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[ Pdf Hearts Desire (Shores of Indian Lake #2) Þ martial-arts PDF ] by Catherine Lanigan ô Heart s Desire is the second book in Lanigan s Shores of Indian Lake series which now includes nine books I haven t read book one or any of the other books , so I struggled a bit with all of the characters Not only are there many plot threads going on, but the story is told from many, many perspectives You d expect to read things from the main characters points of view, but Mrs Beabots Some lady named Louise Every time the book shifted to a perspective that wasn t Nate s or Maddie s, I was jarred out of the story I would ve enjoyed the book had it been only told from two points of view.
I loved reading about Maddie s quest to franchise her Cupcakes and Coffee Cafe The whole process was fascinating and complicated, as Alex, the investment firm employee helping her secure an investor, had that business on his mind Then, just as everything seemed to be going right with Madd I won this is a goodreads giveaway The book is the second in the Shores of Indian Lake, but can be read without having read the others just fine The protagonist is Maddie Strong, who has a cupcake business and is looking to turn it into a franchise Her love interest is Nate Barzonni, her boyfriend in high school who proposed to her, and then disappeared for eleven years He has finally come home, and the characters struggle to come to grasp with their feelings after so long of being apart, but never having forgotten each other Further complication is thrown in when Alex, a businessman who can help give Maddie her franchise, reveals that he would also like to be a bigger part of Maddie s life, beyond just business I thought the book was easy to r Heart s Desire is book two from the Shores of Indian Lake series by Catherine Lanigan I have not read the first book in the series and had no problem getting into the story This is, also, my first introduction of this author s work I thoroughly enjoyed it Maddie is a fun character to get to know Nate is one character full of mystery and intrigue to me I did not care too much for Alex but he fit nicely into the plot Heart s Desire is a delightful read that I thought was worth sitting down for a few hours It is heartwarming, cute, sweet, clean and romantic I did not care that it was slightly predictable Definitely, worth putting on a reader s must read list I give it a well deserved 5 stars and look forward to reading others in the Shores of Indian Lake series, as well as, by Catherine Lanigan I received this book from the publis

I ve only read books 6 and 7 in the series, but it was fun being back in Indian Lake Heart s Desire was a captivating story that had me hooked from the bridal shop scene I liked Maddie, a lot, and found her determination of reaching her goal of franchising her shop admirable However, I didn t like how she was dating two guys at the same time or the way she handled things after making her decision between them.
All in all, this was an enjoyable read and I m glad to have read it I m excited that this book was made into a Hallmark TV movie and definitely plan to watch it once it airs I received a complimentary copy of this book to review I was asked to give my honest opinion of the book which I have done 3.
5 stars I would like to thank Prism Book Tours for giving me this item My opinion and review were not influenced by this gift.
It s always interesting to find a new author only to discover they have been writing for a long time Catherine Lanigan has written many books, and I imagine they are all as good as Heart s Desire The first thing I noticed about the book was the wonderful descriptions that were used Such beautiful imagery was used throughout the book The author also went into detail about the rigors of Naval training in a way I have not seen before, and also the description of heart surgery Ok, I have to confess that did make me a little queasy Yeah, I m a wimp when it comes to that kind of thing Nevertheless, it was very int Interesting in parts especially when Maddie is working to expand her business I really loved her but Nate was a bit self centered and never, to me, grew beyond the kid that skipped town after asking her to marry him and never once letting her know why for over ten years I d have liked him if he had stood up to his father and honesty tried to whoo Maddie instead of taking her for granted because he was a big time cardiologist.
spoiler alert He changed but only at the end as if the author needed to end the book.
As long as each book stands alone, I m fine with coming in late to a series Despite my best intentions, though, I don t make it to the earlier books As is the case with Catherine Lanigan s Shores of Indian Lake books So I was thrilled when the opportunity to read one of the second book written in this series came about It was a treat to get to go back in time a little to the true introduction of the Barzonni family.
What struck me most about this book is the exploration of changing dreams Remember when you were in high school and thought your future was all mapped out for you How did those dreams work out Probably about the same as they did for Nate and Maddie Strong When life brings them back together, eleven years later, each has new goals and dreams As they admit the mistakes of their His Homecoming Is Bittersweet For Both Of Them Caf Owner Maddie Strong Is Finally Ready To Take Her Burgeoning Cupcake Business To The Next Level With The Help Of Handsome Businessman Alex Perkins, Her Future S All Mapped Out Until Her First Love Comes Home At Seventeen, Maddie Adored Nate Barzonni With Her Whole Heart And Soul But When He Asked Her To Elope, She D Said No She Couldn T Let Him Throw Away His Dream Of Becoming A Doctor Then He Vanished From Her Life For Eleven Years Now The Cardiac Surgeon Has Returned To Indian Lake Asking For A Second Chance, And Maddie Has To Choose Between Her New Life And The Man She Never Stopped Loving Once again Mrs Lanigan has transported us back to Indian Lake Where everything seems real including the characters This is the second book I have read from this author This book will keep ya turning the pages to see what is going to happen I loved the characters in this story They felt like real life people and I felt everything they were going thorough And I mean what could be better than having two guys fighting for you I really enjoyed this book and felt every moment of the story I wish I had the Hallmark channel so I could watch it when it comes on.
I m giving this book 4.
5 Stars out of 5 I received an ARC of this book for my honest review Heart s Desire is the second book in the Shores of Indian Lake series by Catherine Lanigan I have came to enjoy my visit to Indian Lake Maddie is such a fun character and I really enjoyed Nate as well Trying to prove to the world that you are not your mother when you are really just trying to convince yourself is one of the hardest aspects of life I could imagine The challenges life throws at you can change your life path Some of those same challenges affected Maddie and Nate This read is absolutely wonderful I can t wait to watch it on the screen.

Catherine Lanigan is the bestselling author of over thirty published titles in both fiction and non fiction, including the novelizations of Romancing the Stone and The Jewel of the Nile, as well as over half a dozen anthologies, including Chicken Soup for the Soul Living your Dream , Chicken Soup for the Writer s Soul , Chocolate for a Woman s Heart , Chocolate for a Woman s Spirit Ms Lanig