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[ Pdf Blown Red (Signy Shepherd, #1) È far-right PDF ] by Susan Philpott ↠´ First novel thriller by a Canadian author Good read, with Canadian, US and Russian links and an introduction to the new protagonist, 20 something full tilt Signy Shepherd Found in a dumpster when she was 2 3, raised in foster homes, Signy is working in a women s shelter in Ontario She s been given the task to drive a young woman, escaping from a Russian in Vancouver via an underground railway for women in danger , across country from Calgary to somewhere north of Toronto, all while the Russian is working with others to track the woman and get her back I m looking forward to the next book in the series, as this one has set the stage The author has worked in the field of mental health support and women s shelters I think the book has lots in it for men, as well as No shortage of action here as the central figure, a feisty young woman, is recruited to the Line, an Underground Railroad helping women in danger across Canada Fast paced and well written, this thriller is a must read.
Like A Runaway Train, Signy Shepherd Has Been Blowing Through Danger Signals All Her Life Recruited To The Line, A Shadowy Underground Railroad Dedicated To Helping Women In Peril, Signy Has No Idea That Her First Solo Case Will Set Her On A A Collision Course With A Renowned Photographer Concealing A Murderous Past A Relentless Tracker With An Explosive Secret And Her Own Violent Demons Set During The Height Of A Brutal Heat Wave, The Pressure Mounts As Signy And Her Young Passenger Race Across Canada Toward A Sanctuary That Proves To Be A Deadly Illusion Entertaining, interesting lead character Enjoyed the Canadian content quite a bit Not sure I ll rush out to continue the series but I ll probably check in with Signy Shepherd again.
BLOWN RED by Susan PhilpottI received a paperback ARC of BLOWN RED through the Goodreads Giveaway program The release date for this book is January 6, 2015 Signey Shepherd is a strong, but emotionally scarred woman Her tough exterior and attitude hide her deep feelings of self doubt Most of the time she is even able to hide those feelings from herself.
Growing up in foster care has left Signey with a desire to help others She is living in the small Ontario town of Linden Valley and working at it s Women s Center Elena Morozov and her parents emigrated to Canada from the Soviet Union when she was a small child In her teen years, her parents were killed in a car accident, but despite her humble background, Elena is on the path to creating a good life for herself She is only a few weeks away from beginning medical school in British Columbia when her whole wo Blown Red by Susan Philpott which I won through Goodreads Giveaways is an exciting and gripping thriller loaded with action and mystery It begins with Signy Shepherd s rescue of a mother and her two children and her violent confrontation with an abusive husband Under investigation for her use of pepper spray against the sadistic man who tried to choke her Signy s recruited by the supervisor of Linden Valley s women s shelter to drive a young woman being hunted by a wealthy and demented businessman from Vancouver to Toronto What she doesn t expect in her race across the northern countryside is to be shadowed by a tracker with an explosive secret that could change her life or to have to face an assassin who wants them dead.
Susan Philpott sets the stage with an underground railroad BLOWN RED by PHILPOTT, SUSAN published 2015.
First novel, Canadian author That was enough to attract me.
This novel is a quick moving action packed drama that, like a James Patterson, or Jeffrey Archer, I would read quickly and give it 3 stars for a good read and good research but not even stardust for the literary strength But, happily to report, as a Canadian, I am pleased that she is not a quick read type of novelist Susan PHILPOTT deserves much than stardust for literary strength Let me explain in my opinion In this novel, the author has shown an ability to cross the line, not follow a strict formula and isn t addressing just the beach crowd There is subtle existentialism in the novel in particularly for women who like the Thomas the Tank Engine metaphor, not only think they can, but also prove they can accomplish what they set out d I love reading suspense and thriller novels, so when I found out Susan Philpott would be speaking in Orillia at The Writers Community of Simcoe County s meeting, I was sure to be in attendance I wanted to hear all about the making of a great Canadian Thriller Susan did not disappoint us She shared many secrets with us regarding how Signy Shepherd went from having no parents, being raised in foster care to becoming a kickass female protagonist in her debut novel.
Signy is complicated, as most females are she makes quick impulsive decisions with determination and courage risking her own life to save others in danger Signy is recruited to be the new conductor on The Line , an underground railroad dedicated to helping abused woman disappear Blown Red is the story of her first solo mission, travelling from

Blown Red starts with two plots threads, both of which are equally nail bitingly tense The book then proceeds to ply these into a single narrative yarn that kept me awake and turning pages much too long past midnight There was no point in trying to go to sleep till I had followed the plot through to the explosive end I tried, but just lay there with my eyes wide open in the dark picturing the scenes I d just read.
Signy Shepherd is Canada s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo she s relentless and damaged, her own worst enemy and a battered woman s best friend Signy is a devil playing on the side of the angels This is a female protagonist we can cheer for and empathize with one who has us holding our breath every few pages as she makes another risky decision I look forward to meeting her again very soon between t originally posted on citygirlscapes.
comI love books that are set in Canada, or specifically, in around Toronto where I currently live Susan Philpott shows her Canadian pride in her debut novel Blown Red, scattering familiar landmarks surrounding my fair city throughout these pages I immediately felt connected to the book and to the characters.
Blown Red is basically a thrilling road trip across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto, with Signy Shepard escorting a young girl down the line to a safe house in Toronto The line is a modern day underground railroad, transporting abused and endangered women through a line of other women until they are somewhere safe and well away from their abusers It s a really interesting premise and a detailed operation Of course, along the way Signy hits so

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