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ß Read ñ Dimitri (Immortals of New Orleans, #6) by Kym Grosso Ú This series goes from strength to strength, just when you think it can t get any better, it does Leopold s story left us on a bit of a cliff hanger Dimitri, who I might add, had already charmed his way under my skin, had gone on vacation, but was under attack I never thought he would wake up in the bed of a beautiful strong women, let alone one that could shift into this incredible animal, yeah not telling We already know Dimitri well, he would make an excellent Alpha, but he is loyal to Logan and the Arcadian Wolves, they re his home He s lived the charmed, carefree life of a batchelor, he could have a different lady every night of the week or maybe longer, he is as honest as the day is long So in a way I was not surprised to realise when he awoke, he was in a women s bed, and this particular women had managed to hea Oh my I think I need a cold shower This is by far the best book in this series Kym Grosso just keeps getting better.
This is the story of Dimitri the Beta of the Acadian Wolves Gillian When last we left Dimitri he was being attacked on the beach And I, as well as many of Ms Grosso s other readers totally freaked out We pick up with Dimitri waking up after Gillian rescued him from a pack of wolves He s tied to the bed almost naked, with a barely clothed women lying next to him At first he doesn t understand what happened, why he s there But soon enough Gillian tells him what happened that she had healed him, including his beast who has been getting weaker weaker for some inexplicable reason And while, under other circumstances, Dimitri might not have a problem with being tied up, it doesn t suit him at that time So, when Gillian won t release him he takes matters into his own ha Another fantastic swoon worthy story from Kym Grosso in her Immortals of New Orleans and it s the best yet DIMITRI just blew my mind and melted my heart.
Dimitri is the Beta of the Acadian Wolves he is tough, fearless and strong willed and just who the Alpha needs by his side And sexy did I say sexy In Leopold s book it ended where Dimitri was attacked on the beach This story story takes right back up with Dimitri waking up finding himself almost naked and tied to a bed beside a breathtaking woman, our heroine, Gillian.
Although Dimitri thought he d never want a permanent woman or a mate in his life, he discovers that not only does he want Gillian in his life, he needs her to save his life and his soul.
The chemistry between Dimitri and our heroine Gillian will have you sighing and crying.
Dimitri by Kym Grosso is the 6th book in this series, and just like the other 5, it did not disappoint At the end of book 5, Leopold s book, Dimitri, the Beta of the Acadian Wolves in New Orleans got attacked on the beach,in San Diego This story is what happens when Dimitri comes around He wakes to find himself tied to the bed and he has been healed by a beautiful woman named Gillian Michel, who just so happens to be the sister of Jax, the alpha of the wolves in New York However this woman is very unique, as she is a tiger shifter, but yet her father was an alpha wolf Gillian is on the run from an alpha wolf, and as attracted as she is to Dimitri she knows she needs to get far away to keep him safe Dimitri follows her with his friend in tow, and they get there just in time, as she is being attacked by the wolves once again Although Dimitri could have killed the

Favorite Quotes I know you think she s something special, but for all you know, she shifts into a skunk Like the shards of a broken mirror clattering unto stone, every presupposition she d had about who she was and what she d expected from love was destroyed NADBB was given the great pleasure of reading Dimitri by Kym Grosso I have to be honest I was a virgin in reading the Immortals of New Orleans series The fact that it was book 6 left me worried I would be lost The fact that it was an immortal series set in New Orleans was an even BIGGER concern for two reasons.
I don t read a lot of paranormal For me to get lost in the story as a paranormal requires The book has to be special and finally and most importantly I am a HUGE HUGE lover of Kresley Cole s IAD series So those are like i Dimitri s Review Kym GrossoWhere to begin in book 6 in the Immortals of New Orleans Series HOT HOT HOT Reviews are really hard for me Finding the right words to express how I feel about a book and its characters is a challenge First off if I could than 5 stars for this book I would have no problem doing so I want to start out by saying I love this series its one of my very favorite but for some reason Dimitri holds a special place for me and Im pretty sure that this might be my favorite in the series Guess time will tell I have waited for this book since I first met Dimitri.
We start out with Gillian saving Dimitri s life Gillian has a secret she doesn t want anyone knowing about and being Dimitri he is willing to pu Dimitri, Immortals of New Orleans series, with every book that comes out I fall in love with these characters.
I ve been excited about his book, Dimitri is sexy, confident, loyal and very much alpha male In Leopold s Wicked Embrace we were left with a cliff hanger not knowing what had happened to Dimitri LeBlanc, the beta for the Acadian Wolves He was attacked and left for dead, but wakes up with a mysterious and beautiful woman who has saved his life Gillian Michel, is a fierce character, I loved her She and Dimitri have an immediate chemistry that set the pages on fire.
Gillian has a clouded past and can t share it with Dimitri, because he is a wolf she has stayed away from them for a reason Dimitri has an evil attached to his wolf that This is book 6 in the Immortals Of New Orleans series and is by far the hottest Fans self Kym Grosso has done it again with DIMITRI Dimitri is the Beta of the Acadian Wolves and his wolf is dying He tells no one and goes off to try to figure it all out He is attacked on the beach and saved by Gillian But, will his wolf be saved or will the sexy BETA become a mortal man Will he find his mate What will happen to this sexy, tough as nails BETA What tragedy will he experience To find out the answers and to experience the hotness that only Dimitri can provide you must read this book Congratulations Kym on another great book An Erotic Paranormal Romance Dimitri LeBlanc, Sexy And Charismatic Beta Of Acadian Wolves, Survives A Brutal Attack After His Wolf Succumbs To A Dark Force, Threatening His Very Existence Waking Up, Tied To A Bed, His Amusement Transforms Into Lust As A Beautiful Stranger Heals His Beast Intrigued By His Mysterious Savior, The Tables Quickly Turn, When In The Heat Of A Dark Desert Night, He Rescues Her From A Barbaric Alpha Dimitri Is Inexplicably Drawn To The Alluring Woman, And The Discovery That She S His Mate Rouses His Hunger To Claim Her As His OwnGillian Michel, A New York City Photographer, Conceals A Secret Hybrid Past And Mystical Abilities An Entire Lifetime, She S Deliberately Avoided Wolves, But A Seductive Encounter With An Irresistible Beta Leaves Her Craving His Touch, His Lips On Hers Passion Ignites Her Desire, Leaving Her Yearning To Submit To The Powerful Wolf Who Tests Her Sexual LimitsDeep In The Heart Of New Orleans, Dimitri And Gillian Seek A Cure To The Parasite Maligning His Mighty Beast Still On The Run From A Malevolent Force, They Lure Their Enemy Into The Bayou Will Gillian Sacrifice Her Gifts To Save The Man She Loves, Destroying Her Own Immortality And Will Dimitri Eradicate The Evil That Has Invaded His Soul While Protecting His Mate From An Adversary Who Threatens To Kill Them Both Warning This Book Contains Several Erotic Love Scenes, Including M F M Menage, And Is Intended For Adult Readers Only

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