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î Read ↠´ Pray Like a Gourmet by David Brazzeal ✓ The book is a glorious 12 course meal, part recipe book and part inspiration I would recommend it to anyone whose food intake has become bland, processed or limited to rote David will definitely kick start your taste buds.
I really wasn t expecting to like this one, I don t even remember why I requested it, other than maybe a vague Jesus is your jam, food is your jam, you can t not request this book knee jerk For one thing, the title It rhymes What s that about Also, book long metaphors hardly ever hold up they look good for two chapters, and by the halfway point you re ready to throw the book through the nearest window The book arrived, and there were all these colors and different fonts Oh, it was going to be a mess My first heart in the margin shorthand for love this is on the second page My first exclamation point good point review note is on the fifth, and it just never stopped I loved this book Brazzeal expertly uses his meal me This book is a good introduction to meditation, to entering into a relationship with the mystery of God It is a gentle, readable and kind guide to prayer In fact it is to easy, to gentle Prayer is a relationship with a wild, restless God , and the God presented here is one who has been placed in the tabernacle The God introduced here is a domesticated God But over all it is is an introduction that can lead one into a relationship with God.
Rich resource David Brazzeal s Pray Like a Gourmet Creative Ways to Feed Your Soul is so much like a fine meal full of new treats and future relishes in the Christian spiritual life of prayer Brazzeal offers a number of prayer recipes from his own experiences He describes many simple prayer activities designed to help one break out of his or her prayer time rut Throughout the process, the author encourages the reader to live with gratitude and to take note of the world in which we live Not since Richard Foster s Prayer which Brazzeal often cites have I read a better book on the various practices of Christian prayer, and Pray Like a Gourmet is filled with so much creativity that I could never do the book the justice it deserves in a review.
Brazzeal advocates a number of different ways to practice prayer and meditation such as

Prayer is relationship It is important to spend time enhancing our relationship with God We can get in a rut in any relationship and can need a refresh Pray Like a Gourmet is definitely refreshing I was initially concerned about the association with food If you think about it though, food is one of our basic needs like love and relationship, so we can all relate easily to this analogy I like the mix of traditional and creative prayers with a simple or complex mode according to your wants and needs in your prayer life You can literally use your whole self mind, body and spirit and all your gifts and talents as a gift to God in prayer.
One of my favorite parts of the book is the analogy in the introduction about a meal in France versus American f I picked up this book at the library this weekend, and finished it in 2.
5 days time I thought it sounded interesting, as it is about two things I love, Jesus and Food Using metaphors of food, Brazzeal discusses different practices of prayer and time spent with God and how to enhance your prayer life It definitely had some creative ideas, some that I will be trying out, and some that were a bit off the wall in my opinion It was a decent read overall, and if you are in need of improving your prayer life, I would recommend it.
Using the metaphor of food for prayer, author David Brazzeal wrote this book to help readers re imagine prayer in the same way that living in France and sampling French food has changed his own understanding of prayer Throughout his book, Brazzeal gives readers a taste of different ways of praying He includes ancient practices like lectio divina and the Jesus Prayer, but I found myself most drawn to his other creative ways of praying See my review How to Get More Life in Your Prayer Life.
David takes the simplicity of gospel and makes it come alive in a most imaginative way Using metaphors of food, he leads the reader through practices of prayer and time with God that enrich our relationship with the Father Pray Like a Gourmet is written for the seasoned follower of Jesus but also for those who are new to the faith I was thrilled to be able to read an advanced copy I absolutely recommend this book to you who want to deepen their faith.
Imagine That Prayer Could Be Like Savoring A Fine French Meal A Flow Of Engaging Courses Featuring Creative Recipes, Infusing All Your Senses, And Enticing A Return For Is It Possible Yes Creative Doesn T Actually Do This Book Justice David Brazzeal Stirs Together A Love Of French Dining And His Innovative Prayer Practices With A Dash Of International Adventure To Concoct An Inspiring, Reinvigorating Prayer Experience Fun, Yet Profound, From Confession To Meditation, From Observing To Lamenting To Praising, This Book Is Full Of Practical Ideas Some Can Be Used Immediately To Spice Up Your Next Prayer Time Others Take A Lifetime To Master Some Can Be Used With Groups, While Others Work Well Throughout The Day

David Brazzeal makes his home in France where he enjoys warm baguettes from the boulangerie and fresh cheese from the march Since 1986 alongside his wife Sanan, David has worked with the International Mission Board in Brazil, Guadeloupe, Qu bec and France, playing a leading role in five innovative new churches Whether writing poetry, creating guerrilla labyrinths, or electro meditative music, h