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[Paul David Chambers] Ç Manners Cost Everything [womens PDF] Read Online ☆ A scary look at a side of London that I would not like to experience first hand.
Gritty, and articulate you will find everything you would expect from this clever and dark book.
A great d but, I shall be keeping an eye out for Paul s further works.
A thoroughly enjoyable blood soaked romp through 90 s culture.
Only coming up for air this debut author captures the hedonistic feel of the times perfectly, weaving our lead characters enviable party lifestyle in with his not so savoury indulgencekillingmercilessly.
Salacious party nights, under powered Peugot diesels and Monday mornings getting skin out from under his finger nails are all par for the course in the life of Mr Manners.
I particularly enjoyed the manner of the killings or disposals as our anti hero Robbie Manners might say they really are quite something, it truly made me wonder how this author sleeps at night, worryingly very soundly is probably the answer.
A thrilling high suspense finish to the tale leaves the story aching for a follow up, one I await anticipation.
Robbie Is Someone Like You And Me, Except That He Murders Bad Mannered People He Had Always Gone Through Life Trying To Do The Right Thing, Respecting His Elders And Watching His Manners Then One Day, A Chance Encounter Made Him Snap He Developed An Alter Ego That Unbeknownst To Him, Wreaked Revenge On Anyone Crossing His Path That Had Been Disrespectful, Ill Mannered Or Just Plain Rude The Ones That Slam Doors In Your Faces, The Ones That Don T Indicate On The Roads, The Bullies And The Type That Hurt Innocent Animals And People The Pushy, Nasty Human Beings That Are Oblivious To The World Around ThemNow, The Two Parts Of Him Continue Separately, The Likable One Living A Life Of Success And Excess And The Other, Darker One Leaving A Bloody Trail Of Murder And Aptly Delivered Revenge Only The Black Outs That Robbie Suffers Are An Indication That Anything Is Wrong, When He Awakes From What He Thinks Are Violent Dreams Otherwise, He Doesn T Have A ClueMeanwhile, An Up And Coming Detective Lentus Has His World Changed Forever By The First Of These Vicious Murders, And Devotes His Life To Hunting Down And Bringing The Mysterious Killer To Justice Whilst Being Haunted By The Ghost Of His Murdered Sister Lentus Is A Simple Man With Linear Thinking, Who Now Only Has His Job And His Obsession Driving Him Now That He Has Lost His Last Remaining Family Member The Paths Of The Characters Intertwine Throughout London, Sometimes Knowingly, And Sometimes Not Ending In A Breath Taking ConclusionThis Is The First Of A Trilogy That Will Span The Years To , And It Rampages Its Visceral Course Through The History, Music, Culture, Sexual Exploits And Technological Advances Of The Time Manners Costs Everything Covers The Years To Written In Shockingly Graphic Detail, With Dark Humour And An Adult Erotic Tinge This Series Of books Is For The Open Minded Lovers Of Horror Fiction, Crime Fiction And Thrillers Fortunately Robbie the central character is not the only one we get to hear from, because he is pretty unpleasant, even when he s supposed to be the nice one Chauvinistic and self obsessed, I don t think he is, like the author says like you and me , but then I m female, and he seems to be a male wish fulfillment fantasy, living the City high life of self indulgence, money and sex Luckily we also get to hear from some of the victims, which redeems the narrative, they are not just murdered, we do get a bit of back story as to why they might be in a bad mood, or ground down by life The best character is Lentus the detective, he is much of a real rounded person, and it was the twist regarding his life that kept me reading and interested But then, those of us who read crime are always interested in the detective than the murderer Well This book is a breathtaking read I really liked how the author takes the reader on a journey into the minds of his characters While some parts of this book are predictable, the author manages to keep you hooked from one chapter to the next For even if you know a certain event is coming, it is impossible to predict the details of how something will happen A book I will definitely recommend to my friends.
Mind your P s and Q sDo the lack of manners in today s society have you day dreaming of ways to clean up the gene pool Take a cerebral trip to the dark side and enjoy as those fantasies come to life on the pages of this delightfully twisted novel If you re one those who suffer from a manners deficiency this book may just make you think twice This is a five star book from start to finish A brilliant debut book from writer Paul David Chambers that leaves you wanting to get stuck straight into the next part of the trilogy Robbie is an exquisite character who will keep you glued to the pages of this gruesome tale Highly recommended to lovers of horror or crime novels I wait with baited breath for the next installment.
The book is good read and leaves you attached till the very end It has everything you could ask for from a thriller novel, suspense, gore, challenges It does have occasional surprises that make it much better than you would expect it to be I couldn t set the book down once without wondering what happens next.

An excellent debut I have read a ton of serial killer novels, but this one seemed fresh to me considering the genre is entirely saturated with crap I will definitely be picking up the next book in the series I would recommend to anyone saddestho loves a super violent, nothing is sacred, killer novel.
As someone who is usually disappointed with the lack of thrill in so called thrillers, this book is a breath of terrifying air Hooked from the beginning, written ingeniously and with descriptions to make you squirm, this book is not for those after a little read with a cuppa on a sunny afternoon This is for those who want to be immersed in the world, of which you can t help but relate to, of an insane, psychopathic murderer Once you start reading be warned, you will not be able to stop Our criminal is like none other.
One side is a charmer, the other side mutilates and murders those who treat him with no respect Have we all not experienced the anger from those who go out of their way to annoy others When someone cuts the queue, don t you wish you or someone would say something or throw them out Well, Mr Manners d

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