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[ Pdf The Gray Horizon (The Horizons Trilogy, #2) Ý habsburg-empire PDF ] by M. Kircher ↠´ well I enjoyed the first book, but this book took a real long time to get going and really not much happens until the end Enjoyed it but not sure I am intrigued enough to read the next one This review originally appeared on Author alliance It s probably not any big secret that I m a fan of M Kircher s work Her first book, The War Inside stayed with me for quite some time after I d finished it Dream On outside of this series was one of the best books I ve read in several years So I was excited to read The Gray Horizon I wasn t disappointed There were parts of the first book that felt a little preachy to me This isn t a bad thing, and shouldn t be considered a fault of the first book, but there were times I felt the author was veering a little too heavily into the religious imagery While there was just as much of that imagery in this installment, I felt that it was lesspreachy Again, don t think that I m dinging the book for this Not at all Post apocalyptic books often have these components and there s a very good reason for it The book of Revelation lends itself 3.
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I really enjoyed the sequel, I finished this within a day This is a dystopian paranormal book in which the world the sky is covered in dark clouds from pollution The sun can t get through the clouds, which means nothing can grow and survive in this world Food is scarce and it s hard to survive Everyday your just trying to survive until the next day and try and find food, and do the same the next day Thea, our main character, sees a girl being beat up by 2 guys and runs to save her While bringing Viv back to a healthy state, Thea notices that her bandages need to be changed While changing, Thea sees this weird light coming off Viv s abdomen Whoever comes in con

CoverThe cover works with the story It s clean and simple which I like.
Initial ThoughtsBook two started right where book one finished off It was a nice, smooth transition I really enjoyed the first book so my expectations were pretty high for this one.
My New BFFThea used to be my BFF but I found she was less intense in this book I really admired her for her strength and how she could take care of herself but I found we didn t see as much of her in this book That made me sad I really missed her She was kind of just the pathetic girl who missed her new friend She was too sad for me in this book but I wanted to keep loving her so bad She disappointed me a little.
My CrushCaden was easily my favourite in this book I thought it Wonderful sequel The Gray Horizon by M Kircher is a knockout sequel to The War Inside The story resumes with characters Thea, Caden, Rain, Vivto name a few I love the way it s lyrical and beautiful Ms Kircher writes about light and dark and how those elements effect her characters, the world they live in, and to a degree, her readers It s refreshing to read a book where those written words can make the reader stop, sit up and ponder about the musing in a book and how that can translate to real life The Ancient Oneoh my If things weren t challenging enough, wait until you stumble across this twist in the story I enjoyed the way weakness and strengths were executed in The Gray Horizon It was well balanced and reminded me that even the st The first book is told from Thea s point of view and this book is told from Caden s point of view At the end of book one, Viv was taken by the shadows and Thea, Rain and Naomi made it to Maria s settlement In the beginning of this book, Thea, Rain, Naomi and Maria s son Ben set out to find Viv Ben is a tracker and his skills come in handy Caden realizes his attraction to Thea is deeper than he s used to He gets jealous of the attention she pays Ben and then Naomi helps stir the pot.
Meanwhile, Captain Steele receives a visitor who brings him out of the darkness and helps him realize there s a better life in the light He s resistant to the help but decides to give it a try and is surprised by what he finds Towards the end, there s a betrayal which is painful for all involv Fantastic This sequel flowed from book one seamlessly Just perfect As Thea and her friends search for Viv, they encounter the roughest of conditions The characters have depth They re all very different, yet likeable in that they re so realistic Every one of them made me laugh Equally as outstanding is the detailed settings I could imagine being there with them every step of the way There is literally not one bad thing about this series It s marvelous This story is about choices, freedom, good, evil, and everything in between It is a strong reminder to go outside, look at the bright blue sky, appreciate the brilliant sun, feel the rain, and relax Leave the cell phones, I Pads, I Pods, laptops, etc inside Sit and read a paperback book Take a walk, alone or with someone Talk to each other without the gadgets Feel the grass beneath your bare feet Even if it s just a minute o What Does It Mean To Be Brave This Is The Question Caden Must Answer As He Accompanies Thea, Ben, Rain, And Naomi Back Out Under The Dark Clouds Of The Canopy, To Rescue Viv From The Deadly Shadows And Save A Shattered Earth From The Brink Of Destruction Caden S Lazy, Arrogant Nature Is Tested As The Group Draws Closer To Finding Viv, Forcing Him To Confront His Inner Demons And Admit His Feelings For Thea Even As Their Relationship Is Threatened By Her Ever Growing Connection To BenWill Caden Discover His True Potential Or, When The Group Uncovers A Devastating Secret And Faces A Betrayal That Has The Power To Turn The Tide In The War With The Shadows, Will He Abandon His Friends And Go Back To A Life Of Never Ending Darkness Find Out In The Gray Horizon, The Exciting, Action Packed Sequel To The War Inside I received this book from the author through Lovers of Paranormal in exchange for an honest review.
The Gray Horizon is an excellent second installment of series The story picks up soon after the events at the end of the previous installment While the opening was somewhat slow, Kircher used this time to further develop her characters and the world they live in We got to see into the minds of these characters and how finding the goodness within themselves changed them for the better We also saw some progress on new and old characters finding the light within themselves as well as their darkness I liked the bits of detail that not only gives us information on how this world came to be, but also linked itself to the world that we live in now.
It was an entertaining read that really picked up toward the middle I was sad to see some characters go, b Review Thank you for sending me a free ARC.
The book starts out with Thea and her group tracking down Viv after the shadows captures her It is also told from Caden s point of view I thought this was cool so now I know what he s thinking when he s around Thea Their relationship develops in this book and I m glad, but I feel like the other characters in their group Rain, Ben, and Naomi were very underdeveloped I still didn t know anything about Naomi by the end of the book and Rain is mostly still drooling over her Why does Naomi do certain things and why was she MIA when facing the ancient one I feel like she will betray the group or have an agenda or something just because we don t really know anything about her The dialogue I found to be really cheesy, whenever Cade talked about the light Or Thea I did enjoy Captain Steele and Devon s relationship, and his reluctance to

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