared Any Kind Of Finer Feelings For Her She Thinks Edwin Doesn T Realize She S With Child, And Worries Over How To Prod A Declaration From Him Meanwhile, Everyone Is Gathered In Bath For Wesley S Wedding To The Brazen And Rebellious Cynthia When These Four Women Get Together, It S No Wonder That Both Trouble And Bright Red Bottoms Loom On The Horizon Each Of Their Husbands Is Bound And Determined To Claim And Tame His Willful Wife This books Contains Adult Situations, Including Spankings, Whippings, Backdoor Play, And Explicit Scenes A thrillingly hot conclusion to this wonderful quartet of books and couples I totally adored this last book, I swooned at how Eleanor finally got her answer, I enjoyed catching up with them all and I LOVED the achingly beautiful reunion of Grace and Alex The books are unusual in that each one has added and point of views, yet never once did I struggle to follow the plot or to know which character I was hearing Excellent writing, plenty of red hot spankingand beyondscenes, wonderful characters and an amazing plot made reading this book and indeed the whole quartet an absolute delight.
If you love spanking Domestic Discipline stories, historical romances or just a darn good sexy read then I highly recommend this series It s well worth investing your time, money and heart in.
Wesley and Cynt I enjoyed this whole series and was satisfied with the ending The book was easy to read and the author did well with the content and historical data Spelling and grammar were good Loved the characters and the way that the author presented men in this time period, today they appear arrogant but in that time the suffrages had not yet arisen These men were known as gentlemen and in their own class were quite well behaved but in the poorer classes women were treated much harshly and had to complain about Also loved the fashion and antics of the women to get what they wanted, but that too could be seen as manipulative as some authors such as Mary Shelly have pointed out, feeling that was not really appropriate behaviour for women who wanted to get equal standing with their husbands, which is a very pertinent point I was fascinated with the use of ginger as punishment Great Story Series Great Audible Listen Claiming His WifeDomestic Discipline Series, Book 4By Golden AngelNarrated by S KittenI loved this series and all of it s featured characters This is Alex and Grace s story but it includes the characters from the earlier books and a continuation of their storylines which are intertwined in one way or another In this book they will all be together meeting for Wesley and Cynthia s wedding Alex is trying to woo his wife back and takes her with him to join the other couples May be than one wife getting claimed in this book The lead males in the series, Edwin, Hugh, Wesley and Alex, are nobleman in their time and friends They are the discipliners of their woman, Eleanor, Irene, Cynthia and This last part of the series made me laugh and cry as everyone finally found their happy after.
Edwin finally understood what Eleanor needed,Wesley made the best choice his ward,Cynthia could ask for and Alex decision that his wife,Grace, had spent enough time away from him,was the best Grace didn t agree at first.
but he did his best to make her see they belonged together.
Cynthia was.
i adored her She was s curious,and yet s innocent.
getting into trouble with Wesley being her favorite pasttime,i just loved her antics And Grace.
poor girl,i was so glad to finally see her and Alex working past their troubles,she s deserved to get her own piece of heaven The only couple that was already happy,Hugh and Irene,deepened their bond In spite or because of Hugh s firm hand,i m no This is the last book in the series.
This story is about Alex and Grace They are already married but have been separated for a couple of years Alex wants Grace back and this story is about how he gets her back.
I love reading about what Alex is going through to get Grace back He is such a gentleman and I feel for him and Grace The book brings all the couples back in to this story and Cynthia keeps getting all the ladies into mischief I enjoyed this series and I have read just about everything Golden Angel has written This author is amazing.

Lovely conclusion to the series.
Mixed feelingsI have mixed feelings about this book I was glad to finally have a happily ever after for the four couples in this serial, but it still bothers me that it s a serial, not a series There are parts of it that made me sad The societal norms during the period the arrogance of the men, the double standard in acceptable behavior, the lack of open communication I m thinking period pieces may not be my genre It is well written for what it is, so if you like historical domestic discipline stories, it may be just your thing.

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