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↠´ Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides Ê Download by ↠´ Tim LaHaye Book 3 ends with a bang or better yet, an earthquake Not just any earthquake, the mother of all Earthquakes the Wrath of the Lamb This is a world wide earthquake that wipes out nearly a quarter of the world s already depleted population With our Tribulation Saints scattered world wide, the need to know where everyone is will have you picking up book 4 without a moment s hesitation Rayford s new wife, Amanda, is MIA The last anyone knew she boarded a plane to land at headquarters in New Babylon but that plane crashed after having to pull out of their landing due to the earthquake Surely Amanda can t be lying dead at the bottom of the Tigris River He s already suffered the loss of his son and first wife to the rapture, his beloved leader and best friend Has he now lost his second wife Chloe was last seen running out of the safe house Buck goes there and tears the place ap Good things about this book 1 Ken Ritz2 Dr Charles mostly 3 Earthquakes and other cool judgementy actiony type thingsBad things about this book 1 The word rascal again Why, God, why 2 Rayford still can t comprehend heathens actually caring about each other Seriously dude, what kind of a guy where you before you converted The fact that you were a douchey heathen doesn t make every other heathen a douche Rayford sometimes reminds me of a robot, with the whole what are feelings, creator thing he has going on.
3 Of course Chloe is pregnant Exactly 50% of the major female characters in this book are pregnant, and the only reason that Amanda and Loretta aren t is the fact that they are apparently too old to bear children Now it is totally up any woman if she wants to have a baby, but this is abs This is a book I absolutly could not put down I finished it in 2 days flat If you love adventure,detirmination,and,are or want to become a christian,then you NEED to read this book My life has never been the same since i ve started the Left Behind books This is, by a landslide, the best book i ve ever read and that says alot cause i m a BIG reader.
I m waiting for the next book at my libary I CAN T WAIT

read this in the library so I wouldn t give the authors royalties What a fraudulent piece of shit this series is.
Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins in their book Soul Harvest Book Four in the Left Behind series published by Tyndale House Publishers shows us The World Takes Sides Soul Harvest, picks up after the wrath of the Lamb at the end of book three a devastating earthquake that killed 25 percent of the earth s population The Tribulation Force are dealing with the utter devastation the earthquake caused Much of the book deals with, as the title would suggest, harvesting souls both on a small, personal scale and large, worldwide scale touching on the 144,000 witnesses mentioned in the Scriptures Followers of Christ soon realize they are marked with a seal from God, allowing them to recognize one another By the end of the book, the world was taking sides between following God or Nicolae Carpathia.
Dr L Why I hate these books, in two sentences Sandy Moore had been at the table with her newspaper and coffee when a huge oak tree crashed through the roof with such force that it flattened her and the heavy wood table Had not the rest of her body been compressed to inches, she might have appeared to be dozing Compressed to inches ah ah AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHATerrible, terrible writing Terrible.
The world has been torn apart by an earthquake its scale previously unprecedented People everywhere are left grieving and picking up the pieces especially Rayford who is torn between how to trust a loved one s motives just months before Buck Williams is desperately searching for Chloe who was left in a building and might be underneath the rubble What must the Tribulation Force do since this has been their biggest challenge yet and could the enemy somehow be one step ahead This was a great entry in the book series While not perfect especially by how it ties itself up in a surprisingly vague finale it still holds strong as one of the best ones I like how the destruction and having characters pick up literal and figurative pieces seem to give it an interesting theme or allegory.
This one is great and will leave the reader shocked at the opening cha Having Survived The Wrath Of The Lamb A Global Earthquake In The St Month Of The Tribulation Pilot Rayford Steele And Reporter Buck Williams Now Embark On A Journey Of Absorbing Adventure And Christian Triumph Soul Harvest Is Book Four In The Enormously Popular Left Behind Series Seven books Are Planned In All , Based On Those Who Are Left Behind In The Rapture Written With The Same Gripping Pace Of Tom Clancy And John Grisham Film Rights Have Already Been Sold For The First Two books , The Authors Take Us To Iraq, America, Underground Shelters, And The Bottom Of The Tigris River As Steele And Williams Search For Loved Ones Meanwhile, Biblical Prophecies Are Fulfilled At Every Turn, Including The Great Soul Harvest For Many Christian Followers, This Series Has Become A Tangible And Thrilling Testament To The Book Of RevelationsGail Hudson I ve read this book before but I wanted to get back into the series and I couldn t remember the whole story so I re read it.
I have to say that I was very entertained by this book I think that this series is so well written that if you don t believe in the Rapture that you would enjoy the story line The characters in this story are so well developed that you can t help but to form a bond with them The book jumps around a bit, but it is not distracting and it does not deter from the story at all In fact I think that this is a very well written book.
If you have not read any of the Left Behind books I would encourage you to start at the begining Although there is enough past written into this book that you could pick up most of what happened I would imagine that there are little things that add to the story that you would miss if you picked up in the middle Overall I think this After getting wrapped up in the characters and feeling the need to find out what happens to them was the only reason I continued to read all the books in the series The authors definately knew how to draw someone in and keep it just entertaining enough for them not to put it down and never think of it again barely I read the series for it s fiction appeal, not the biblical meanings, so was a bit disappointed in the writings If the authors had cut some of the scripture and backstory each book could have been condensed, or there could have not been 12 books, minus the three prequels that came out also But, they sure knew how to sell books, which seems to be part of the reason there are so many.

Timothy Tim F LaHaye was an American evangelical Christian minister, author, and speaker, best known for the Left Behind series of apocalyptic fiction, which he co wrote with