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[Bridget Foley] é Hugo & Rose [modern PDF] Ebook Epub Download í I had high expectations for this one Rose, is 30 something and ever since she was a little girl, she dreams about the same island where her playmate is Hugo a little boy who has aged alongside her every night She dreams this dream every single time she goes to sleep and entertains her children the next day with her stories of Hugo and their quest to reach Castle City on the island This is a quest which is thwarted nightly by the dangers on the island, and it seems as if they will never get there Hugo has become something of a legend in her house with the kids seeing him as a superhero type figure and husband Josh learning to live with the other man in her life Rose is in for a shock when she finally bumps into the real life Hugo The real life Hugo is nothing like the sexy sweet young man in her dreams h To preface I read this book after meeting the author, I m planning to write an article on the process of recording an audiobook and she was nice enough to give me access to the recording.
Of course, meeting the author and liking her has little to do with liking the book I was worried I wouldn t like it, worried I d have to listen to the whole thing when I wasn t enjoying it Happily, I liked it very much even though this book tends to fall into the categories of books I don t really go for Which explains why I didn t request a galley when I could have pre release Unhappy housewife books can rub me wrong I ve been that woman, so to some extent this is just not wanting to read about a territory I already know quite well, and in other cases it can be all about privileged women and stories with no real stakes I won this in a goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review This was up and down for me, at times it was very interesting and other times, I was hmm It s a lovely idea but I couldn t get fully invested in it.
Don t get me wrong, it s not a bad book and the writing pulls you into the story just not in love with it Rose s inner thoughts annoyed me alot of the time and a few instances I wanted to smack her Hugo came as a tad creepy sometimes too A like not love situation, I would go for it and read the book if you are still curious about it for me this was a sort of miss Side note I would love to see Hugo s comic book about the Island adventures.
Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an opportunity to read an advance copy of Hugo Rose I don t think I was the intended audience for this book, but I m not sure who is The premise starts as somewhat of an interesting thought experiment what if a character from a recurring dream crossed over into your real life In the vein of much contemporary domestic fiction, it starts with a bored stay at home mother Rose What saves her from boredom is a dream she has been returning to every night since childhood involving Hugo and a magic world they are trying to attain Ok a magic world with monsters isn t really my thing I tend to stay away from fantasy So when the monsters show up fairly early in the book, I was already on shaky footing And then when Hugo crosses over into Rose s real world as a chubby middle aged man, things get really weird n Click on the banner to read the review on my website You dream the same dream your whole life You re on a magical beach with a beautiful man who saves you from the dangers and treachery the island hides A city filled with castles is seen in the distance but after years of trying you can t quite reach it Then one day you see the man in real life He sees you and it makes you question your reality, your life.
That s the premise of Hugo Rose I was so intrigued by it and just had to pick up the book It took me a really long time to get into the book, and by the end, I really think the book didn t live up the book as a whole.
Rose is a mother to three kids and happily married to Josh, an ER doctor Rose is in the trenches of motherhood Her point of view is brut Initials thoughts 1 The writing was good and the story flew naturally The last twenty pages hooked me and I was curious to know the ending, although I didn t like the epilogue.
2 Rose annoyed me in some parts of the book, especially her behaviour towards her kids and husband I really liked Josh and I felt sympathetic to him, such an amazing husband.
3 What I didn t like too much was that at some point Rose kept bringing Hugo up and she thought only of him, even when she wasn t supposed to.
4 I loved the prologue and the first chapter, I loved the way the author described Rose s past concerning him, but as the story kept going the style of writing wasn t so good as it was in the beginning I don t know how to explain it, but it lost me somewhere.
I m so sad that I Rose Is Disappointed With Her Life, Though She Has No Reason To Be She Has A Beautiful Family And A Perfectly Nice House In The Suburbs But To Rose, This Ordinary Life Feels Overshadowed By Her Other Life The One She Leads Every Night In Her DreamsAfter A Childhood Accident, Rose S Dreams Take Her To A Wondrous Island Fraught With Adventure On This Island, She Has Never Been Alone She Shares It With Hugo, A Brave Boy Who S Grown Up With Her Into A Hero Of A ManBut When Rose Stumbles Across Hugo In Real Life, Both Her Real And Dream Worlds Are Changed Forever Here Is The Man Who Has Shared All Of Her Incredible Adventures In Impossible Places, Who Grew Up With Her, Even If They Aren T What Either One Imagined Their Chance Encounter Begins A Cascade Of Questions, Lies, And A Dangerous Obsession That Threatens To Topple Everything She Knows Is She Willing To Let Go Of Everything She Holds Dear To Understand Their Extraordinary Connection And Will It Lead Her To Discover Who She Truly Wants To Be eARC NetgalleyThe concept is original and I was looking forward to this book but it just never seemed to live up to its potential.
Rose irritated me to no end with her constant whining and negativity She had a pretty easy life except her surgeon husband worked long hours It didn t seem to matter to her that he adored her.
Hugo initially seemed like a Peter Pan type character, but he quickly became a creepy loser I started to rate it three stars, but I just couldn t justify it Maybe 2.
5 stars is accurate.
I guess this was about having a traumatic brain injury as a child Hugo and Rose is just not a believable work of fiction The fantasy dream parts were down right boring It made me want to go fold laundry Why had the universe conspired to send her dreams of the same person every night of her life and then present him to her now, when there was nothing to be done about it When her life was already locked into place Her husband chosen Children born Investment plans selected.
How inconvenient it all was To meet the man from her dreams now.
I was initially drawn to this book for its creative synopsis as well as, let s face it, its beautiful cover , and while it isn t everything I hoped for it to be, it definitely surprised me in many areas, and I m glad I was able to give it a chance.
Rose is a jaded housewife a self admitted bad mother and wife who hates tending to her kids and putting up with her loyal husband

Bridget Foley lives just outside of Seattle Hugo Rose is her first novel.