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Þ Focused: Staying on Track, One Choice at a Time Í Download by ☆ Noelle Pikus Pace In Her First Book, Olympic Silver Medalist Noelle Pikus Pace Shares Ten Vital Lessons That Have Been Instrumental To Her Success In Sports And In Life From Overcoming Devastating Injuries To Pursuing Her Dreams Despite Feelings Of Inadequacy And Loneliness To Maintaining Her Values In The Face Of Extreme Pressure, Noelle Tells Of Heartbreak And Triumph In A Warm, Conversational Style As She Shares Insights To Help Others Focus On The Right Priorities And Find The Faith To Stay Strong With Dozens Of Full Color Photographs, Motivating Observations, And Soul Searching Reflections, Chapters Such As You Always Have A Choice, Dare To Stand Alone, And The World Is Watching Offer A Unique Perspective For Readers Of All Ages As They Strive To Stay On Track The Challenges And Opportunities Of Everyday Life I m getting the Olympic Fever I am so ready to binge watch all of the Olympics come February It has been way too long why can t they be every year I loved listening to Noelle s story I had no idea that she was hit by a bobsled and somehow bounced back to win an Olympic medal some years later I remember watching her and seeing her celebrate with her cute family I also may have gotten teary eyed listening to the end of this I loved hearing how she got started in the Skeleton, it s not exactly a common sport I also loved listening to all the interviews and her workout schedules that she participated in I found it so interesting I also loved hearing how important her faith was is in her training and in her life This book is a winner It makes me so motivated All right I ll admit it She is identifiable because she lives a few towns over Or she grew up a few towns over I have no idea if she s still there I d totally stalk her if I had the time She is extraordinary in that she is a woman athlete who is world class Skeleton How many people do you know that claims skeleton as their sport I m sure I ve met a few since Park City is a 40 minute drive, but it s never come up in a conversation, oddly enough But world class Olympic gold winner Exceptionally extraordinary And yetShe s also very ordinary If she lived next door, the difference between her and the rest of us is that she disappears for weeks at a time during the winter But so does my neighbor She goes to Singapore to see her family then comes home at the tail end of winter, missing the cold snap, complai Part way through this book I was already rating at a 3, then moved up to a 4, then a 5 I love when books get better as you go I would definitely read parts of this book again Not only does Noelle work hard and strive to be a good person and great competitor, but she is so open about her shortcomings and how she overcame them Hardwork, prayer, priorities, planning were all part of her game plan and so relatable to every day life, not just that of an Olympian I love that she had experiences to stand for what she believed in, and how she shared they weren t that hard because she made choices long before For my reference loved the story of running on a 2 foot wide board in the sky and her sharing her experience modeling for an Olympic photo shoot as a size 10 As i write those two i think of , the grass, who s your competition, praying reading scriptures.
Amazing w Great story Very inspirational Watching this years Winter Olympics inspired me to read Noelle s story Part autobiography and part motivational text, this is a very quick read Her audience is definitely young girls, though I still found many positive takeaways from Noelle s story She has a talent not only in the skeleton but in being able to learn lessons from everyday experiences I loved getting an insight to her work ethic, values, sacrifices, dreams, failures, and successes I finished this book feeling uplifted with a resolve to do better and be better.
This book is listed as inspirational, and it is that, but the thing that stood out to me was how down to earth Ms Pace seems like the girl next door It s a quick read and full of Noelle s experiences as she trained for the Olympics which totally kept me turning pages I knew there was a lot of hard work that went into it, but I hadn t realized how much time away from friends and family it requires She s gotten to travel a lot and meet a lot of great people, but it sure wasn t easy all the time Noelle shares how she was asked to do a photo shoot with some other athletes and how she had to take a stand when they asked her to wear a dress that went against her modesty standards She talks about how lonely she was one season and how badly she wanted to fit in an I love Olympians and learning about them because I think what they do is amazing I cannot comprehend the hours and hours of practice it takes to work to become the best in the world at one particular thing I just don t have the discipline and attention span to do that but I love to read about those who do.
What I love about this book is that Noelle is so down to earth She is honest about her life experiences and willing to share what she has learned from both the good and the bad I loved her chapter titled, A Well Balanced Life She and her husband became so involved in playing softball that they neglected other things and it wasn t pretty when they realized what it cost them She also talks about setting goals in different areas of life I m giving this three stars because I think Ms Pace seems like an amazing person, her book is really pretty and her messages are inspirational However, her book is a disjointed, confusing piece without clear direction or themes Honestly, it seems like a series of motivational church talks that she gave over the years that were just thrown together and published after a graphic designer had fun illustrating For writing quality and cohesiveness, it is a one star book For the author s evident strength of character and her stirring messages, it is a five star book I think the fault lies with the publisher here They should have brought on a professional writer and taken this piece, fleshed out the stories, built a shape and flow, created strong themes and motifs, and written for a broad audience This was such an insider Mormon book with no explanation of confusing terms and i I shy away from books that are getting promotion This was one of them Also it s about someone who loves sports and I am not someone like that, so much so that I even avoid sport movies like the plague It s fine they re there and I m sure people like them and they do much good just not my thing, you know So I was avoiding this book, even though I really was captivated by the author s story as I heard it in interviews on the news.
And then a good friend read it and raved about how it was such a good book for these times when so many outside influences want our attention She talked about goals and how setting them and working toward them is addressed in the book.
Goal setting.
All things I avoid.
I was interested but skeptical So I downloaded a free

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